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What are the Potential Methods to Monetize Instagram Account?

Instagram has millions of active users every day, and this number continues to grow. Given how the platform is based around visual content, it is no surprise to see talented people monetizing their channels and making money on Instagram.

Potential Methods to Monetize Instagram Account

If you have been looking to improve your financial situation, Instagram monetization could be one of the best ideas to consider. Here are some methods to make money on this social media site.

Method #1 – Offer Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise has its place on the market. You can create products with a free merch maker with Printify’s mockup generator and post these mockups as Instagram content. It helps to have an Instagram profile with followers, but you can take a different approach.

A fresh account can generate interest by running giveaways. Before you start selling print-on-demand products, give a few away for free. If someone wants to participate in the giveaway, they will have to like and comment on the post and follow your account. 

You can make this idea work even if you do not have the skills to create designs yourself. Hiring a professional graphic designer and turning the idea into a joint venture is quite common.

As for the products you should promote, it depends on what you like. It helps if you spend some time researching the market so you do not end up in a saturated niche. It is also worth checking out what is trending. The TOP10 items sold on the Printify list could work as a source of inspiration, but keep in mind that other people are probably taking a similar approach and have likely had a head start. 

Method #2 – Manage Other Profiles

Do not think that the celebrity posts you see on Instagram were created and published by the celebrities themselves. More often than not, they hire an individual or an agency to manage their account. 


Sure, having someone hire you just like that is not really a possibility. You will need to get some credentials first to work as someone who manages some of the biggest Instagram accounts.


Real experience is one of the best ways to prove your worth. Start growing Instagram accounts from scratch and focus on having real followers. After all, plenty of profiles buy fake followers, so several followers do not indicate whether someone knows how to run an Instagram account. It is about the engagement rate.

Method #3 – Sell Handmade Products

You can find quite a few talented artists who create handmade goods with the intent to sell them for Instagram monetization. However, the problem is that not all of these talented people are capable of selling their products. 

Since Instagram is a platform driven by visual content, someone who knows the ins and outs of the website should not have too many problems attracting enough attention to sell handmade goods so long as they are worth someone’s money.

Get in touch with artists directly and ask them whether they would like to collaborate. Working with just one or two artists could be enough to create yourself a source of income. 

Method #4 – Grow and Sell Accounts

Some would say that this method is a bit shady, but there is a demand for Instagram accounts that have real followers. If you have the experience, growing organic profiles on Instagram should not be that much of a problem. 

The amount of money you can make depends on how many followers a profile has. One with a few thousand followers is not that expensive, but if you were to grow it to 100 thousand followers, it is difficult to predict how much someone would be willing to pay for the profile.

Besides the number of followers, you are more likely to make money selling accounts that are difficult to grow. But then again, if the niche is difficult, you will spend more time attracting followers, so it may not be worth it in the end.

Method #5 – Become an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is probably what most people who aspire to work on Instagram would like. The journey can be quite long, but it does not sound like an impossible goal, given how many people benefit from being an influencer.

Influencer marketing is a popular form to promote one’s brands, and businesses are pouring resources to get as many influencers to promote their goods or services. 

You can get free stuff for a shoutout or money for a promotional post. Or even both, depending on what you agree with the brand that hires you. 

Influencers are so successful in Instagram monetization because regular people trust the personalities they follow instead of big companies. You can use this behavior to your advantage and create a solid income source by becoming an influencer.

This post was last modified on August 24, 2021 12:05 pm