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Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips for All Catering Businesses

How many times do you see people take photos of their food before eating it? It’s not a secret that people love to share what a beautiful and tasty dish they’ve had. So, it won’t be a big secret if you see this as the best chance to improve your Restaurant Instagram Marketing

Among all giant social media brands like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is becoming more handy and easy to use. Focusing on images and videos, Instagram has become an up-and-coming tool for marketing using drool-worthy food images. Here, we are going to express some of the best tips for restaurant strategy for Instagram. Though we use “restaurant” all over the article, these tips can boost any catering and food serving business.

Use Hashtags for Different Applications

What are hashtags, and how can we use them? Hashtags are attached to the hash sign (#) to link our content through specific topics. #burgerlife, #veganrecipes, and #cafegourmand are some of the too many hashtags that people and restaurants are using nowadays. People can find your place by using only the hashtags you’ve used for your posts, bio, and even in comments. Several strategies around hashtagging are relevant to where we use them. 

Hashtags in Bio

You have a restaurant, and some people come to your place, order something, and then have it. They took a photo of it, and they want to share it with their friends with some hashtags. They don’t want to waste their time finding hashtags by taping on your posts. So, some branding-food-category combinational hashtag of yours written in your bio will truly help them. Your hashtags in the bio shouldn’t be too general, like #pizzalover. Because it’s so hard to find your posts through these kinds of hashtags, and they are also easy to forget. 

The hashtag in your bio should define you and what you have to offer to some extent. Check @noodleworship, for example. The ID and the hashtags are an exact match, and at the same time, they show food specialty and the brand. 

However, don’t forget to put your website link in your bio. It’s indispensable to have a website for further information about your restaurant. 

Hashtags in Posts

Every dish provides people with special ingredients or a particular type of food. Scrambled eggs, noodles, all sorts of burgers like mushroom burgers, cheeseburgers, and et cetera are just some examples of the variety. There is no need to mention all types of coffees and desserts to show you how various your hashtags can be for each post. 

Remember not to use too many hashtags to give your viewers a bad advertising feeling. People see your posts not because of your pile of hashtags. As your dishes must be clean and smooth, your posts must be the same too. You can write your hashtags in the first comment after posting to have a clean and professional outlook. 

All these efforts may seem a burden to you. To find the picture, design it, write a caption, and post it in a very logical time before eating (breakfast, launch, dinner) cannot be easy to do. AiGrow is a handy growth tool capable of FREE post automation, and it’s suitable for restaurant Instagram marketing. You can schedule your entire week posts (or even a month, depending on you) only during a day. In detail, you can particularly set your hashtags in the first comment in advance. 

AiGrow hashtag monitoring enables you to repost stories and posts with the hashtags you add. This great feature helps you not to create a gap in your consistently sharing. To see how it works, watch this video:

There are other fantastic features that AiGrow can help you with. You can order AiGrow to look for customers and followers through famous used hashtags. This feature is completely organic because there are account managers who fulfill these orders manually. There are special plans, including VIP-MANAGED and PRO MANAGED SPECIAL, that you can see below.

Making Stories is a Must-Do Activity for Restaurant Instagram Marketing

An Instagram story is usually about narrating what happens daily For a regular person. This is the simplest though the best idea you can have for your stories. Your today’s menu in stories inarguably entices many customers for you. It would be best to set a story with funny behind-the-scenes footage. It will help you a lot if your stories demonstrate the exciting skill of your chefs and staff to garnish the dishes with some links and mentions of your rivals. 

There are many various items you can use while feeding your stories. Try to use lives, story highlights, polls, questions, and so on to get a magnificent engagement from your followers.

And to operate restaurant business more efficiently, food business owners now turned to E-Delivery platform because from commenting to manage online orders to carry out social media activities, it comes with exclusive features.

With AiGrow, you can schedule and preview your stories with all the features on Instagram stories. 

Design Your Grid Layout Harmonically

Push yourself too hard to share more posts, and you will neglect the importance of a good grid layout. Check @burgerking and @littleheavenfeel grid layout theme. A texture of cheddar-like orange decorated a square of at least nine posts, making it eye-catching. However, another post shows beautiful high-quality pics, which are still good but not good enough. Designing your grid is one of the most important things you need to do. The harmonic visuality of your layout is subconsciously attractive, and the viewer becomes a follower without knowing it. This is only one reason that restaurant Instagram marketing is more sophisticated than it looks. 

Schedule Your Content

In theory, you may think, “Oh, yes. Now I know what to do, ” but designing your posts can come harder in practice. It is far from easy to check your layout and harmonize it daily. That’s where AiGrow can help in both ways. At first hand, AiGrow scheduling can help you preview posts and set your layouts however you want. 

This procedure is free but burdens you, and you should do it now and then. On the other hand, some AiGrow packages provide you with account managers who skillfully design posts on Instagram. Besides, you get the advantage of many other features along with account management. 

Don’t Miss Occasions on Calender.

Restaurant Instagram marketing is a competition like any other traditional marketing. Competition in marketing means taking as many opportunities as there are. Many local, national, social, and universal special days that catering businesses are looking forward to them. You might have heard, American mother’s day, women’s day, world vegan day, national burger day, and so on. Don’t find only relative occasions regarding edible goods. You can prepare your restaurant for Valentine’s Day and make a mark on it. 

See how @lost.and.hungry and @therealveganmayo share posts on world coffee day and national burger day with relative hashtagging about it. 



Now, you may want to find and check a calendar to see what day you should prep yourself. Don’t make yourself too tired. AiGrow has a social calendar when you sign up for it and add your Instagram account to it. As you are seeing, you can check new updates on this calendar, and you can use it without any cost. This calendar is a handy virtual aid for restaurant Instagram marketing.

Be Open to Tasters, Food Writers, and Influencers

Be friendly to anyone, even if they are your enemies. Do not be afraid of food critiques, bloggers, or tasters. If they show your weak points, make their strong points, and share them. If they give you compliments, boast about them. All these people can play the role of influencers for your business. And the Instagram influencers’ effect is something that you wouldn’t like to miss. They need to share a post or story mentioning you, and their fans will become your fans.  

You can use AiGrow AI to search for targets related to your influencer’s account. 

Get the Advantage of Running Giveaways

Put a discount on your meals for the winner of your giveaway contest. You can ask for different kinds of engagement from your followers and give them a prize in return. Remember, some of Restaurant Instagram’s marketing strategies come with investing. At first glance, it seems you started a charity. But when your number of followers builds up and you face with lack of room for your restaurant, you won’t see it as an extravagance. 

AiGrow makes it easy for you to run giveaways. In the first picture below, you can see you need to select the posts and scheduling tab and then select the post and reward section. After clicking the “schedule to reward” button, you’ll face the second picture to set the winning rules in your contest. For a better approach to use it, see this.

Conclusion: Combine Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

All these strategies or tips are must-do suggestions, but a better and effective way is to mix them. For instance, the experience shows that giveaways can be more productive when an influencer shows off. Or another example of combining these methods is that you always need to use hashtags but do not overdo it. 

However, if you buy AiGrow managed packages, all these tips will be satisfied at their peak. Thinking about it financially, notice that an investment is a potential profit. 

This post was last modified on September 6, 2021 1:28 pm