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How to Make Money on Instagram From Home

Making money on Instagram is becoming one of the main concepts people would like to know more. The reason is apparent. According to Statista, over one billion active users are available on Instagram. And over 25 Million business accounts are promoting their goods and services. 

However, many people will think of monetizing due to the time they spend on Instagram. You may feel like why you can’t and shouldn’t have the benefit of this platform while you’re an Instagrammer. 

After being straight about making money on Instagram, you’d better know different approaches. At first hand, you have to be clear if you want to sell your products or not. If not, you would have two options to earn money on Instagram: work as an influencer or an affiliate. 

In general, you have three different and valid strategies:

  1. Sell your own goods or services.
  2. Become an Instagram influencer (it may seem impossible, but it isn’t).
  3. Become an affiliate for a brand

In this article, we are going to expand each one of these strategies. So, be ready for a complete guide to getting yourself rich.

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Many people may think that Instagram is an excellent market to sell their goods, and fortunately, they are right. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy. 

You might fail on Instagram marketing if you didn’t consider two key questions. 

  1. What does Instagram have for you?
  2. How does Instagram work?

Since answering these two questions are nearly impossible, you’d better know the ingredients. Then, you can make a good recipe for yourself.

Optimize Your Profile

How do you want your store or Institution to look to a customer if you can buy and design one? You’ll probably answer that you want to look fantastic and generally informative. 

Firstly, you don’t want to look like a butcher if you’re a hairdresser. To avoid this, you decide to install a banner introducing your niche.

Secondly, If someone enters your store, you don’t want them to ask you every simple information about your products. 

Thirdly, you want to be attractive and enticing. And finally, you want to keep your contact with your visitor by giving your business card and leaving your number. 

It’s precisely the same on Instagram, but there are visually different elements. Your store is your profile. There are various elements like your bio, website link, story highlights, grid layout, and action buttons. So, a brief introduction about how to optimize them may be so crucial.

Instagram Bio & Website Link

Try to specify your niche to let your visitor know about your business. It’s better to add your brand hashtags to make people track you on Instagram explore. 

Building a landing page or a website makes you look very genuine and reliable. Add your website link to your profile to drive traffic from Instagram to your store on your website. 

Note: You can only add one clickable link to your bio according to the Instagram rules. However, using software like AiGrow helps you share an unlimited number of links without a sweat. 

The procedure is simple:

After signing up and adding your Instagram account to your AiGrow’s profile, you can add any URLs to your bio with a simple drag and drop.

Story Highlights

If your audience wants to know more about you and what you typically offer, an Instagram highlight is your best shot. 

For example, if you want to market your restaurant on Instagram, you can add your menu to your highlights. 

Another way to use highlights is to introduce the CEO or the royal crew to your visitor. You can do it by making a story video filming behind-the-scene or something to create a feeling of intimacy.

Grid Layout

If you check successful business accounts on Instagram, you will see their posts in a harmonic sense. Check out the following examples to get the idea.

Action Buttons

As you might know, converting to an Instagram business account gives you better tools to make money directly. To do that, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. 

The first visual change that happens to your account is the presence of some buttons under your bio. Creating contact buttons can help your customers contact you in a fast way.

Note: Using AiGrow’s all-in-one bio link can provide you with more buttons than Instagram has. Scheduling a call, making a reservation, and preorder are only some basic topics you may need for your account.

If you don’t want to read this article and only want to have a great tool to help you make money easier, you’ll need AiGrow.

Create Content Consistently

Avoid creating content regularly, and you can’t make money on Instagram in all strategies. It’s essential to share one content a day if you want brand awareness and lead generation. 

However, it’s an entirely time-consuming task to do. To save time, you have two choices; outsourcing or scheduling. 

If you want to outsource your content creation personally, well, assign people to do that. If you want an Instagram growth agency to do that, find the best ones. 

If you choose AiGrow, you can alter between both these choices. On the one hand, you can schedule your posts using it. See the video below:

On the other hand, AiGrow offers a dedicated account manager to help you grow and design your content. 

Note: People can find your content on Instagram explore (instead of google) via your hashtags. So, don’t leave a post without a reasonable number of relevant hashtags (generally between 10 to 14 is fine).

Share Eye-catching Content

One reason that many people love to be on Instagram is that Instagram is an image-based platform. So, people don’t want to watch low-quality pictures and videos on Instagram.

Sharing eye-catching content is one of the least you can do to make money on Instagram. Thus, you need silky shots and lovely videos on your side. However, Instagram can help you with this by allowing you to use excellent filters that may cause your content to look greater.

Connect Your Facebook Account for More Conversion

As mentioned in previous chapters, your arsenal can get stronger if you connect your Facebook to your Instagram. Speaking so, creating your Facebook catalogs aids you to share shoppable posts or stories.

Shoppable content lets your audience buy your products directly by tapping on your content. It’s thoroughly better than directing your visitors outside Instagram. 

On the other hand, you cannot promote your posts if you don’t have a business account. Instagram promotion runs only for a certain number of days, but it’s all good after all. 

Besides, a business account helps you get limited stats about your content, known as Instagram insight.

All in All, if you want to make money on Instagram, connecting your Facebook account becomes vital.

Partner with Influencers & Run Giveaways

Why do you mostly see posts with the same people on Instagram? The answer lies within the concept of influencer marketing

Many Instagram experts divide Instagram influencers into four categories of the following picture.

If you’re very new to Instagram, you’d better partner with nano-influencers. If you have established a grounded Instagram account, your preference would be micro or macro-influencers. 

