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Guest Posts

8 Things To Avoid Posting On Instagram As A Business In 2021

Anyone who is involved with a business or an important project will know that social media marketing and outreach are vital. This kind of work is a staple in the world of business and boosts one’s personal profile. 

A company can change the way they are perceived quickly by the way they conduct themselves on social media platforms, decreasing or even damaging their brand and brand awareness as a result. 

If they are immediately seen as amateurish or unprofessional, this could lead to a huge dent in the perception and the initial impression they’re desperately trying to keep positive. 

Instagram is a massive tool in this regard. It can help reach tens of millions of people and be an amazing method of connecting with customers, clients, fans, and followers worldwide. 

What was once a small project and a photo-sharing platform is now a giant in business marketing and modern pop culture and a part of many companies’ brand storytelling. 

As a business, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re not making mistakes when interacting with Instagram. There are certain kinds of posts and particular behaviors that you really should look to avoid going near. 

Many businesses struggle to get off the ground and create a negative reputation based on their online presence, having to hire Instagram managers in the process. 

So, without further ado, here are 8 things to avoid posting on Instagram as a business in 2021. 

Unplanned Content

When you’re looking to create and maintain a business with a strong reputation and online presence, planned content is necessary. You simply cannot go into this taking it day by day. There are many reasons for this, but the two main points are:

  • Competitors out there will be planning their content meticulously.
  • Quickly put-together content that took a matter of moments to conjure up looks as unprofessional and as amateurish as it sounds.

Unplanned content, as best, should be when something happens, and you must act quickly to quell a certain danger or to calm a particular issue. 

It should never be a regular thing. 

Planning out your content can take a while because it’s a case of bringing out the best possible work and showing off yourselves and the business as a whole. 

This shows that you care about your followers and in return, they care about your brand and what you have to say, resulting in increased customer loyalty

Content calendars are a particularly popular method of working for businesses as it gives them a structured, scheduled approached. In addition, it allows them to work around the posts and to supplement them in any way they wish. 

You can choose to post the content or choose to automate it manually, but structured posts make a business function a lot better at appropriate times.

It’s also wise to mention that plenty of businesses know the exact days and times to post. Based on research and analytics, they’ll know their peak times, and when people most likely interact with the content they bring out. 

Poor Quality Images


Visual content such as images, GIFs, videos, and Instagram stories play such a huge part in winning over a crowd and getting people interested in what you have to say/what you’re doing, composing your Instagram aesthetic in the process. 

People engage more with images and other visual content because it’s much more satisfying than regular text. 

Words affect, but you need to make particular products, services, and campaigns jump out at those you’re targeting. 

Poor quality images will not help you as potential customers and clients will see right through the tacky nature. A high-definition picture is a lot more satisfying on the eyes and will represent professionalism.

The best way to ensure you input a high-quality image is through photo sites with high reputations or by creating unique visuals and illustrations with tools like Vectornator or using Canva and Visme for ready-made, customizable visuals. 

Be sure to use the pictures as they are – trying to stretch them out or manipulate them will decrease the quality. Follow this handy guide on how to optimize your images for better web performance.  

Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags are important when it comes to outreach and bringing more eyes to whatever you’re selling. You need them in order to throw your name into the hat. 

Too many hashtags not only look desperate and spammy, but it’s also will be the only thing your followers see. It can take the attention away from the actual content, something you want to avoid. Everything has to feel and look natural and organic in this sense. 

Over And Under Posting

You must achieve a balance in terms of the volume of posts. Of course, it all depends on the nature of your business or account, but the equilibrium must be found to be perceived as trustworthy and attractive.

Posting too often is not cool, and neither is not posting enough. 

Finding the healthy balance matters as you’ll want to satisfy followers while keeping them hooked and making them wait in anticipation for your next post.

Too much will lower the value of what you have to say and what you are selling. It’s again, a more desperate look. Too little shows a lack of effort and care for those who have become invested in you. 

The best way to achieve this kind of balance is through the content calendars and scheduled posts that were mentioned previously. If you’re able to comfortably transition from one post to another, then you’ll be in a solid, professional place. 

Inconsistent Branding And/Or Visuals

Sticking with your brand and the visuals you provide is important to the longevity and seriousness of any business – and it’s vital concerning Instagram as it is solely a platform for visual content. 

Changing around too much will show a flaky attitude and will not engage too well with the audience. They want to be able to trust you and see you as a reliable source – they cannot do this if they feel as though you’re going to be inconsistent with your values and branding. 

Take Nike and Adidas as two examples. 

With them, you know what you’re getting. Right now, you can probably picture their logos and know exactly the kinds of values they hold. They’ve stuck with this kind of behavior as long as they’ve been around and people love them for it. 

They’ll have the same kinds of posts and will not veer away from the strategies they’ve deployed for years. 

Boring Content

Boring content is one of the biggest culprits for businesses that fall apart or don’t engage well with social media users. If they’re not at all interested in what you have to say, then you’re not going to find any success in this world. 

The way to avoid it is by not trying too hard to be like all of the rest. They’ve seen it all before and won’t exactly be enthused by your cookie-cutter attitude. 

Get to know your audience by actively taking on feedback. Learn how your audience operates so that you can capitalize and satisfy them when they need it. 

Go live, post user-generated and viral video content, conduct polls and surveys, and always look to be unique. There’s a time and a place to fall in with the crowd, but it shouldn’t be a regular thing. 

Not Follow Through With Your Brand’s Mission Statement

When you set up a business, you have a goal in mind and a genuine passion. There’s an end goal with your business and you’ll always look to reach it. 

People feed off the journey and want to see how everything transpires. 

So your brand mission statement will be of interest to the audience because they’ll want to see if their needs are met and if they’ll be served in the manner they believe they should be. 

If you veer away from it, then your audience will notice almost immediately. However, they will not blindly follow you as they are all individually looking to benefit from the relationship you have stricken. 

Posts With Poor Grammar

Grammar is one of the key components and staples in what will make a high-quality post. You simply cannot be taken seriously if you have spelling and grammar areas all over the page. 

Plenty will forego it, but the majority will not be attracted at all. When a business is looking attractive in terms of the content it brings out, the words used and the communication are both utterly flawless. 

Always look for grammar errors in the content you post. The likes of Grammarly, spellchecker.net, and many other apps are available free of charge. There’s no excuse to ignore this vital part. 


When creating content for people to enjoy and to engage with, you need to ensure the fundamentals are handled. A lot of the points we’ve made point towards the simplicity of posting content online. 

There are a lot of complicated aspects that you will learn as you work, but the basics need to be covered first and foremost. 

Read again through the 8 points listed and check whether you’ve fallen victim to the mistakes in the past and stay on top of Instagram hacks to stay ahead of your competition. 

If you look like a solid, professional unit that the audience will rely upon, that’s when you can begin to really rise up in the ranks.