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Simplygram Reviews; Is It Scam?

January 15, 2022 4:40 pm

If you’ve been looking for a way to grow your brand on Instagram, you also know that it’s pretty challenging for respective reasons. 

As you see, the engagement rate is an essential thing in terms of growing your Instagram account. So, many Instagram users tend to grow their businesses by using third-party apps. However, if you’ve heard about Simplygram and consider using it, let’s say Simplygram is not one of the services you can rely on. And we’ll tell you why. 

The best companies can help you increase your engagement rate organically, which can significantly impact your growth. The point is, all you need to do is pick the best Instagram growth service since unreliable ones can be not only useless but also cause irreversible damage!

Actually, we have more than 30 active Instagram growth services. Unfortunately, some of them are scams and can’t be trusted at all. It is advisable to search about those platforms and read their reviews on websites such as Trustpilot. Also, you can read the articles about their studies which compare the quality of what they offer with a more successful service.

Now, Simplygram is one of those Instagram management tools to be careful about. With a simple search, you will see that the most commonly asked question is if Simplygram works.  

Stay tuned to read Simplygram reviews and find the answer together. On top of that, we’ll discuss the most successful alternative to Simplygram.   

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Features of Simplygram

Simplygram is an Instagram growth service that uses a proprietary optimization engine called IntelliBoost and one-on-one consulting, AI-powered optimization, 24/7 support, as well as a tool to increase Instagram followers. According to SimplyGram reviews Reddit, the growth tool focuses on engaging with a few selected potential Instagram followers via hashtag and account targeting. 

One feature they offer in one of their packages is rapid growth, as they claim to do so by targeting audiences based on hashtags! However, many reported that it’s not entirely accurate. To put it simply, they seem to be using bots to increase the number of followers of your profile. 

They also guarantee that your information will be kept confidential and that each client will be assigned a personal Instagram account manager when they initially sign up.

The following table illustrates a comparison between Simplygram and a more successful service in the market.

Features AiGrow Simplygram
Mobile device/ Website

UGC feature for the Instagram giveaway

Optimize Campaigns Over Time

Manual growth
Powerful customer support
Targeted audiences
Increase social influence
Reviews 4.5 stars from 5 4.2 stars from 5
Price 99$, 109$, 129$, 199$ 69$, 99$, 199$

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Simplygram Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to buy an Instagram growth service, you should know about its reviews. Consequently, thanks to reading the users’ ideas about that service, you can make a better choice. G2 and Trustpoilet are the best sites to find out more about these reviews. 

From the Simplygram review Reddit, we understand some of the users said that it provides them with good service and great supports. On the other hand, a lot of users insist that the “Simplygram scam” sells fake followers, and these fakes accounts have ruined their business!


Simplygram Pros

Turning to the benefits of the Simplygram growth service; we are going to mention the users’ good comments:

  • It is user-friendly.
  • Simplygram is a good growth service.
  • It creates good plans for businesses.
  • The service has good speed.

Simplygram Cons

 Moving on to the negative comments, many users pointed out the following points about the Simplygram Instagram growth service:

  • Users, who basically place their focus on organic Instagram growth, said that the Simplygram method doesn’t seem legit. essentially, they believed that they had got fake followers!
  • Many others suggested it must be a scam!
  • There are also complaints about the irrelevant hashtags offered on Simplygram.
  • Others claimed that every single profile was fake! Every picture on these profiles was posted on the same day; these are obviously photos stolen from real accounts and reuploaded on these fake profiles.
  • Whether it’s for the ghost followers or fake ones, they believed they were dealing with a Simplygram scam.
  • Buying a service from Simplygram was supposed to have been wasting their money and time!

Is Simplygram Legit?

Is Simplygram legit? This is another question commonly asked by users. 

Simplygram is an Instagram growth service aiming to grow Instagram accounts. However, according to users, it is not good at its job, and Simplygram didn’t live up to the users’ expectations. To build on my point a little bit more, Simplygram is generally believed not to be legit. Also, some of them mention that Simplygram isn’t able to do what it sets out to.

