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How to get 1000+ Instagram followers with a trial?

February 25, 2021 5:38 pm

Instagram has become one of the most used platforms around the world, and almost everyone is looking for a way to get more Instagram followers and to be seen among the crowd!

Once what users did on Instagram was connecting with their friends and family by sharing some posts and stories, but things have changed now! And today, not only ordinary people and influencers use Instagram, but also many businesses take advantage of Instagram’s popularity and try to promote their services and products on Instagram.

Besides, Instagram is a good way of converting followers to customers!

Now people follow their favorite brand and even shop all they need on Instagram, such as food, clothes, shoes, housewares, etc. Knowing all that means you should do your best to get more Instagram followers and be a step ahead of others.

You have a lot of options for increasing your Instagram followers, such as growing Instagram followers organically which takes a lot of time and needs to be consistent all the time, or you can use the VIP service of AiGrow to get a lot of followers. The VIP service is safe to use and guarantees getting 300 – 500 or even more new followers each month.

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How to gain 1000 Instagram followers organically? (complete guide and steps)

Getting more Instagram followers organically can be a good idea as well as using an Instagram bot, but you should keep in mind that you should follow all the following tips (even more) to reach your goal in a short time. Let’s go in detail:

  1. Be consistent

Consistency plays an important role in increasing the engagement rate and keeping your followers. Consider a specific plan, such as special days and hours to post on Instagram.

  1. Choose a niche

People are interested in following a specific niche such as fun, art, food, beauty, etc. So, if you want to gain a lot of followers, you should share posts and stories with a specific niche.

  1. Schedule posts and stories

You may know that the “Time” of sharing posts and stories is highly effective in being seen by others. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss the best time, the first option that comes to mind is scheduling posts and stories.

Use Aischedul to schedule Instagram posts and stories and never miss the best time to post.

Obviously, the best time to post depends on different factors such as location, but here is a general idea of the best time to post on Instagram:

Source: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-growth/
  1. Leave a comment and like posts

Find posts that are related to your niche, like, and leave comments on posts. It will grab followers’ attention, and it makes some users curious to check your Instagram account.

  1. Analyze your competitors

Knowing your competitors and analyzing their actions, such as their post sharing frequency, the time of sharing posts, etc. helps you improve your strategy.

  1. Share more videos

Videos catch more attention comparing with photos and get more views. So, why don’t you take advantage of it?

Researches show that videos get 38 percent more engagement than photos. Just give it a try!

  1. Share your Instagram username on other platforms

If you use several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. you can share your Instagram ID with your followers.

  1. Choose an attractive profile photo and complete the bio

Your profile photo and Instagram bio are the first things that a user sees and decides whether to follow you or not. So, choose a stunning profile photo and complete the bio in a way you are interested in.

  1. Choose a special theme for your posts

Make followers and users stare at your posts by choosing a specific theme or style for your posts.

  1. Ask your followers to tag their friends

After having a designed and stunning Instagram account, it is time to invite more people to see your account. So, you can run a challenge and ask your followers to tag their friends on your post.

  1. Use popular hashtags

Choosing the best hashtag can lead you to a large number of people and can grow your Instagram followers organically.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that overusing hashtags can reduce the chance of being seen by others; try to use nine hashtags at most on each post to have the chance of going viral.


12. Write engaging captions

The more creative captions you write, the better engagement you will get. Try to write relevant and engaging captions that make your followers share your post with others.

How to get 1000 Instagram followers with an Instagram bot?

If you are a business, have multiple accounts, or just don’t have enough time to gain more Instagram followers, you can leave it to AiGrow’s VIP service, which guarantees to get 300 to 500 new followers each month.

AiGrow VIP service:

As we mentioned earlier, most Instagram bots are out of work based on the Instagram algorithm. Still, AiGrow VIP service is not a bot, and it is just a VIP service that can help you grow your Instagram account and get 300 to 500 new followers each month without facing any issues!

AiGrow VIP plans and prices:

AiGrow offers two different plans, including the “Pro” and “VIP” plan, which guarantees you to get a lot of new followers each month.

Here you can see all you need to know about the plans in a glance:

Is AiGrow safe to use?

You might be worried about facing some problems by using third-party services; by using AiGrow, you’ll notice growth every day, and you would never face any issues.

If you are interested in leaving all actions to AiGrow, then here are other services it offers:

  • Social monitoring
  • Post and reward
  • All in one bio link

Can I gain followers by Follow/Unfollow method?

Follow for follow method, which is also known as the follow/ unfollow method could be a trick to get more Instagram followers in a short time, but it may also end up your account in shadow-ban!

As soon as Instagram recognizes the bot behavior on your account, it will ban your account temporarily. And the bad news is that if you repeat the action once again, you will lose your account forever, and Instagram will ban your account permanently.

To stop Instagram from banning your account, you should be aware of its rules and follow limits.

What are the free Instagram tools?

You can find different useful tools to grow your Instagram followers, such as tools to find the best hashtags, tools to know about the best time to post, tools to analyze your competitors, tools to get more followers, etc. Here are some:

  1. Hashtagify

It helps you analyze Instagram hashtags. In other words, Hashtagify tells you about the top and most used hashtags, as well as telling about the time of the day that the hashtag is used.

You can enjoy both free and paid version of Hashtagify, or just use the 7-days free trial.

  1. Social Rank

You may find it useful if you are looking for a service that can track, sort, and categorize your followers, such as knowing which of your followers has the most influence on Instagram, which of your followers engage with your brand the most, etc. Social Rank has many other options; you should just check them yourself!

  1. Instagram insights

Business profiles have access to their Instagram insight for free, and they can get some useful data such as your follower’s gender, age range, follower’s locations, etc.

All you need to do is switching your Instagram account to a business account; then, you’ll get a lot of useful data about your followers and their Instagram behavior.

  1. HypeAuditor

HyperAuditor also helps you analyze your Instagram account and know all want about your Instagram account. Some of its features include tracking the account performance, discovering Instagram and YouTube influencers, checking the engagement rate dynamics, etc.

  1. Canva

Since Instagram is a visual platform, sharing eye-catching and high-quality pictures plays an important role in getting more followers and encouraging people to follow you.

Canva offers Instagram-size templates such as creating images for an Instagram post, creating logos, etc.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best strategy for gaining more Instagram followers is the key to reach your goals. If you are bored with trying different methods and getting no result, maybe it is the time to leave follower gaining to AiGrow’s VIP service and enjoy getting more and more followers each month.

This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 5:38 pm