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Social Sensei Vs AiGrow – Which Social Media Management Solution provides the best growth services for clients?


(Social Sensei Vs AiGrow)

Instagram is a social network for happiness, food, travel, celebrations, souvenirs, beauty, sweets, parties, cafes, and all the other good things. Take a look at the examples I mentioned, all of which are things that people can easily and willingly pay for.

For this simple and important reason, Instagram is one of the best social networks for making money.

Whatever way you want to make money on this social network, you need to have a lot of followers to turn the presence and interaction of your page’s audience into a personal media and make money.

After the growth of Internet businesses, the question that arises in the minds of many people who are looking to make money on the Internet, how to start an Internet business at home?

Is it possible to start an online business without capital?

If you are struggling with these questions and are looking for answers, don’t miss reading this article.

Because online monetization methods are equipped with the latest technologies and perform many of their activities automatically, they can deliver their services and products to their customers faster in terms of speed.

Anyone who wants to start an online business must have good technical knowledge in this field, otherwise, we suggest to use platforms that help your business to grow and you will not have to waste your time.

Platforms work on the basis of protocols and programs provided by their creators, and the more advanced the software or structure of their platforms, the more effective it will be.

That’s what makes differences between Instagram robots.

Choosing an Instagram robot requires knowing some of the factors that will help you make the right choice.

 Today we are going to compare Social Sensei Vs AiGrow and let you know WHich Social Media Management Solution provides the best growth services for clients.

What all types of Instagram bots have in common is that by receiving your Instagram account, they do activities on Instagram levels instead of you, and increase Instagram followers.

The first step is to signup on the platforms


Before we start comparing Social Sensei Vs AiGrow, we will first go through the steps of registering each of them separately and then examine their features.

Registration process

  • Click here to enter the homepage of the website.
  • Then you need to buy one of the packages that fit your budget and purpose and if you need advice you can sign up for the consultation package.


  • Click here to go to the homepage of the site.
  • Click Get Started and fill out the form provided.
  • After you complete the registration process, you will be presented with a page called Dashboard.

  • Add as many Instagram account you want to manage them on this page.

As you can see, registration on this platform is free, and you do not need to pay a fee.

You can also schedule a call if you need any guidance or information.

What are the services each of them offers?


  • Business Plan

Anyone who has an online business needs to implement a sales funnel to convert followers into customers.

The main task of the sales funnel is to turn the site visitor into a customer.

Social Sensei designs a purposeful plan based on the information it receives from you in the counseling session and according to the competitors you have in your field of business, will lead you to your goals.

  • Social Media Strategy

Every social media has its own challenges, but having a coherent and strategic solution is important for all social media activities to ensure that your results are maximized.

By having a regular strategy in producing content and publishing it at the right time, you can target more audiences, but this strategy will be provided to you by the members of this team.

  • Monthly Analytics

Analyzing social media helps you to have a more targeted and effective strategy.

Analyzing the strategy you use for your goals will help you know how successful this strategy has been for you.

Social Sensei provides you with accurate statistics of your account and followers.

  • Content Creation

 The most important part of your site is your content and it can be said that one of the most important factors for the success of a site and its sales funnel is the content that you publish on that site.

Remember that your audience’s eyes are very important because they are the first way to make a connection between you and them.

The audience takes a general look at the content you have produced and decides whether to continue following you or ignoring you.

Social Sensei produces content with an expert content production team based on a specific strategy for you.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated account manager is someone who has a lot of knowledge on how to manage an account and the right time to share your posts and so on.

As we explained to you in the previous steps, the first thing that Social Sensei does in your growth path is to prepare a unique map and strategy based on your information, and then this map will be given to a dedicated account manager.

To bring it to the executive stage.

  • Community Management

At this stage, members of the Social Sensei team begin to interact with your audience.

This interaction includes responding to their comments as well as responding to messages they send you.

  • Influencer & Affiliates Market Research

If you have other competitors in your field, your users are usually comparing you to competitors.

That’s why it’s so important to monitor competitors’ performance.

This is done by the Social Sensei team and based on the information obtained, the activities will be tracked on your account.

  • Collaboration & Cross-Promotion Campaign Management

Advertising will always have a big impact on your growth.But they need ideas and proper management.

The team will manage all the advertising campaigns and ideas you have in this regard.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ad Management:

 As you know, those who work on Instagram as a successful business need to link their Instagram account to a Facebook page so that they can set up a business account.

