Nitreo Reviews; Scam or Legit?+ Discount Coupon

nitreo review

Instagram growth is the key to having a successful presence on the platform. An organic growth equals more engagement and revenue. This is why everyone is looking for the best Instagram growth service to help them with their success journey on Instagram. (Click on the above link, and get to know the best Instagram growth services in the market with pros and cons). 

instagram growth services

That is what brought you here. You are going to use an Instagram growth service, looked for a good one, came up with a few like Nitreo, and wondered if it’s worth your money? Is Nitreo legit or a scam? If it truly can help you grow your Instagram account?

In only a few minutes, you’ll get all the answers! I gathered all the information on this, including analyzing hundreds of reviews on different platforms to provide you with a thorough Nitreo review.

At the end of this post, you’ll make your mind to whether choose Nitreo as an Instagram growth service you can rely on or not.

I’ll also introduce you to a few reliable Instagram growth services as alternatives if you decide not to go with Nitreo!

One of its alternatives is AiGrow’s Instagram growth and management service, which has been working perfectly well for thousands of Instagram accounts so far.

Give AiGrow’s VIP growth service a try now and see the results!

So Stay tuned! I have a lot to offer you in this post. 

What is Nitreo? 

nitreo homepage

Nitreo combines artificial intelligence and human agents. They claim they help you grow your Instagram page organically by setting up a Nitreo account, accessing the Nitreo login page, connecting your Instagram account to their service, and picking your Instagram niche. The rest is on them!

To give a quick overview of what Nitreo is and how it works, let’s compare its feature to AiGrow, one of the best Instagram growth services in the market:




Growth plans

Content design template (feed/stories)

Content plan calender

Account manager

Schedule feed plans

Hashtag generator

Multiple links in Bio

Unfollow plans

Bulk post delete plans

Bulk DMs


99$, 109$, 129$, 199$

49$, 79$

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Nitreo Instagram growth agency started working in 2019 and gained popularity in the market. 

In the next section, let’s go on how Nitreo works, and then we evaluate how much of its popularity is based on truth.

Nitreo pricing plans

As you can see below, Nitreo offers two pricing plans; Essential and Speed:

nitreo pricing plans

How Does Nitreo Work?

They claim their features help you get Instagram followers by using hashtags and locations you’ve added to your Nitreo account, utilizing the follow/unfollow method, liking people’s posts, and viewing Instagram Stories.

Indeed there are not many technical secrets behind how Nitreo works. Whereas the process of following/ Unfollowing is automated, they use a small team of 45+ as their customer support team.

Having a team of human agents, Nitreo isn’t a fully automated service like Kicksta or only a management service like Upleap. It’s in between, doing both!

Is Nitreo a Scam?

A wave of Instagram tools claiming to grow Instagram organically without adding fake followers to the account.

Therefore, to identify if Nitreo is safe to use or any other Instagram growth service, there are two options:

1-Try the service yourself

You may prefer to try the service and find out whether it is suitable for you or not. What if you have a business account or already have many followers on your Instagram account and face the account ban after using a service?

Honestly, it might not be the best option since you may lose your account. On the other hand, if you have several Instagram accounts and don’t care about all of them, you can try any Instagram service with the one you care about less.

2-Read the customers’ reviews on review websites

The safe option would be reading a product or service’s reviews and deciding whether it fits you or not. There are a lot of review websites such as TrustPilot, G2, Capterra, etc.  

What Do Nitreo Reviews tell Us?

I have gathered some Instagram reviews of Nitreo in this section to help you know more about its users’ experience.

Here are some of Nitreo Trustpilot reviews. 59% of Trust reviews Instagram about Nitreo was bad and poor!

nitreo review
nitreo review Instagram

nitreo instagram review

nitreo review on trustpilot

  •  “Works great even for a compelete begginer like me”
  • “Very good for growth but got me banned.”
  • “An absolute waste of time and money”
  • “My profile was deactivated because of Nitreo”

The reviews clearly show that there must be some issues with the Nitreo service, and it doesn’t work properly to get real Instagram followers.

If you need to read more, there are more Nitreo reviews on the mentioned review websites. ( i couldn’t find any Nitreo Reddit reviews though, to bring you here!)

Now, if you want an Instagram growth service with the best reviews, here are some of the AiGrow reviews on Trustpilot:

AiGrow review on trustpilot

trustpilot AiGrow review

review of aigrow on trustpilot

As you see, many users are satisfied with using AiGrow; they have watched their account’s growth after using the VIP growth service.

