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Instagram Consultants: 5 Essential things to Consider Before Hiring

Are you looking for an Instagram consultant? Let’s have a logical reason why first. Then we can discuss what to do next. 

There are many social networks we all consider them as people’s virtual hobbies to show what they like and what they share. It’s the meaning of Social Network, and there is no fuss about it until we don’t see its potential. But, as you might have understood, this simple meaning is the scent of starting some businesses. Even, the reason you are reading this article is about this online setting of showing, selling, and purchasing goods. 

So, I’m sure you agree with this conclusion that social networks can mean markets from an economic point of view. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are some of the most famous social networks we have now which are full of advertisements. 

However, Instagram is increasingly becoming popular because of many reasons more importantly focusing on Images (or call it visuality). Every market, like the traditional one, has its alleys and streets, and if you don’t know them, you’ll be lost. Then, it’s where you need a map or someone to decrypt the map you may think you have clearly. Because it’s about not only where you want to go, but also where you want to show your products and sell them. 

That’s why you think you need Instagram consultants to show you how to get the full advantage of this market. Speaking of similarities, this market has its deceitful, fake, and even unnecessary guiders. Here is why this article is about to show you what to do before spending your money to get help in this market.

Virtual Instagram Consultants or The Alternatives

The first and the most important factor to hire an Instagram consultant is to know that you can use Instagram growth and automation tools. AiGrow is one of the best in the field. In simple words, AiGrow is a web-based app that you can manage your Instagram account through it. The procedure is friendly and free. After signing up for an AiGrow account, you receive a beautiful dashboard, and you should add your Instagram accounts. You can create Instagram accounts as many as you want. Then, AiGrow services appear. 


There are two main services AiGrow can provide you with: scheduling and growth. If you want to post daily and you don’t have time for it, you can use preset content. In the images below, you can see you can schedule any content available on Instagram. Stories, posts, tagging, hashtagging, first-comment after the post, DMs, and rewards are some of the features you can schedule freely. 

Another service is Instagram marketing that AiGrow has named growth. What is it? It’s an advanced alternative you can use for an Instagram consultant. It’s not free but it’s fair if you check by the other tools’ pricing.


The pricing consists of different packages which are shown in the following images. 

At first glance, they seem high. But remember, some of these packages like VIP-Managed and Pro Managed Special provides you with an agent. This agent is a real person who only takes your raw materials like photos and videos and does the rest. A social media consultant can tell you how to increase your followers and the engagements, so do these agents. Don’t get confused to listen to whom. If you’re patient enough for the next chapters we will discuss and compare them with each other. There are also many other Instagram marketing tools that you can find like Ingram, SocialCaptain, and Later.

For further information on how AiGrow works watch the following video.

Clarify Your Purpose

There are two general possibilities for your business. 

The first case is that You’ve already started your Instagram growth activity, and you have a considerable amount of followers. But, your growth has not built up as high as you expected recently. You are looking for a golden branding strategy for your business to make it shiny. 

The second case is that you haven’t gathered enough followers yet, and even you have difficulty raising your followers by 500. You recognize Instagram as regular people do, but you want improvements, and you know you don’t know much. You consider your business a small one, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need Instagram marketing. 

On the other hand, you think you can handle your Instagram business page by yourself. Or, you can assign one of your techie staff to work on your Instagram page. Before doing that, ask yourself or your staff as you these questions:
Do you think you have the time for daily selecting pictures to post and decorating images details to share as a story? What knowledge and skill do you have? Do you know what hashtags, giveaways, first-comment-posting are and how you should apply them to your marketing strategy? Can you estimate the profit of your investment of time and money on Instagram?

As a manager or an entrepreneur, you should devote tasks to qualified and skilled people. A mastermind of computers does not necessarily know how marketing is on Instagram. So, what should you do? Note AiGrow scheduling is in the free plan and you won’t need to risk any money using it. So, the only thing you want to know now is scrutinizing your budget. 

You’ll Need a Budget and a Budget Plan

As mentioned in the previous chapter, no matter what your business is, you will need a budget. Make sure how much you can put aside for Instagram marketing. And be cautious it’s an investment but a charity or a trial and error cost. When you hire an Instagram consultant, you don’t want to lose more than you earn. 

Whoever your consultant can be, you are entitled to know three explicit parameters. 

  • The consultant’s past and records
  • How much does a consultant cost?
  • The consultant’s profit expectations

If you want to have a definite and sound investment, you need to gather all this information. Then, the question is, “How can we access such information?” and the answer awaits you in the next chapters. 

Where to Find An Instagram Consultant

Depending on what kind of Instagram consultant you’re looking for, you can find them in different ways. If you want it to be a person, there are several websites you can use. Upwork and Fiverr give freelance services and have many experts who are waiting for a job. As you are seeing in the below pictures, you can use filtering and scores to find the best person you need. If they are physically accessible, make an appointment with them to have your personal touch. 



If you are looking for a powerful alternative, AiGrow would be a sound choice. You can search for other tools for managing Instagram accounts too. You will face more than 60 apps around the world. However, you can use this AiGrow’s review or some other tools reviews

How to Evaluate and Compare Instagram Consultants

There are multiple parameters you can check if you want to evaluate and compare the Instagram consultants. But they are all under the concept of the three parameters stated in chapter 3. You can find some of the data like your consultants’ past, records, and cost through using chapter 4. But as may know the scores on freelance providers websites can be a little shaky. At this point, some social scoring tools can help if your consultant is out of reach physically. 

Kred and MyWebCareer are tools you can find a reasonable activity and success scoring. For example, a consultant on Kred scores between 0 to 1000. If their scores are above 800, they are in the top 0.1%. The score below the 500 means a consultant is behind the average, implying it’s not suitable for you to choose. 

After gathering all this data, we can compare the expected profit with the cost. Obviously, the profit should be more than the cost. 


At the end of the day, you can choose the way you want. Search a lot, compare the numerical analytics, sum up all the features each way can present to you. All these exhausting procedures for hiring a person-like Instagram consultant should better worth it. Hiring a consultant working for 30 hours a week earning the salary of 10$ per hour costs you 300$ monthly. However, the most expensive package of AiGrow costs you 250$ per month. 

AiGrow’s management team members are capable of designing your posts and stories, and they can get the required followers and engagements. AiGrow achieves all and even much more than an Instagram consultant can produce without getting involved in the process of hiring. What else are you looking for?

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 12:11 pm