Jarvee Review: Does It Still Work In 2022?

Jarvee review does it still work

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms globally, with more than one billion monthly active users. Many brands and businesses use this platform to grow their customers and audience. 

Since most professional users don’t have enough time to increase their followers manually, they use automation tools such as Jarvee. 

In this article, we’ll show you what Jarvee is, how to use it, and read users’ reviews.

At last, we’ll introduce you to top Jarvee alternatives to manage your Instagram account. 

What Is Jarvee?

jarvee homepage

If you ever searched for Instagram automation tools, you’ve probably come across Jarvee. But what is Jarvee? Jarvee is windows-based social media automation and one of the best Instagram growth services that works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube.

If you are a Mac OS or Linux user and want Jarvee for mac, you can install it on a virtual machine or a Windows VPS.

So what do we mean by saying automation?

The features Jarvee Instagram tool provides are:

  • Content scheduler for photos and videos
  • Auto follow users
  • Auto like bot
  • Comment publisher tool
  • Profile visit booster

The Jarvee Instagram tool boosts your profile visits, clicks, and followers to get the best results on your page. After that, based on the Instagram algorithm, your account will be recommended more often and receive a high engagement. 

How Does It Work?

As we mentioned earlier, Jarvee is a Windows-based platform for windows seven or higher. So, if you are a MAC or Linux user, you’ve probably said goodbye to it long ago. 

But if you really like to use Jarvee Instagram bots for mac, you need to run it on a virtual machine or through a Windows VPS server that enables dual mode. 

This means you need to know how to install Jarvee on VPS. Honestly, the process is not easy, so we recommend you switch to another trusted Instagram growth platform, which we’ll introduce in the following parts. 

To Install Jarvee on your windows, visit their website and download the Jarvee bot app. Then, just click a few Next buttons and Done! 

Best VPS For Jarvee

VPS is otherwise known as a virtual private server. It is made to imitate the functions of a computer so that you can set it up from a different location and still be controlled entirely.

If you are a Mac or Linux user and want to use Jarvee, you need to use a VPS on your device. Here is the Jarvee recommended VPS:

  • up to 5 accounts, the free Amazon offer should be perfect
  • 5 to 20 accounts a VPS with 2-3GB of RAM
  • up to 50 accounts a VPS with 4-6GB of RAM
  • up to 100 accounts, a VPS with 8GB of RAM
  • more than 100 accounts go for at least 16GB of RAM or a dedicated server, not a VPS.

You can contact the Jarvee support team to help you if you can’t install your VPS. 

Jarvee Features 

Before downloading Jarvee, you need to know its features to decide whether it is worth it. Here are all Jarveepro features for different platforms: 

  • Posts Scheduling: Schedule all your posts with JARVEE on all the essential social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Then, your content will be published at optimal times to receive the highest engagement. 
  • Instagram Automation: Boost your Instagram growth and sales tenfold with these clever tools such as the Follow-Unfollow strategy with targeted users, auto reposts, auto like auto-comment, mass delete posts tool, and Hashtags generators. 
  • Facebook Automation: Reach out to your audience and increase your engagement with growth hacking tools. 
  • Twitter Automation: Get your Twitter accounts on auto-pilot and speed up their growth with the Jarvee bot. 
  • YouTube Automation: Everything you need to succeed on YouTube, such as AutoFollow, Unfollow, Like, Comment, and watches. 
  • Pinterest Automation: Grow your Pinterest accounts ten times faster with better engagement and ROI. 

LinkedIn Automation: Expand your professional network and get new clients or partners with LinkedIn automation. 

Jarvee Reviews

Now that you know everything about Jarvee social media automation software, how to use Jarvee, and Jarvee VPS for mac users, let’s read some reviews on this platform.

Unfortunately, they haven’t claimed their brand name on many review sites such as Reddit.

While there are no Jarvee Reddit reviews available, let’s read Jarvee reviews on Trustpilot.

jarvee review trustpilot

“Good turned to be Poor

Used to be a good service but roughly 6 months ago, I started getting blocks from Instagram. I tried to reach out to the support, and followed every advice they gave me, but nothing worked. I’m on a serious lookout for a new tool. Jarvee is only causing me a headache.”

jarvee reviews on trustpilot

“The product is very impressive.

Sure now with all the bot attack by Instagram, it has lots of issues, but the tool is amazing, let you configure almost everything possible. The problem is the customer service which is horrible and is only available with email.”

jarvee review2

“Bottom line is Jarvee gets action block after-action block. There are threads and threads of people constantly having to reset their passwords and no growth. I gave this a good long try and the excuses they come up with as to why what you are paying for doesn’t perform. The bottom line is I was barely even doing any growth and it’s faster to do it manually than use this service.”

After reading the Jarvee review, you can understand that many clients are unsatisfied with its performance. So in the next parts, we’ll show top alternatives to Jarvee social media automation software. 

Jarvee Pricing

Comparing Jarvee to similar Instagram bots and automation tools, it’s almost free so everyone can use it. To test some features, they offer a three-day trial, and then you need to purchase one of the three packages they offer. 

