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Trusy Social Review: Is It Good For Instagram Growth?

NOTE: If you are researching about trusy social to find the best Instagram growth service available for both individuals and businesses, AiGrow is the one you are looking for.

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After 2019 and the changes to the Instagram algorithm, most Instagram automation tools have stopped working or even cause you problems like being banned or blocked.

Although they have reduced their services they are still offering plenty of useful services that can help you grow faster and stronger.

But the most important thing is to analyze them, consider their pros and cons, and also compare them to your needs to find the best possible option for you.

What is Trusy Social?

Trusy social is an Instagram growth service with popular former customers that promises to help you grow on Instagram in case of engagement and followers.

If you want to grow on Instagram, you have to spend hours every day working on your account.

Things like, liking, commenting, having interactions with your audience, etc to higher your engagement rate and attract new people to your page.

This is where growth agencies like Trusy come to play, they use their services on your page and what they essentially promise is more likes and followers.

In other words with these kinds of services, you’ve put your accounts engagement on autopilot.

What trusy exactly does is to send you some traffic, likes, and comments as soon as you publish a post.

And the purpose is to send your post to explore page so that more individuals see your post and maybe even check your profile.

Of course, there are companies like AiGrow who are on a whole another level and offer many more services including management tools like post scheduler.

What services does Trusy Social offer? +prices

In the beginning when you go to their website to check out their services you encounter three main packages.

Based on the package you choose which have different prices you get the either some or all of these services:

  • Follower Growth and Engagement per post
  • Organic engagement for each new post
  • Account manager
  • Customer service
  • Account audit
  • Brand collab
  • Powered likes

These are their main services, as you can see they look a little expensive compared to other available options like AiGrow which is offering much more.

There is another service we encountered while searching their name which was, partnering with celebrities and influencers.

This happens by running giveaways through their pages. They put you on the list of the accounts people have to follow to participate in the giveaway.

This is the amount of money you should pay for each package and Of course the more you pay the larger the audience of that celebrity or influencer would be.

In other words, the more you play, the more followers you will gain.

How to use trusy social

Honestly speaking, working with trusy is pretty simple and that’s because they don’t ask for your login information and don’t want full access to your account.

You start by choosing a plan, and they will get in touch with you and ask about your Instagram page, your audience, and the niche you have targeted.

Then the rest is on their shoulder, they use their growth services and formula on your page.

Is it good for Instagram growth?

Trusy is a popular Instagram growth service and many famous brands have used its services in the past, so no one can say it is not good for growth.

But the question is: Does Trusy fit you?

If you just google Trusy for public reviews, I mean normal people like us who have a small business, start-up or micro-influencers, or even those who have just started and are walking on this path, these are the Comments you usually see.

So, if you put the two facts we mentioned (Having famous customers and public reviews) together, you will probably face a great contradiction, which takes us to the next part.

Is trusy social right for me?

Trusy isn’t good for everyone, and it depends on your content and the stage you are in, let tell you what we exactly mean:

As we said, what Trusy essentially does is to send you Likes, Comments, and follow requests as soon as you publish a post.

This way, Instagram will consider your content a good one, and will probably send it to the explore page so that more people see it.

The good news is you are on an explore page, at least for a while…

The bad news is based on what customers say, these likes, comments, and follow requests are usually from fake accounts. Sooner or later Instagram is going to find out about it or if you want to prevent that you should do extra work and have extra caution on your activities and also your content.

Well… you decided to use an Instagram automation service to save time, and ease your worries not to make more.

There is more, again based on what customers say, if you decide to stop using trusy all those fake numbers are going to drop and what happens is Instagram will get more and more sensitive.

In other words, your account will be addicted to fake followers.

It is not good for you IF:

  • You are at the beginning of your way
  • Your business is local or start-up
  • You are an individual/business who is looking for niche specific followers
  • your account needs to have natural growth and real followers

It is good for you IF:

  • You are going through promotion and numbers matter to you
  • You are growing well, have great content and you just need a little push, which¬†Trusy¬†can provide that by taking you to the explore page


Trusy Social is a popular Instagram automation tool that promises you more engagement.

It has many famous customers but it isn’t made for everyone.

According to what people who have used its services say, this engagement is what usually comes through fake accounts and fake likes which is not good for your account.

If you are looking to grow naturally, attract your niche specific followers or even use this app to save more time on other parts of your business you should investigate Trusy and see if it is right for you.

And In the end, If you want to read about the best growth agency in 2020, you can click here.

We hope it helps you through your process.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 12:27 pm