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5 Killer brand awareness strategies on Instagram in 2021

If you are looking for a platform to grow your brand awareness and reach a new audience, Instagram is the best choice due to a large number of users. (more than 500 million active users every day). There is a big competition between brands on Instagram; So if you want to run a successful page, you need to know strategies to reach more people. In this article, we’ll show you some killer brand awareness strategies to increase your followers.

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Brand awareness strategies

By increasing your brand awareness on Instagram, you can turn your Instagram followers into customers and earn money. To do that you need some strategies to be ahead of your competitors. Here are 5 top strategies you need to know for increasing your brand awareness:

1.Gain more followers using a growth service

The best way to increase your followers and brand awareness instantly is by using a follower generator. With a simple search, you can find thousands of them on the internet; But, are all of them safe? AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service that can bring you more than 300 new followers every month. These followers are entirely organic and are interested in your service. Let’s see how to set your growth engine:

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free with your email address.
  • Log into your account and click on Add Instagram Account. Use your Instagram account’s login information to connect it to AiGrow.
  • Click Manage Account.
  • In the Growth tab, you need to target users by Hashtags, Locations, or similar Influencer accounts.
  • When you are done with details, select Start Growth.
  • Now you can see the list of potential followers. By purchasing a plan, AiGrow starts following and unfollowing them safely that prevent your account from being banned.

2.Write a catchable bio

Your Instagram bio is the first place your followers check. You can write characters there to introduce yourself and your brand. The nest and most important use of your bio is adding a link. That’s the only place you can share a clickable link to drive Instagram traffic to other platforms. If you have multiple media, blogs, YouTube channels, or websites, you can use AiGrow’s bio-link tool to design your dedicated landing page. 

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3.Choose an eye-catching profile picture

Your profile picture appears on the users’ feed page, next to comments you leave, Instagram stories, etc. That’s why you need to choose a great picture that describes your work or brand. Also, you can design a logo for your brand and use it as your profile pictures, so users remember you. 

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4.Use a business profile.

If you want to use your Instagram professionally to increase your brand awareness, you need to change your personal profile to professional. That’s because there are more tools to understand your audience’s taste, add buttons to your profile, get access to analytics, etc. Here is how to switch to professional:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and open Setting.
  • Tap Account.
  • Scroll down and select Switch to Professional Account.
  • Choose a category and tap Done.

5.Share content consistently

Based on the latest Instagram algorithm, if you want to increase your reach and brand awareness, you need to share posts more often. One of the best tools that can help you in sharing posts is Instagram schedulers. With AiGrow’s auto-publishing tool, you can schedule posts, stories, and IGTVs. 

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If you want to start a business on Instagram, you have chosen the right platform. To be a step ahead of your competitors and increase your brand awareness, you need to know these strategies. In this article, we showed you 5 killer tips to increase your brand awareness. Also, we introduced you to AiGrow for growing your page quickly. 

This post was last modified on April 6, 2021 5:38 am