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How to get more Instagram story views and grow your account?

June 6, 2021 12:46 pm

Noticing a drastic fall in Instagram story views can be a nightmare since Instagram stories are an extremely powerful tool for social media marketing as well as personal branding.

Instagram stories is a great way to elevate your visual content strategy thanks to its tools that allow you to get to know your audience using their responses and feedback. Simply put, the more Instagram views you have, the more likely you are to boost engagement with followers.

We are going to give you the most effective tips and tricks to increase views on your Instagram stories.

Let’s dive in!

How to increase Instagram story views: 1# Use relevant hashtags

When it comes to increasing your reach and visibility on Instagram, no one can deny the impact of hashtags because hashtags make your content more discoverable. If you haven’t added hashtags to your stories so far, it’s time to start. Hashtags can help you triple your viewers.

It should be noted that Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post and 10 hashtags per story. In addition, hashtags can be followed thanks to the updates to the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm. 

It has made hashtags even more powerful to increase your exposure.

Once you search for a hashtag, Instagram stories with that specific hashtag get their own space at the top of a hashtag search result page. By simply tapping, you have the possibility to view all related stories.

Note: Avoid using super general hashtags with over a million posts, as your stories will get buried by incoming content after a while so that it minimizes your exposure. Instead, try to use more niche-specific hashtags with between 10k-50k posts.

How to increase Instagram story views: 2# Use location tags

Like hashtags, geotagging gives you more potential to be discovered by people who don’t follow you. By adding geotags to your stories, you may get the chance to be seen by those who check out a particular geotag on the platform.

We are not claiming that this will make a huge difference to your views quickly, but every new pair of eyes can be a future potential follower or fan.

First of all, geotagging is of prime importance especially for brands and businesses since it not only strategizes their marketing campaign but also targets the right people for business.

Second, you allow people from the targeted group to find you more easily. Sometimes people from a specific location will search that specific location to see what other people and businesses post.

Pro tip: For adding either a hashtag or geotag in Instagram stories, all you need to do is to create a story post, then select the Location or Hashtag sticker, and after that type in your location/hashtag.

How to increase Instagram story views: 3# Review your analytic

Understanding your Instagram analytic is a key to Instagram growth. Due to the fact that many factors can affect your day-to-day story success, it would be a great idea to give different kinds of content, and Instagram story features a try to find out what exactly your audience is more into.

So, first of all, check your Instagram story analytics and rank your stories by impression and reach. Then after ranking your stories by impression to see your top and bottom stories, look for special things like type of content, editing style, or times and days of the week.

All these factors play an important role in the process of increasing or decreasing views and keeping your followers happy. Once you figure out what metrics increase your Instagram story impression using Instagram analytic/insight, keep tracking them on a regular basis.

Note: Reach is the number of actual people who have seen the story, while the impression is the number of times your story has been viewed.

How to increase Instagram story views: 4# consistently post Instagram stories

There is no denying the importance of consistency on Instagram. By keeping to a regular posting schedule, you have a greater chance of reaching your audience as they tap through their stories feed.

# AiGrow’s Scheduler feature

There are times when you may not be able to post consistently due to life’s daily distractions. No need to worry because with AiGrow, you can schedule your stories in advance.

Here’s how AiGrow’s Scheduler feature works to facilitate the process of posting your Instagram content (story, feed, IGTV) with ease.

  • Sign up on AiGrow’s website for free.
  • Connect as many IG accounts as you want to its dashboard by clicking Add Instagram Account.
  • From the dashboard, choose the Scheduler option, desired account, and Scheduler again.

  • In the opened window, click the Schedule button and choose the content you’d like to schedule from the drop-down menu. After that, you’ll be taken to a new page in which you can set all details for your content, including hashtags, location, times and dates, etc.

How to increase Instagram story views: 5# Use Instagram story stickers to engage with your followers

Adding Instagram stickers to your stories, especially those which are the best for driving engagement, such as emoji slider, the poll, question stickers, etc., can boost the engagement rate on your stories and interact with your audience.

For example, sharing your morning workout is all good and fun, but people probably aren’t going to send you messages about it. Be creative and use stickers to encourage your audience by asking questions (Do you work out?). 

How to increase Instagram story views: 6# Use your feed to promote the stories

As we said earlier, the number of hashtags you are allowed to use in your feed post is 30 per post, so in comparison to stories (10 hashtags per story), posts are more likely to provide you with a much wider audience.

Here’s a simple way to drive your feed audience to your stories, add a clear call-to-action to your post caption. For instance, write: “Let’s see all our products that are on sale in our stories.” 

How to increase Instagram story views: 7# Add captions

Sometimes people watch stories on silent for different reasons, such as being on the train, among friends, etc., so when you are talking in a story, and you aren’t captioning it, they won’t get what’s going on and end up skipping your story.

Make sure you add captions to your stories (whether hand-type or use a caption generator app).

How to increase Instagram story views: 8# Run an influencer takeaway

Hosting an Instagram story takeover is a win-win collaboration for both brands and influencers. Instagram story takeovers involve a person temporarily taking over your account for different reasons, such as showcasing your new products and services.

A brand will invite a content creator or influencer to take over their Instagram stories for a specific time. This way, they can promote their products.

What really matters in the process of hosting a takeaway is to ask your takeover partner to spread the news on their profile and create the buzz around it so that a whole new audience will be driven to your Instagram stories.

# AiGrow’s AI-powered growth service

The VIP growth service of AiGrow provides you with real organic followers. It performs actions (likes, follow, unfollow, etc.) on your behalf and target your audience using hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts.

What should be highlighted here is that there is no bot-action on AiGrow, and the dedicated account managers do the above-mentioned activities organically.

This service guarantees 300-500 real followers per month. Plus, this app offers you a seven-day free trial to check all the services and features. Once your trial is over, you have to purchase one of the plans to be able to keep using the app.

Pro tip:  AiGrow’s growth service is also available on mobile. You can simply download it on the Play Store.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how this service can help you grow your account.


Stories are undoubtedly vital when it comes to increasing your account engagement. The more people view your story, the more likely you are to take a step closer to grow your account. That’s why we gave you top tips in this article to help you increase your story views more and more. Use the mentioned tactics in addition to the app, AiGrow to benefit from your stories as much as you can.

This post was last modified on June 6, 2021 12:46 pm