By managing your advertising on these two major social networks, this team can direct your Facebook audience to Instagram and vice versa, and this flow will create a movement on your page.


One of the things that can dramatically gain the audience’s trust on this platform is the guarantee that is given to customers.

And the second is the reasonable price they will receive for their services.

If we want to compare Social Sensei Vs AiGrow in general at a glance, the biggest weakness of Social Sensei is its very expensive price compared to its services.

When you log in to your dashboard on AiGrow, you can view all the accounts you have added to this page, as well as make different settings for each account!

Let’s say you have multiple Instagram accounts, each of which has a different activity.

The good news for you is that with AiGrow, you can manage all your accounts simultaneously and without wasting time.

Also, all of these settings will be applied by you, and you can make changes to them whenever you need.

Continue reading this article to see the services offered by AiGrow to customers.

As we said, when you enter your dashboard page, you can manage any of your accounts you want.

When you click on the Manage Account option you will be redirected to a new page that inclouded new options.

  • Growth

You need to define your goals and enter the information that fits your goals in this section so that your growth will be in line with the goals you set.

This information includes the following:


In this section, select the hashtags that are related to the subject of your business.

This tool will automatically provide you with the most widely used and popular hashtags, just enter the related keyword to give you a list of the best hashtags.

Once you’ve identified the hashtags, AiGrow cleverly targets audiences who have followed those hashtags and interacts with them to attract targeted audiences.


This is about targeting location. This type of targeting will be very useful because you will select audiences that are from a specific location and are appropriate for your purpose.

Suppose you live in New York and you want to sell your products in an area of ​​France, then by specifying the location in France, AiGrow will attract the audience who live in France to your account.

Influencer Accounts:

Your competitors can give you the best information about your business, so never forget them.

After your competitors are identified, AiGrow will automatically start interacting with their followers and targeting audiences who are interested in your business.

Upload a list :

You can also create a list of competitors or audiences and share it with your platform to get the most out of smart and automation targeting.


In this section, you can manually activate activities such as Follows, Unfollows, Liking to be applied to your account, and you do not need to do these activities yourself.

important point:If you purchase one of the VIP packages, all these services will be provided by the team members and according to the consult that will be around the subject and the goals you are pursuing.

In this section, you can prepare your posts in advance and specify a date so that your post will be shared automatically on that date.

You can use this tool to create a strategy for your content. The strategy is exactly what helps businesses to plan for what they want to do at the right time.

You can do this for your feed and story.

Also, if you didn’t have time to generate the content yourself, you can use the Repost feature.

Select Scheduler to get started.

Then choose feed or story option or if you do not have content you can choose Repost to search for the content.

 Then on the new page that opens, you can use the advanced and smart tools that are provided to you to prepare your content, then choose a date to be published.

You can also share your post on multiple pages simultaneously.


 With this feature, you can search for posts that other users share and Repost them on your page.

To do this, just select the Repost option and enter the desired hashtag or URL address in this field.

Repost Mention:

This option shows posts you have been mentioned in by your fans to be re-posted on your Instagram and in this way you can encourage them to interact more.


Suitable posts create positive feelings for users, especially if you use creative ideas in your own posts.

To do this, you can use the content calendar to publish appropriate posts.

AiGrow‘s calendar includes ready-made content based on each occasion of the month.

This ready-made content will help you save a lot of your time and create an intimate relationship between you and your audience.

Don’t worry about producing content anymore because there is as much ready-made content as all the days of the week.


Instagram contest is one of the best ways to increase real followers, brand and increase the interaction rate of Instagram page.

In this section, you can automatically manage the contests and campaigns that you hold on your Instagram page.

As you know, creating contests increases the interaction rate on your page.

To create a contest that is run automatically, just specify the rules of the contest and AiGrow will hold the contest and choose the winners automatically. 

All of these methods together will create a map of your success that we will explain to you step by step.

  • Bio Link

As you know, there are only 2 places on Instagram where you can put a clickable link to direct users to a place outside of Instagram, and each part has its own conditions.

One of them is your Instagram story and the other is the Instagram bio section.

Of course, the story link is not active for all users and is active only for users who have 10,000 followers, or for users whose account has been verified by Instagram.

Currently, the only place where all users are allowed to put a single clickable link is in their biography section, and this is very annoying for those who need to drive their Instagram traffic on various sites or other social networks.