Does Simplygram Work?

What we learn from Simplygram reviews Reddit, Simply Gram doesn’t work properly.

Is SimplyGram canceled? We can’t say for sure, but we know it doesn’t work as well as other Instagram growth services like AiGrow. And regarding fake accounts to its users, we can say that it doesn’t seem reliable either.

The Best Alternative for Simplygram

Instagram is a powerful tool for building a brand, there’s no denying it. Instagram is one of the most significant and successful ways to make an impact on your prospective audience and possible customers.

So, you should use the powerful and trustworthy management tool to grow your Instagram accounts.

If you want to promote your business on Instagram you should use a reliable Instagram growth service to reach real and organic audiences.

As you read Simply Gram reviews; you not only have fake followers on your account, but also you should pay for it. Here is why you should avoid using fake followers or buying them. 

  1. Engagement rate plays a major role in your growth, but fake followers fail to have any form of engagement with you and cause a negative impact on your business.
  2. There is a possibility of getting banned if Instagram learns that you are using fake followers. So, it’s not worth the risk really.

So, it is organic growth that you should be really after. 

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram marketing solutions available. The website’s design is simple, professional, and practical. You’ll be able to view everything in its proper place and won’t be confused about what you’re looking for. 

There is a skillful team at the core of AiGrow to support you to reach your target audiences! All of these audiences are real, and none of them are fake!

So, AiGrow, as the best Instagram growth service, mainly focuses on organic growth. It boasts many other effective features to help businesses in the best way, but how?


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How AiGrow Helps your Business?

AiGrow is a great all-in-one Instagram third-party app. It offers you lots of useful and different features at a competitive price, for managing your accounts and growing them with a down-to-earth team! In addition to a team of experts you can work with, there are a lot of other features and offers to choose from based on your budget. 

AiGrow offers a team of actual individuals to your Instagram account who will do all in their power to help you expand your account naturally.

What’s more, AiGrow’s professional account managers use every piece of information you offer them, such as your hashtags and location to target followers. What really sets this team apart is that you can have an actual online meeting with them to discuss your goals and get a better understanding of what you exactly expect from your marketing strategy. Later, you can have follow-up meetings with the manager of the team to get reports of their activity and assess the results.  

AiGrow creates relevant and generates content to grow your audiences organically. Unlike Simply Gram that uses a robot, AiGrow has a knowledgeable skillful team to create plans for every single business and find your target audiences to grow your sales. Once you have set your goals and specified your details, all you need to do is let the growth team of AiGrow take the reins to find a satisfactory solution. 

The great thing is AiGrow guarantees you to get at least 300 real followers who engage with your content each month. Also, you can choose your pricing package due to your budget, and AiGrow offers a refund if you give up.

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What are AiGrows’ Features?

Simplygram may have several features but they are not as many as AiGrow offers. Here are AiGrow’s features:

  • Schedule Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTVs to be automatically published.
  • Use Automated DM for promotional purposes or to reply to received messages.
  • Send bulk Instagram DM
  • Share multiple links to your bio.
  • Repost feeds and stories on Instagram, repost YouTube to Instagram directly without download needed
  • Partner with a dedicated account manager
  • Mass delete Instagram posts
  • Monitor other accounts
  • Take advantage of a guaranteed growth service
  • Manage Instagram giveaways and contests
  • Make the most of its hashtag generator and hashtag analytic tool

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AiGrows Reviews

The reviews determine the level of customer satisfaction. And all users agree on the effectiveness of the Instagram growth service. It has a reasonable price and actually, AiGrow has a powerful 24\7 support.


All in all, you read a complete review of SimplyGram and learned about its pros, cons, and features. The point is now you know what the best alternative to Simply Gram is. We also provided you with AiGrow’s features and its reviews to give you a better insight into how it works. 

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This post was last modified on January 15, 2022 4:40 pm