The ultimate guide to scheduling Instagram IGTV in 2021

The ultimate guide to scheduling Instagram IGTV in 2021


Scheduling your Instagram posts, including IGTV videos in advance is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to save time on the platform to focus on greater goals.

The secrets to Instagram success for a solo entrepreneur or even the head of a multinational team would be consistency, quality, and high levels of engagement.

To rise above the noise and succeed with Instagram marketing, you must be dedicated and organized. This is why you need to schedule Instagram posts.

In this article, we’ll go through the best Instagram scheduling options for businesses and also everything you would possibly like to know about scheduling Instagram IGTV videos.

What is IGTV (Instagram Television)?

Because of mobile video, the amount of time teens spend watching TV has decreased by 40%! That’s why Instagram released its own long-form video feature.

 It should be noted that  While Instagram Stories only allows users to publish short, 30-second clips, IGTV allows users to publish long-form videos, either within the Instagram app or in the new IGTV app.

For now, videos can be 10 minutes for most accounts, and up to one hour for larger accounts, but Instagram has said that eventually there will be no time limit.

At first, IGTV only supported vertical video, but now it supports both vertical and horizontal videos, which was a big part of its launch in June 2018. 

Can You Schedule IGTV videos on Instagram?

Luckily, the answer is YES! Instagram IGTV videos can be directly scheduled up to six months in advance through Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Before this, Instagram users were merely allowed to schedule Instagram posts in advance using third-party tools.

This functionality is available to all business accounts and extends to IGTV videos in addition to Instagram posts.

How can you schedule Instagram IGTV VIDEOS on Instagram?

You might have looked for a way to schedule your Instagram IGTV videos; since scheduling IGTV videos wasn’t possible long ago. And here the good news comes! There are two possible ways to be able to schedule Instagram IGTV videos. They are as follows, including the Creator Studio and using AiGrow. 

  • Scheduling Instagram IGTV videos through Third-Party Tools

AiGrow dashboard

There are so many safe third-party social media software applications, including AiGrow, to schedule and publish your Instagram content.

It is worth using one of the similar social media software applications to manage large volumes of content, multiple team members and multiple Instagram accounts with ease, security, and more importantly saving a lot of time. 

You should bear in mind that Social media applications can only work with Instagram business profiles. 

If you don’t have one you can simply convert your Instagram account to a business profile.

Now that you have a business profile, you’re ready for the next step.

 If you are looking forward to picking one of the most efficient third-party social media software applications to meet your needs, AiGrow (Instagram management service) is possibly all you need.

Let’s take a look at AiGrow schedule service to digest how you can take advantage of it to be able to schedule your IGTV videos.

  • First of all, sign up on AiGrow and connect your Instagram account to its dashboard.
  • Click on the Instagram account, you’d like to manage.
  • aigrow dashboard
  • Head to posts and scheduling.
  • Select IGTV from the drop-down menu.

scheduling IGTV

  •  Upload your video(you can upload any video that is smaller than 650 MB in size, and longer than one minute, and shorter than 15 minutes)
  • Select a cover photo(the photo can be from the clips or you can upload one yourself if you prefer)
  • Give it a title as well as a description and add hashtags.
  • You can post previews of your IGTV post on your feed as well by simply checking off the box.
  • scheduling IGTV
  • If you would like to publish this post to other accounts at the same time, select them here.
  • scheduling IGTV
  • Finally, select one or more dates and times for your post to be published and click the schedule button.
  • scheduling IGTV
  • Scheduling Instagram IGTV videos through Facebook’s Creator Studio

 As we mentioned above, this new feature (scheduling your posts through Facebook’s Creator Studio) allows business account holders and brands to schedule plain Instagram posts, IGTV videos and Facebook Page posts up to six months in advance.

Everything is easily done from the Creator Studio (sometimes also called Business Studio)  dashboard.

Here’s how you can schedule your Instagram IGTV videos from Creator Studio:

1. Go to the Creator Studio website

Simply visit the Facebook Creator Studio site.

You’ll need to sign up for a Facebook Creator Studio account if you don’t have one.

Also, make sure your Instagram account is a business profile or a creator profile otherwise you won’t be able to schedule your IGTV videos.

2. Connect your Instagram account to your Creator Studio.

face book creator studio

After Signing up for your Creator Studio account then it’s time to link your Instagram account to Creator Studio by following these steps.

Once you’ve logged into your Creator Studio dashboard, tap the Instagram icon at the top bar of your screen.

Then a prompt will appear to connect your Instagram account, and a pop-up box will appear in order to ask you to log into your account. 

Then you’ll set up!

You should be able to see a dashboard for your Instagram profile and you can find every post, Instagram story, video, carousel and IGTV video ever posted here. This is also where you’ll be able to see what you have scheduled!

3.Choose the type of content to create

On the left, you will see a ‘create post’ button. When you click it, you will be able to choose whether to create a post for your Instagram feed or an IGTV post.

4.  Select the account you want to post your IGTV video to

You may have more than one Instagram account connected to your Facebook Creator Studio account, at this time by looking through a new window appeared on the right side of your screen, you can select the Instagram account you want to schedule your IGTV video to.

5.  In the editing box, select “From File Upload”.

  From here you’ll be able to upload a video( either a video from your computer or select a video that already exists on your Instagram profile.).

After that, add details including a title and description.

Note that your title and description are both accurate, descriptive, and engaging, since it will help your video show up on Instagram’s Explore page and also in search results.

6.   Choose a cover image for your IGTV video

When your IGTV video is uploaded you can either choose a frame of the IGTV by tapping a frame in the show reel that appears or choose a cover image by using the “Upload Custom Image” button.

TIP: Your cover image is more important than ever here because this is what will appear in your grid if you choose to share a 1-minute preview on your feed!

7. Set your publishing settings

At this point, if your video is longer than one minute, you’d better take the chance to Select the “Share Preview to Feed” button to share a one minute preview of your video to your regular Instagram feed.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity to get more eyes on your videos, boost your engagement, and drive more traffic to your IGTV channel, so it’s worth a click!

Note: You can also select “Your Page” if you want to share the video on your Facebook page.

8.Schedule your IGTV video to go live

Once you’re ready to schedule your IGTV video, tap the down arrow beside the publish button and select “Schedule.”

When the calendar and time settings box appear then it’s time to add the day and time you’d like your IGTV video to go live on.

Lastly hit the “Schedule” button in order to let your IGTV video publish to your feed when the set time comes. 

Note:  To check your IGTV video schedule, you can go to the All Content or IGTV tab from your Instagram Creator Studio home page.


All in all, if you are a company holder, influencer, or even a solo entrepreneur and etc, you can not only stay in touch with your followers constantly, but also you can save a lot of time to spend on what matters more using third-party social media software applications including AiGrow to schedule every content you prefer in advance. Just give it a try!



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