Try Aigrow growth service now!

Nitreo discount code

Even though I don’t want to encourage you to use Nitro growth service for obvious reasons! Still, if you’re going to give it a try, here is a Nitreo coupon that gives you 25% off. 

Nitreo discount code: GGDT47

At least you lose 25% less money with this code!

AiGrow discount code

You can use the SAVE10B discount code on your first payment to get 10% off on all the packages. The code will be expired by the end of 2021.


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Nitreo Main Features


As I mentioned above, the basic feature that Nitreo is built upon is auto follow/ unfollow and then engaging with accounts through likes and comments. Here are all its features in detail:

Auto Follow/Unfollow

With the help of this feature, some accounts probably will check out your account and may give you a follow back, or engage with your content.

However, to have a better following/ followers ratio, Nitreo unfollows some of the accounts automatically.

They also put these accounts on mute, so you don’t see their content on your Instagram feed.

Hashtag Generator

You need to enter your keywords in this hashtag generator, and it will suggest related hashtags to use in your posts.

Account Manager

It’s a feature that a few Instagram growth services have, including AiGrow and Upleap. (However, there is a high chance that the same company runs both Nitreo and Upleap!).

These account managers assist if you run into any technical problem while setting up your account and use the automation.


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What Are the Nitreo Alternatives & Best Instagram Growth Services?

Here are two of the best alternatives to Nitreo, also the best Instagram growth services you can rely on. Let’s compare them to Nitreo; it gives you a more clear vision of their features:


1. Nitreo vs. AiGrow 

AiGrow is an Instagram growth agency with a full suite of Instagram growth tools.

It consists of an AI-powered engine and human agents that help business owners and influencers .looking to generate targeted followers and promote their businesses. Its VIP growth service guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month.

AiGrow’s VIP growth service is like having a whole group of dedicated people working for your Instagram account at the same time. So, there are no bot or bot actions while growing your Instagram account.

It follows the users who are relevant to your niche. They are most likely to follow you back and engage with your content.

Sign up now for AiGrow’s growth service.

Aigrow homepage

After a short period of using the VIP service of AiGrow, you will have:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Followers who engage with your content
  • An Instagram account that grows every day safely.

The pros of using AiGrow:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Affordable price
  • Wide range of features and packages
  • Lots of satisfied users

How is AiGrow different from other Instagram growth service tools?

At first glance, you may think that AiGrow is the same as other Instagram growth services, but as you go deeper, you’ll notice that it is way different from other tools.

To mention some, I should note that AiGrow isn’t a bot at all, and it consists of a group of dedicated people who work on your account, considering Instagram limits and algorithms. AiGrow guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month who engage with your content.

So, there would be no concern about losing your Instagram account.

The growth plans pricing starts at  99$ on AiGrow.

AiGrow growth service pricing

Sign up for AiGrow growth plans from here!

2. Nitreo vs Ektora 

That’s another Instagram tool that can help with getting Instagram followers. Ektora users target specific hashtags, locations, and usernames to get followers.

ektora homepage

Here is the comparison between Ektora and Nitreo features:




Hashtag targeting
Story viewer
Follow and unfollow action
Auto like and comment
Real-time analytics
Account manager
price $99 $49, $79

Ektora is controlled by human-made intelligence. So, unlike AiGrow, Ektora doesn’t take action by real people. In other words, there might be chances of exceeding the Instagram limits!

Give AiGrow a try now!

There is only one pricing plan for all Ektora’s features; it’s 99$ per month:

ektora pricing plan
Ektora pricing plan


Using the best Instagram tool, you can maximize your growth and reach your goals in a shorter time.

But you need to be careful while choosing an Instagram growth tool. You shouldn’t put your Instagram account in danger that easily and waste all your hard work!

That is why I don’t recommend you to use Nitreo as an Instagram growth service, according to all the evidence I could find. ( many cases of Instagram banned accounts, no refunds, and no targeted followers).

Instead, try to do all the activities to grow your Instagram page manually and organically. Sometimes, especially if you are running a business, it gets hard to go forward and compete on Instagram. 

In this case, try to use a reliable third-party platform. There are still a few out there you can trust. I recommend you use Aigrow’s growth plans and the rest of its features if you want to have a strong presence on Instagram.

AiGrow is simple to use, provides organic and real followers, and offers services at an affordable price.

Just give it a try to watch your account’s growth every day.


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