AiGrow helps you a lot in this area, and by designing a feature called Bio-Link, it eliminates this limitation.

AiGrow will provide you with a link that, when users click on it, will lead to a landing page that contains all your links and other social networks.

You can also connect each post to a URL.

In fact, with this feature, you can design a small site in your biography that includes many features that will help you grow and succeed.

Bio-link strategy to grow your account
  1. Add your Social Links to Your Instagram Bio
  2. Multiply your URL in Bio to as many URLs as you wish
  3. Connect each post to a URL
  4. Adding a contact form to let people Email you
  5. Integrate Facebook Pixels, Google analytics

This method will have a significant impact on increasing your sales and traffic management.

  • DM

This tool helps you to interact with Instagram users by sending them automated DM.

Normally, if you want to do this manually, you have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Just specify a default message, set a goal-setting, and click Start DM.

You can send a discount coupon to users and encourage them to come to your page and see your products.

The message you set can include anything you want.

For example, you can set a welcome message to be sent to users who have recently followed you or set a message that includes introducing your products to other users.

  • DM to Email

With this feature, opportunities will always be available to you.

You can receive messages that users send to your Instagram, on your email and reply to messages from there.

With this tool, you can easily manage all sent and received messages.

Many companies use EMail to send news and group emails to their employees and customers.

With this feature, you can easily manage your Instagram messages from your email.

  • Inbox for DMs

 This section acts as an inbox that organizes your messages.

In fact, you can receive all the messages that receive on your Instagram in this section and organize all based on the specific filters that are provided to you.

For example, you can filter messages based on the date you received them.

  • PODs

AiGrow automatically creates groups that you can join to increase the amount of interaction on your page.

  1. To join these groups, you must first log in to your telegram and search for AiGrow.
  2. Then become a member of AiGrow chat bot in Telegram.
  3. Then use Scheduler to automatically share your posts in these groups, and members of these groups will engage with your posts, and if your content is attractive, these people will become your followers.
  • POD groups available in 4 categories including:
    Super Turbo – 1000+ members,
    Turbo – 500 to 1000 members,
    Rising – 100 to 499 members,
    Starter – under 100 members

  • Dedicated Account Manager

 There are a lot of users on Instagram who don’t even spend time on Instagram one day a week and aren’t fully aware of Instagram’s new capabilities to sell their products.

On the other hand, Instagram algorithms are constantly changing, and managing a page with high traffic takes a lot of time.

Therefore, having an Instagram admin to manage Instagram business pages will be more mandatory and profitable.

One of the main tasks of the Instagram admin is to produce content in the form of images and videos, and he will share this content at the right times of the day.

Another task of the admin is to communicate with your customers directly and even by phone.

She /he will also increase the number of visitors and followers on your page and extensive advertising on popular pages.

The AiGrow team provides you with the best and most appropriate services for the purposes you are pursuing.

Which platforms are more affordable?

Now that we’ve compared the Social Sensei Vs AiGrow service, it’s time to look at the prices that each platform will receive for the services.


Prices on this platform start at $ 95 and you actually have to pay $ 95 for their consultation .

If you want to use the basic services that are included Target Identification, Liking, Following, Comments, Direct Messages, Community Management you have to pay $195 p/month.

these prices are very expensive compared to services, and this is a big weakness.This platform will be very expensive if you are looking to save money.



It may not be believable, but the prices you see are right.

Prices on the platform start at $ 7 a month, and the most expensive package, which includes all of its services, is $ 250 a month.

In addition, the counseling session you will have before or during the purchase of the service is completely free.

One of the best parts to mention is the guarantee that this platform gives to its customers for services.



After reviewing the services and features that this platform offers to users, we realized that in the first step, you have to pay a fee to book a counseling session.

In this session, you will be asked for information about your business so that team members can research it and design a strategy for how it will grow.

Finally, a dedicated account manager is assigned to your account to manage your account according to a designed strategy.


We compared Social Sensei Vs AiGrow and were able to get results for each.

AiGrow is suitable for those who want to save time, money in addition to achieving the best results.

You can see step by step how to grow your account, and whenever you need to change your strategy manually, or put all the responsibility on your account manager and no longer have to worry about content production and release time.The price of the services that are offered to you is very reasonable and economical.

You can also use some of its services for free. you can “schedule a call” to get free consultation whenever you need it.

This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 4:00 pm