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Nitreo Review: Should you trust any Instagram growth software in 2021?

Instagram growth is the key to have a successful business on the platform. So, an Instagram growth service tool is what everyone is looking for, right?

Stay tuned to know if there is any real Instagram growth tool!

As Nitreo claims, it is one of the Instagram growth tools that helps Instagram users get new followers.

That’s why today we are going to reveal a secret and find out if it works. Moreover, we will introduce some Nitreo alternatives to let you compare and choose the best Instagram growth service.

If you are looking for a quick answer and want to get real Instagram followers, you should try AiGrow’s VIP service. It guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month.

The VIP service is like having a whole group of dedicated people working for your Instagram account at the same time. So, there are no bot or bot actions while growing your Instagram account.

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What is Nitreo?

Nitreo is a combination of artificial intelligence and human touch, which helps users get real Instagram followers. In other words, they like people’s posts, follow their accounts and view their stories.

Is Nitreo a scam?

There is a wave of Instagram tools claiming to grow Instagram organically without adding fake followers to the account.

Therefore, there are two options to make up your mind on whether to use a service or not.

  1. Try the service by yourself.

You may prefer to try the service and find out whether it is suitable for you or not. What if you are a business or already have many followers on your Instagram account and face the account ban after using a service?

Honestly, it might not be the best option since you may lose your account. On the other hand, if you have several Instagram accounts and don’t care about all of them, you can try any Instagram service with the one you care about less.

  1. Read the service’s reviews and ideas online on review sites.

The safe option would be reading a product or service’s review and decide whether it fits you or not. There are a lot of review websites such as TrustPilot, G2, Capterra, etc. Easily search for anything and see the results.

We have gathered some Nitreo reviews to help you know more about its users’ experience.

The reviews show that there are some issues with the Nitreo service, and it doesn’t work properly to get real Instagram followers.

If you need to read more, there are more reviews on the mentioned review websites.

Nitreo pricing plans include 49$ and 79$ per month.

What are the Nitreo alternatives and best Instagram growth services?

There are more recommendations about the best Instagram growth services. Let’s get in detail and know more about AiGrow and Ektor.io.


AiGrow is a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution for businesses and influencers who are looking to generate targeted followers and promote their business. Its VIP service guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month.

The VIP service is like having a whole group of dedicated people working for your Instagram account at the same time. So, there are no bot or bot actions while growing your Instagram account.

It follows the users who are relevant to your niche. They are most likely to follow you back and engage with your content.

After a short time of using the VIP service of AiGrow, you will have:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Followers who engage with your content
  • An Instagram account that grows every day safely.

The pros of using AiGrow:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Affordable price
  • Wide range of features and packages
  • Lots of satisfied users

How is AiGrow different from other Instagram growth service tools?

At first glance, you may think that AiGrow is the same as other Instagram growth services, but as you go deeper, you’ll notice that it is way different from other tools.

To mention some, we should note that AiGrow isn’t a bot at all, and it consists of a group of dedicated people who work on your account, considering Instagram limits and algorithms. AiGrow guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month who engage with your content.

So, there would be no concern about losing your Instagram account.

The pricing starts at 129$ on AiGrow.

AiGrow reviews on Trustpilot

Many users are satisfied by using AiGrow, and they have watched their account’s growth after using the VIP service.

AiGrow discount code

You can use the SAVE10B discount code on your first sale to get 10% off on all the packages. The code will be expired by the end of 2021.


That’s another Instagram tool that can help in getting Instagram followers. By using Ektor.io, users can target specific hashtags, locations, and username to get followers from.

Ektor.io is controlled by human-made intelligence. So, unlike AiGrow, Ektor.io doesn’t take action by real people. In other words, there might be chances of exceeding the Instagram limits!

Ektor.io features

  • Hashtag targeting
  • Story viewer
  • Follow and unfollow action.
  • Auto like
  • Auto comment

Ektor.io reviews on Trustpilot

The good reviews are more than the bad ones. To read more about its users’ ideas about the service, you can check Trustpilot and view more.

The pricing starts at 79$ for Ektor.io, as you see below.

All in all

Using the best Instagram tool, you can maximize your growth and reach your goals in a short time.

AiGrow is simple to use, provides organic and real followers, and offers services at an affordable price. Just give it a try to watch your account’s growth every day.

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