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The Only Instagram Growth Agency you will need in 2021

In this article, we are going to introduce the top Five Instagram growth agencies which can change your business in 2021.

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Signing up on AiGrow is totally free, and you can even use some of its services without paying a single dollar. Besides, its free trial allows you to test its features and make up your mind about using it.

An Instagram growth agency can save your business in 2021, and this is for a good reason.

As you know, Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms for both individuals and businesses, And that’s why it has become so competitive in 2021.

Many businesses, influencers, or even brand owners struggle so hard to grow on Instagram that loses focus on other parts of their business or lives.

But growth agencies are available to save you from all that stress and struggle.

Many Instagram growth agencies or services were shut down after Instagram changed its algorithm back in 2019, But there are still many great Instagram growth agencies like AiGrow.

AiGrow is performing great, is also safe, and can have plenty of positive impacts on your Instagram growth and management.

Top 5 Instagram growth agencies you need to consider

Clearly, once you look for the top Instagram growth agencies, you will face many options, and you may kind of get confused about choosing the best growth agency among them. That’s why we have gathered the five best Instagram growth agencies, as well as their features, to help you make up your mind.

Generally, something that prioritizes an Instagram growth agency is its functionality and ability to grow an Instagram account organically, not just adding numbers to your account!

Let’s review some of the top Instagram growth agencies must-have features:

  • Improves your engagement rate
  • Saves you a lot of time and effort
  • Gets you, new real followers
  • Improves client satisfaction
  • Boosts your social media presence
  • Guarantee your account’s growth
  • Keeps your Instagram account safe


AiGrow is one of the best and quickest growing Instagram growth agencies in 2021, and it is for a reason. It does not use bots, fake followers, or spamming. Instead, it uses its AI to give you the best results, which are: organic growth, improving engagement rate, full package or Instagram tools, dedicated account managers, and many more.

Let’s get into details!

Unlike Instagram bots, that follow Instagram users randomly and are likely to ban your Instagram account, AiGrow provides organic growth by its VIP service for your Instagram account; it is made of a group of dedicated Instagram managers working on your Instagram account.

Therefore, using AiGrow, your account will be safe and you can watch your account’s growth continuously.

You can click here to sign up for free, and test the platform and also some of its services that are provided for you for free.


  • Developing AI to help you grow your account naturally
  • A full package of services you need, from growth to management
  • Suitable for any budget. Packages start from free to 250
  • dollars per month
  • Offering a free package, so you can get to know the platform
  • and its services
  • Attracting niche specific followers and also improving your engagement rate thanks to its AI power
  • Easy to use, with a user-friendly dashboard
  • ·Totally safe with a secure website
  • Great support team specially for higher valued packages
  • Providing full Instagram management services such as scheduling, monitoring, sending auto DMs, bio tool, etc.


AiGrow now has another great service available for free.

As you have probably noticed, you cant search for multiple hashtags on your Instagram.

AiGrow has solved this problem, now you can easily search for more than one hashtag at once and easily compare them together.

By clicking here, you can sign up on AiGrow and use this feature for free.

AiGrow claims to have some of the most powerful tools to grow your followers, generate leads, and also keep your audience engaged.

All the positive factors mentioned above along with their team of experts by your side, make AiGrow our number one on the list.


Jumpermedia is another Instagram growth agency in 2021 that is having a lot of buzz around it.

It does not use robots or fake Instagram accounts to boost your growth. Instead, you are connected with a human account manager who is going to take control of your account.

At the start, you give them some information about your market niche, and you do that by giving them some hashtags or Instagram accounts that have the kind of followers you are looking for.

After providing the information needed about your audience, your account manager starts his work by following and unfollowing people and also having interaction with them.

They also do content creation for you, of course, if you are willing to pay for more expensive packages


  • Consultation through voice call before any purchase
  • Instagram page management

before we continue, if you ever tried to get a consultation from any Instagram Growth agency, there are essential things to consider, and you can get to know all of them by clicking here.


  • Someone else has access to your account
  • You cant have a free trial
  • Expensive packages which vary from 100 to 299 $/month


Influence is another Instagram growth agency that uses human touch instead of robots.

The process is simple; you give them some information about the audience you want to create, whether it’s based on industry, demographic, or location.

After that, they will try to find the audience you are looking for through hashtags accounts, etc.

In the third step, they engage them by liking their photos or commenting on their posts.

You might be wondering, does this system work? Yes, it can attract many followers for you depending on your field.


  • Organic growth
  • Secure website


It doesn’t always work great, depending on your industry

  • The packages are expensive, starting from 129$ per month
  • You still have to spend so much time as they offer no Instagram tool or services rather than the ones about growth

The Millennial Marketers

They are an Instagram growth agency that has targeted mostly youngsters, but they were good enough to attract companies as well.

They offer different services like SEO, youtube and Linkedin ads and content creation, and many others, but they claim that their main focus is on Instagram growth (at least it’s what their website looks like).

Their packages start at 99$, and they guarantee a range of 20-40 followers increase which and they promise you is a natural growth and real followers.


  • Organic growth


  • Their website is not professional; it is not responsive on desktop browsers as well.
  • They have no trial
  • Most other agencies cost less for the basic package with the promise of even better results.


Nitreo is another great growth agency in the market in 2021. they offer fast organic growth and also a 14-day growth guarantee which looks great.

They have good pricing but very limited services, which seems reasonable.


  • Good result in numbers
  • It’s cheap


  • No free trial
  • Services are limited only to growth; they offer no management tools like post scheduling to save your precious time
  • They are using a bot, and your account may get banned or, even worse


If you want to grow your business and compete with your rivals, you need to use one of the best Instagram growth agencies.

They offer different services at different prices.

Many growth agencies are working on the internet, and picking the one suitable for you may be a frustrating process.

These are some of the factors you can consider before subscribing to any of them :

  • Whether they offer organic growth or not
  • Pricings, variety in packages, and having different prices can be a positive factor
  • Extra services, like Instagram management tools, content creation,
  • Being safe and having a secure website
  • A good Support team

As we said earlier in this article, we strongly suggest using AiGrow as it has everything you need alongside a free trial package which helps you make sure of making the right choice.

Also, the best part about AiGrow is its free trial; it simply allows users to use its features for free during the trial and make sure about its functions.

You can follow this link and start growing on Instagram for free.

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