Is Trusy Social Trustworthy? Hear the Truth!

trusy social review

Trusy social is an Instagram growth service popular for two things; its prices and various features.

Instagram growth service

It offers growth features to help its clients get on top of their niches on the platform.

When running a business, making a name for yourself is pretty hard on social media, especially on Instagram. 

Because there are many similar businesses and influencers already competing to gain the same target audience in your niche.

One way to combat this and stand out from the others is outsourcing your Instagram growth responsibilities. 

There are plenty of Instagram growth services out there claiming they are the best solution for Instagram growth, but it’s pretty hard to know which one is worth it.

After all, you don’t want to risk your Instagram account that you spend a lot of time and money to grow if something goes wrong, and Instagram bans it.

That’s why you are here now, searching on Trusy Social Instagram growth agency to ensure that it’s a legit company, works for you, and you won’t waste your time and money by using it. 

So without further ado, let’s go on Trusy Social review. I tried my best to provide you with a full review of this service; its features, customers reviews, pros and cons, pricing plans, and its alternatives. I also answered your questions regarding its authenticity and safety.

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What is Trusy Social?

 trusysocial homepage

Trusy Social is an Instagram growth service with popular former customers that promises to help you grow on Instagram in case of engagement and followers.

If you want to grow on Instagram, you have to spend hours working on your account every day.

activities like liking, commenting, having interactions with your audience, etc. to bring a higher engagement rate and attract new followers to your page.

This is where growth agencies like Trusy Social come to play; they use their services for your page. what they essentially promise is more likes and followers.

In other words, with these kinds of services, you’ve put your accounts engagement on autopilot.

Of course, companies like AiGrow are on another level and offer many more services, including management tools like scheduling Instagram posts.

Here is a brief comparison of these two growth services; check it out to see what features Trusy Social offers compared to AiGrow, a full suite of tools to grow an Instagram page.


Trusy Social AiGrow
Growth plans
Manual growth activities(follow/unfollow, likes, comments)
Content design template (feed/stories)
Content plan calendar
Account manager
Schedule feed plans
Celebrity giveaways
Multiple links in Bio
Bulk Unfollow plans
Bulk post delete plans
Press coverage
Bulk DMs
Loop giveaways
TikTok growth
price $97, $197,$347,$657 $99, $109, $129, $199
Trustpilot score 4.1 4.5


Note: These days Instagram is categorically against giveaways and prevents them from being held or blocks contest posts. 

Use the safe and secure Instagram growth with Aigrow.

How Does Trusy Social Work?

What Trusy social exactly does is send you some traffic, likes, and comments as soon as you publish a post.

the purpose is to send your post to the explore page so that more users see your post and maybe even check your profile.

Trusy Social says that the core of their growth service is real people, who they send to your page each time you upload a new post, to like and comment on them.

So basically their network of users is there to give you fake likes, comments, and maybe follow your account with zero business achievements in return.

Just imagine a large number of targeted audiences delivered to you in minutes that your business can profit from them!

How to Use Trusy Social?

Honestly speaking, working with Trusy is pretty simple, and that’s because they don’t ask for your login information and don’t want full access to your account.

You start by choosing a plan, and they will get in touch with you and ask about your Instagram page, your audience, and the niche you have targeted.

Then the rest is on their shoulder; they use their growth services on your page.

That’s how Trusy Social is supposed to work, but in reality, it doesn’t!

Later in the article, I’ll describe the issues of using these tools, so stay tuned!

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Trusy Social Reviews

I scanned the review sites to find out what Trusy Social real users said about it.

Check them below and decide for yourself!

Trusy social Trustpilot review

“ The team at Trusy helped us reach more.”

Zachary says Trusy Instagram growth helped them reach more customers.

 Trusy reviews

“They helped me to grow my business.”

Kristina was impressed with Trusy Social IG’s growth services.

 Trusy reviews Instagram

“ You never get reports, just fake followers and you end up with a very low engagement score.”

Merina is disappointed by the number of fake followers for a very high price and seemingly a fake account manager!

t: trusy Instagram reviews

“These people are a bunch of jokers and are running a very very slick scam.”

David says he had to delete a lot of fake followers from his page after using Trusy Social Instagram growth service.

And here are two Reddit Trusy Social reviews:

Trusy social Reddit review

“ Scam, ruined,my account for the long run”

This user is fed up with the number of fake followers she/he received after using Trusy social.

Reddit review Trusy Social

“ They have no real support, no phone number to call and just a bunch of canned email replies when ask them something”

This user is also unhappy about Trusy social false promises, and their support service.

Well, you decided to use an Instagram automation service to save time and ease your worries not to make more!

Again, there is more, based on what customers say; if you decide to stop using Trusy all those fake numbers are going to drop and what happens is Instagram will get more and more sensitive.

In other words, your account will be addicted to fake followers!

