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Instagram Messages

3 Best autoresponders for Instagram you should use

There might be several reasons once someone decides to automate their Instagram activities, such as using autoresponders for Instagram direct messages.

Since being active on Instagram all the time may be time-consuming, using Instagram management tools such as Instagram post and story schedulers, account monitoring, hashtag generator, auto DM tool, etc., will save you tons of time and energy, specifically if you are a business.

Actually, using autoresponders isn’t limited to businesses! No matter if you are an influencer, business, or brand, by using an Instagram direct message, you can offer a discount, express your gratitude or share useful information with your followers, fans, or loyal customers.

Instagram direct messages allow you to increase your engagement rate and interact with your followers.

What is an Instagram autoresponder?

An Instagram autoresponder service allows users to send pre-written messages to anyone who sends you direct messages. It automatically sends direct messages to anyone you choose on the service’s filter option and auto-replies to all of your direct messages. So, you would never miss a conversation.

Is it safe to automate Instagram activities?

Well, the answer might not be the same for all Instagram automation or tools. In other words, it highly depends on the tool you choose. You should find an Instagram management service that works based on the Instagram algorithm and terms; then, you can feel free to add your Instagram account to its dashboard and use it forever!

To mention one of the best Instagram management tools, we can name AiGrow, an all-in-one tool providing hashtag monitoring, account monitoring, post and story scheduler, VIP growth service, autoresponders for Instagram direct messages, and more!

How can you send bulk Instagram direct messages?

Once, users sent direct messages to have their daily conversation with their friends and BFFs, but things have changed nowadays! Businesses use Instagram direct messages more than normal users! But how can users send Instagram direct messages in bulk?

  1. Manually

If you have enough time, sending Instagram direct messages manually sounds great. You should check your followers one by one and send DM to any of them. But choosing this way is not the best way because:

  • You may go beyond the Instagram limits and face a temporary ban
  • It is time-consuming
  • You may send a single message twice
  • You might forget to send a message to one or some of your followers
  • It would be boring
  1. Automatically

Sending direct messages and replying to your followers automatically sounds smart, since it saves a lot of time and energy. Let’s review some of its benefits:

  • Increases the engagement and reach
  • Saves time and energy
  • Works based on the Instagram algorithm
  • Keeps your account safe

How can users and businesses use the best of an Instagram autoresponder?

The benefits of using an Instagram autoresponder tool is more than what you can imagine! It will save your time, and you would never miss a message to answer. Besides, you will have an organized Instagram account, and you can feel free about everything going on, in your inbox!

  1. Use autoresponder for customer support

Since Instagram is a good platform for running a business and driving sales, many people manage their business on Instagram. Besides, having great products cannot guarantee success.

In other words, a successful business must have powerful customer service to make their customers satisfied and happy.

Using Instagram autoresponder would be essential in guiding customers to get their answers.

  1. Use autoresponder to answer common questions

Imagine a product in stock for a period. Then there would be many messages in the user’s Instagram inbox asking about the shipping, delivery time, business hours, etc.

Instead of copying and pasting a single message several times a day, it would be best if you use an Instagram auto-reply service to reply to users automatically without wasting time.

  1. Use autoresponder for your Instagram giveaway

Running a giveaway on Instagram is always along with a lot of direct messages in the inbox! Therefore, you can handle the wave of direct messages by using an auto-reply tool.

  1. Use autoresponder to interact with your followers

Generally, answering an Instagram direct message is a matter of being polite, so, you would respect your followers as well as growing your business by answering their direct messages. Responding to your followers means a lot to them!

Easily, interact with your followers and increase your engagement rate by sending auto direct messages.

3 Best Instagram autoresponders in 2020

Use the best of the following Instagram auto DM and autoresponder tools to promote your business and get good results.

Sending auto direct messages on Instagram can include a welcome message to new followers, sending messages to current followers, sending messages to specific followers, and more!

Let’s dive in!

1.    AiGrow

That’s one of the most powerful Instagram autoresponder tools with amazing features as well as providing Instagram management service.

Using AiGrow, you can send auto-replies to all direct messages on Instagram, send messages to your new followers, current followers, etc.

AiGrow auto DM features

  • Auto welcome message to new followers
  • Auto DM to a custom list
  • Send bulk DM to all of your followers
  • Unique DM for each of your campaigns
  • Automatic pause to comply with Instagram limitations
  • Filter recipient
  • Receive your direct messages into your email, Gmail, etc.
  • Manage your inbox message on AiGrow’s dashboard
  • Include a clickable link in your DM

How to send auto direct messages with AiGrow?

First of all, you should sign up on AiGrow, to enter its dashboard. Connect your Instagram account and tap on the “Direct Messages” tab.

On the “DM” section, you can write the text, add filters such as current followers, new followers, excel list, influencer’s followers, tag’s users, and tap on “Start DM”

The “Auto Reply” tab allows you to send auto direct messages to your followers.

Another useful feature is the “DM to Email” option; it lets users receive their direct messages inside their Email or Gmail inbox. You can also respond to the direct messages directly from your Email inbox.

With the “Inbox” tab, you can see all of your messages in a list and manage them in one place.

Tip: To prevent your account from being spammed, you should use the following pattern, then AiGrow will send messages randomly to users.

{Hi | Hello | Hi Dear} @username, Thanks for following. {Have a nice day | Have a good day | Thank you}

AiGrow will convert your message to multiple messages such as:

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Thank you.

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi @username, Thanks for following. Have a good day.

Hello @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi Dear @username, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

And more!

The pricing starts at 19$ a month.

AiGrow discount code

You can use the SAVE10B discount code on your first sale to get 10% off on all the packages. The code will be expired by the end of 2021.

Try AiGrow for free

2. Instamber

That’s another service for users who are looking for a way to send Instagram direct messages automatically. It also provides some services for Twitter and TikTok users.

Instamber features

  • Create and send customized direct messages
  • Attach an image to direct message
  • Ability to choose Instagram followers with specific filter

The direct message service’s pricing starts at 10$ a month.

3. Instavast

The last but not least is Instavast. Its services are similar to the two mentioned Instagram auto DM tools. Check the features below to see the options of Instavast.

Instavast auto DM features

  • Auto welcome message to new followers
  • Auto DM to a custom list
  • Send bulk DM
  • Unique DM for each of your campaigns
  • Automatic pause to comply with Instagram limitations
  • Filter recipient
  • Include a photo, clickable link, or post in your DM

Instavast pricing starts at 10$ a month.

The last word

Generally, by automating Instagram direct messages, you can increase your engagement rate, build a better relationship with your followers, and as a result, promote your business.

After knowing all about Instagram autoresponders, it would be your choice to choose the tool that fits your account the best.

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This post was last modified on September 24, 2021 7:10 pm