Another way of using an influencer is to run giveaways for expanding your reach. 

For example, check out @iambrianadai. This is where an influencer can make a discount for your product to help you find more customers.

User-generated Content Is a Must-do Task for Every Entrepreneur

If you want to make money on Instagram, UGC is something you should have for better results.

Take @danielwellington for example. They used the hashtag #DWpickoftheday to provoke their audience to create a post for them. 

Just imagine that you accept it and want to share a post with this hashtag. The fact is you advertise the product, and if you win the toss, your content will be shared in return. 

Note: If you feel that it’s not a win-win strategy for your followers, offer a discount for the winner.

Try to Get More Active Followers (Including the Safest Method)

If you want to make money on Instagram, you should know that it’s all about the followers. The more followers you have, the more sales you have, don’t you?

Although this is still the right equation for many accounts on Instagram, the turnover has become unbalanced within the last few years. Why?

The urge to gain more followers has caused some companies to create about 95 million Instagram bots. Instagram bots or fake accounts are made to follow accounts to evoke them to return the favor. 

Since these accounts engage only for a period, you’ll end up with passive followers representing just a number. Consequently, they won’t become customers. 

Now, the new equation is the more active and engaged followers you have, the more sales you have. 

How can you achieve active followers? Some of the previous sections answer this question, but there are more direct strategies; follow-for-follow

The follow-for-follow strategy can take so much time because of Instagram’s daily limits. So, it will be a great aid to use a safe Instagram growth service like AiGrow.

Manual Growth Service (AiGrow)

AiGrow is a company providing you with a very feasible solution to your growth problem. The idea is to help you with an actual person as your dedicated account manager. 

The only task you should do is to help them recognize your targets. AiGrow will find your targets through your hashtags, locations, influencers, competitors, and niche.

Choose what actions you want your account manager to take, and then sit back to watch your growth.

AiGrow has some efficient side features as follows. 

  • Unique schedulable template for running contests
  • Social calendar helping you not miss an event in advance
  • Hashtag and account monitoring
  • Monthly analytics
  • Listening and repost

AiGrow has many offers for discounts along with a 7-day trial costing you only 1$. To check the packs, see the pricing.

Strategy 2: Become an Instagram Influencer to Earn Money

Don’t limit yourself to make money on Instagram by selling your goods and services. You can act as an Instagram influencer to promote others’ products. 

This strategy only works if you are an eager Instagrammer and very capable of making strangers friends. 

If you have built a perfect base of followers, you’ll have a great chance to monetize faster. If not, nothing can stop you from following your passion.

Find Your Passionate Niche

You are not a celebrity because you are reading this article. So, you’d better choose a general niche and start from there. 

Becoming an influencer is not a simple job to do. There will be many obstacles in front of you. However, you can pass them if you choose your niche passionately and at the same time wisely. 

Why so focusing on passion? Because you’ll probably spend most of your time on just a specific field for at least two years. 

There will be many posts you should like and many accounts you should follow. You should physically check out your favorite products and create acceptable content about them. 

Note: With AiGrow, you can easily track your competitors and the hashtags they use. As a result, you’ll have a clear plan and a detailed list of accounts and posts to follow.

Start Your Fame with Trust

Don’t fool your audience at all. You won’t become an influencer with a history if you ruin your past. If you promote a poor product, people will understand, and that stains your reputation. 

Trust comes with honesty, and if you don’t have it at all, the chances of your success will diminish. 

Customers are not the only ones that should trust you. The other side is those businesses that you should take their attention.

Don’t Wait till Businesses Find You

If businesses don’t find you, start to find them. Following companies doesn’t mean that you should offer your partnership. It means that you should build a bigger base that attracts them. 

There are many funny content producers on Instagram that can absorb the attention of companies. So, creativity is all you may need.

Strategy 3: Work as As an Affiliate on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is one of the most critical word-of-mouth marketing strategies. Despite influencer marketing that you should focus on your brand awareness, you should only consider lead generation. 

Affiliate marketing is not a lie, but there are many lies about it. Unlike influencer marketing, you should cope with a maximum gradual increase in your income.  

The idea of making a revenue as an affiliate is to gain a percentage of the products that they sell. 

Choose Your Niche

Two main factors separate an influencer niche from an affiliate niche. 

  1. An affiliate niche is less generic and more specific (like focusing on sport watches rather than watches in general)
  2. You can’t change your business partner frequently like an influencer.

 If you consider these two factors, you’ll probably find your niche wisely

Find the Right Affiliate Programs

To find the merchants to affiliate with, there are some complex network programs. These programs are guaranteed mediators between you and the entrepreneurs. 

Amazon Associates, Clickbank, ShareASale, OfferVault, Peerfly, and Rakuten are some of the well-known affiliate programs you can start with.

Sell the Goods & Make Money

The last task to do is to make content for your affiliate merchant. However, you should buy the ticket of transparency. 

You should be clear about your job’s reality as an affiliate by accepting FTC or ASA rules.

Conclusion: It’s Not Impossible to Make Money on Instagram

After all this information, you can make your decision more clearly. Whether you like to run your business or not, you can monetize on Instagram. 

Even if you’re a YouTuber, you can make a connection between your YouTube channel and your Instagram. 

However, learning how Instagram works, for instance, what hashtags are for or how to act authentically on Instagram, is crucial to death. 

The primary killer strategy to make money on any social media is updating yourself continuously with useful information. Good luck!

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