  • The Starter Plan – $19.95 per month for 10 social media accounts
  • The Professional Plan – $49.95 per month for 70 social media accounts
  • The Premium Plan $69.95 per month for 150 social media accounts
Jarvee pricing

They offer Jarvee coupons on different events and holidays, so you can wait for their special offers to get a discount. 

Top Jarvee Alternatives in 2022

Up to here, we talked about what Jarvee is, how to do a Jarvee login, and automate your Instagram with it. As we mentioned, this platform is only available for Windows users, and Mac users need to know how to install Jarvee on VPS, which is not easy. So here, we will introduce you to the best Jarvee alternative for Mac and Linux users. 

1. AiGrow

AiGrow homepage

The first and best Jarvee alternative we want to introduce to you is AiGrow. AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with all the essential features every professional Instagrammer needs, such as content scheduler, link in bio tool, growth service, contest and giveaway tool, hashtag generator, etc. 

Unlike Jarvee, AiGrow’s automation service doesn’t use a bot; Instead, they provide a powerful AI engine with targeting options to receive followers interested in your content/service. 

After finding your targeted list of users, you will be connected to your dedicated account manager. So a real person starts growing your page using the targeted list, and you don’t need to be worried about bot-like actions. You can contact your manager through Whatsapp to discuss their performance and your growth. Also, you will receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports in your email. 

Let’s see how to use this service:

  • First, signup for AiGrow’s website using your email address and log into your Account.
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram page to AiGrow. You can add multiple Instagram accounts here and manage them together.
  • Select “Manage.”
Manage instagram accounts

In the “Growth” tab, you need to start targeting users by “Hashtags,” “Locations,” and “Competitors’ Accounts.”

target Instagram users with AiGrow
  • Scroll down to the “Activities” box and turn on “Follow” and “Unfollow.”
  • Click “Start Growth.”
grow your Instagram followers
  • After a few seconds, the AI engine generates a list of targeted users. 

Next, set your meeting time with your dedicated Instagram manager to tell them more about the type of followers you are looking for and your business.

They will review the generated list and start growing your Account safely and based on Instagram limits. 

2. Combin

combin instagram growth tool

The Next Jarvee alternative we recommend to you is Combin. Combin is a smart tool to get instant followers and grow your account fast. With this tool, you will receive followers, likes, and comments. Here are Combin features:

  • Hashtag research tool
  • Organic Instagram growth tool
  • Managing multiple Instagram accounts
  • Engagement groups

Combin’s growth tool uses targeting tools based on Gender, Language, and Audience Size to get the best results. Also, it analyzes your following list to detect users who don’t follow you back. 

3. Magic Social

The most expensive platform in this list of Jarvee alternatives is definitely Magic Social. This platform claims to increase your Instagram without adding fake or inactive accounts. To help you get real quality users, you can target users by hashtags and locations. It’s one of the best Instagram live bots that will take care of managing your account and save so much time.

Even thou this platform is one of the best Jarvee Instagram bot alternatives, they are not accepting new clients at the time. But remember that you can use this trusted tool whenever they are ready to get new customers. 

4. Follow Adder

Follow Adder Instagram tool

Follow Adder is an automated social networking Instagram management software. This platform promises to help you run your Instagram account by giving you access to an automation tool. With that, you can automatically follow/unfollow Instagram users, schedule posts, like back photos, automate your direct messages, and give you access to a variety of search functions so you can better explore the details of your performance.

5. Nitreo


Nitreo is the next Instagram growth tool we recommend you use that doesn’t use bots or bot-like actions. This platform basically works by engaging real users in natural ways such as viewing stories, liking posts, publishing comments, etc. Nitreo doesn’t use any automation engine; Instead, you will be connected to a dedicated account manager. They will follow users and interact with them safely. They say that they have over 5000 happy customers join their client base every month, and it will only take a couple of minutes for you to get set up with them.

6. Hootsuite

hootsuite homepage

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools working for multiple platforms, including Instagram, that covers every aspect of a social media manager. With Hootsuite, you can grow your followers, boost engagement, schedule posts, and stories, run campaigns, etc. Also, it offers a free version if you want to try its features; however, the growth tool is only available in purchased packages. 


If you are a Jarvee user who is looking for the best Jarvee settings and a better alternative for growing your Instagram account, you’ve come to the right place.

This article showed you what Jarvee is, how to use it, and what users think about it.

Finally, we introduced you to a better alternative, AiGrow, to grow your account organically and access more features. 

Grow Your Followers Now. 

Does Jarvee still work?

After the Instagram algorithm changed in 2020, many clients got banned due to bot-like actions. However, they fixed the problem and are now available. 

Is Jarvee legit?

The answer is YES! Jarvee Instagram bot is a legit tool to help you boost your engagement and get more followers. 

How much does Jarvee cost?

Jarvee offers three different packages that you can purchase based on your needs. They cost from 19.95$ to 69.95$ per month.

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