Get your mind off your Instagram growth worries.

Trusy Social Features

when you go to Trusy social website to check out their services, you encounter five main packages. 

Based on the package you choose, which have different prices, you get either some or all of these services:

  • Follower growth
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free account audit
  • Loop promotions
  • Celebrity partnerships
  • Press coverage
  • Tik Tok growth 

Trusy Social Pricing

Below you can see the amount of money you should pay for each package, and of course, the more you pay, the larger the audience of that celebrity or influencer.

In other words, the more you play, the more followers you will gain, fake or real!

Trusy Social growth pricing plans
Growth pricing plans
Trusy Social loops pricing plans
loops pricing plans
 Trusy Social celebrity giveaway pricing plans
celebrity giveaway pricing plans
Trusy Social Tik Tok growth pricing plans
Tik Tok growth pricing plans

Trusy Social also offers a press coverage plan starting from $157 per month.

As you can see, despite all of Trusy Social’s limitations, their pricing plans are astronomical and much higher than AiGrow that you can see in the next section.

Best Trusy Social Alternative

AiGrow Homepage

When you compare AiGrow and Trusy Social, it’s clear that Trusy Social doesn’t provide you with a targeted audience. 

They provide you with mainly fake followers from Trusy Social network, unpredictable, temporary, and irrelevant followers that will damage your reputation and engagement rate.

On the opposite side, AiGrow focuses on organic interaction with targeting audiences to get you real and relevant followers. 

How do they do this? AiGrow uses cutting-edge AI technology and experts in Instagram marketing to imitate human behavior to deliver real results and real followers. 

After signing up for its growth service, you can schedule a meeting with your account manager to discuss what you want them to do for your Instagram page.

As they start working, you receive a daily and weekly report of their activities on your behalf.

Sign up and schedule a meeting with your Instagram manager.

Apart from growth service, which guarantees you a steady flow of  at least 300 new followers each month with manual growth activities; it also offers other services like:

Experience safe and secure growth with AiGrow.

Is Trusy Social Right for Me?  

Trusy isn’t good for everyone, it depends on your content and the stage you are in; let me tell you what I exactly mean:

As I said, what Trusy essentially does is send you Likes, Comments, and follow requests as soon as you publish a post.

This way, Instagram will consider your content a good one and will probably send it to the explore page so that more people see it.

The good news is you are on an explore page, at least for a while. Based on what customers say, the bad news is that these likes, comments, and follow requests are usually from fake accounts. 

Sooner or later, Instagram is going to find out about it, or if you want to prevent that, you should do extra work and have extra caution on your activities and content.

It is not good for you if:

  • You are at the beginning of your way
  • Your business is local or start-up
  • You are an individual/business who is looking for niche specific followers
  • your account needs to have natural growth and real followers

Pro tip: If you want to get more targeted and organic followers, using a tool that combines an AI-powered engine and human agents is a must. That is what AiGrow VIP growth service does for its clients, don’t forget to check it out.

It is good for you if:

  • You are going through promotion, and numbers matter to you.
  • You are growing well, have great content and you just need a little push, which Trusy can provide by taking you to the explore page.

Is Trusy Social Legit? Is It Safe?

I’ve talked about the high prices and low value that Trusy Social is infamous for. So It’s hard for me to answer this. I’m leaning towards no. 

I mean real people working for Trusy Social and answering your emails. Besides, I found some positive Trusy Social Instagram reviews on Trustpilot.

But, as you probably know, praising comments don’t often give you the real picture. They could easily be fake and paid for by the company.

That’s why I turned to one-star reviews; there were a lot of angry users who left detailed comments complaining about this service. 

Mainly about getting fake likes and followers; some claimed how they ended up having to block the followers manually, and some claimed they lost most of the following quickly.

Considering how expensive Trusy Social is, all of the above complaints are even more disappointing.

I can’t say that it’s entirely safe to use this tool either.

This is where you can count on AiGrow, the only Instagram growth service that you’ll ever need. Organic growth with real interactions.

Guarantee your Instagram growth with AiGrow. 

Trusy Social Pros & Cons 

Here are some pros and cons of using Trusy Social:

trusy social pros and cons

As I said earlier, you won’t see any increase in your engagement rate with Trusy Social services besides putting your account in danger of getting blocked.


What made us believe that Trusy Social is not actually a trustworthy Instagram growth agency?

Well, In some Trusy Social reviews, customers stated how they got action blocked and even banned for using it. This confirms the doubts that the company deals with fake followers and engagement.

According to people who have used its services, this engagement usually comes through fake accounts and fake likes, which is not good for your account.

If you are looking to grow naturally, attract your niche-specific followers or even use a third-party app to save more time on other parts of your business, you should give Aigrow VIP growth service a try.

Get instant access to AiGrow VIP growth service now!

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