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PromoRepublic Top reviews & Alternatives for Instagram Marketing


When you think about your business, some social media networks may come to your mind. You might think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, and it’s not strange. These social networks absorb people’s interest all around the world, and they have become great markets for businesses. So, many digital marketing tools have emerged, and you are probably looking for one and people around you suggested PromoRepublic. 

So, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to weight it up and show you its features and capabilities. We will propose alternatives like AiGrow for you to see other solutions for your social media marketing.

PromoRepublic Overview

PromoRepublic is an app created for two main services: Team coordinating and creating your content. You can download it via Appstore or Playstore. Besides, you can work with it using your browser as a web-based app without downloading. Unfortunately, its free trial mode is only for 15 days. However, during this period, you can explore it enough to make your decision to buy their products or not. 

During signing up an account by your email address, you are asked for some unusual entries. 

It may seem a little strange, for example, the industry in which your business is. But, when you complete your setup, you will understand why these are asked. 

PromoRepublic Team Coordinating

When you face the stage, which is in the above picture, we suggest that you select the “Improve Collaborations” part. Then, you’re about to create a workspace. 


You can create many workspaces. Workspaces are specific dashboards that you can add any page and any team worker as you want. If you have two workspaces with different accounts and team workers, none of them can be aware of one another. 

You can add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business pages to your workspaces. Before using them, you should connect to your pages through the main dashboard.

If you want to know more about the workspaces, see this

Team Workers

There are levels of membership you can assign to your team workers. You can choose their participation as members and admins. Members can mostly see other team workers and watch the progress. They can’t post or schedule something. They can be your clients or your employers. However, admins can manage everything, such as posting, editing, and even assigning others. They can be your coworkers or your employees. 

PromoRepublic Content Services

Content is everything, and we should say PromoRepublic’s main focus is in this part. There are two parts of your main dashboard, which are dedicated to content. 

As you can see, the calendar and the content sections are related to each other. After creating and scheduling your posts, you can use the calendar to view the content either weekly or monthly. You can click or tap on them to check them and edit them if it’s necessary. 

Post Templates

The other thing you can do with PromoRepublic is to use the templates for posting. There are many templates that you can choose for all kinds of pages. You can use them as they are or you can change them. 

Your workspace’s industry category helps you in this part. The “Recommended For You” section provides you with templates that are related to your industry. 

Personal Ideas

If you want more original content, you can use “My Ideas” in the content part. For Instagram and Pinterest posts, you have to add images to your content. You can save your ideas without scheduling and keep them for later. After uploading your images, you can add a caption, and select the pages you want to post on them. 

Online Editor

You can edit your templates or your ideas by an online editor attached to PromoRepublic. You can add objects, backgrounds, and texts onto your images. Maybe this is one of the characteristic features of this app.

Note: In the red circle, you can change the dimensions of your pics.

This online editor is not a big deal after all. There are other online editors like Canva, Pixlr, and Piktochart that are more complete and professional than this inner editor. 

PromoRepublic Other Features and Pricing

PromoRepublic has an analytics section too. You can see the progress you’ve achieved with your pages through different metrics: Engagement and Published Posts. 

Association with Hootsuite

There should be a contract between PromoRepublic and Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management and analytics tool. You can access your PromoRepublic dashboard within the Hootsuite interface. However, you should pay for both accounts if you want to do this. For further information, see this


There is no way you can use any of this stuff if you don’t pay the price for it. Even adding members for your workspaces needs purchasing. Yes, there is a trial mode, but it’s only for 15 days, and you cannot do anything special in this period. There are three main packages with different features based on how big your business is. 

As you can see, in the red circle, the management feature of PromoRepublic is something that you should pay much about it. If you want to see all kinds of its pricing plans, check this.

Since for complete marketing, you need a Hootsuite account along with a PromoRepublic account, you’d better see Hootsuite pricing.

AiGrow Overview

As it gets clear, PromoRepublic needs integration with Hootsuite, and consequently, costs double for complete marketing. That’s why we want to introduce AiGrow to you as a complete, sophisticated, and easy-to-use alternative for marketing. Although AiGrow is only for Instagram, its organic marketing method and free scheduling plan, make it very very special.  

AiGrow Scheduling

AiGrow lets you schedule posts, stories, first comments, DMs, and et cetera for FREE. And it’s not time-limited either. The trial plan of AiGrow is a lifetime plan, but there are a number of limits, and it’s natural. 

You can see in the above that scheduling is not only for the caption and the image. As you may know, for a better look, you can put hashtags in your first comment by scheduling it. You can add locations that help you find real followers and engagements for your goods. Alerting your followers about the new post with a story is something you can do just by one click. 


Reposting and regraming is another thing you can do easily with AiGrow. If you get tired and confused about what to share, you can see others’ posts with your custom hashtags. You can also use the mention posts by your fans or rivals. All these data are gathered in the AiGrow scheduling section. 

Giveaways Running

Have you ever seen a post provoking you to like or comment to win a special prize for their products? This type of posts has the name of Giveaways. With AiGrow, you have a specific section about this activity as the “Post & Reward” section. If you want to know more about this and how it works on AiGrow, watch the following video.

Social Calendar

Successful business marketing means not losing any chance. If it’s cupcake day within two weeks, and you have a cafe, you don’t want to act indifferently. That’s why the AiGrow social calendar comes handy. It’s an updated calendar with new incidents and events. 

AiGrow Growth

Features of AiGrow are more than scheduling, and they include another saying of marketing known as Growth. In other words, with AiGrow, you have the opportunity to increase your audience along with content features. However, AiGrow is not a robot or a semi-robot with the actions that will stop your business. Because Instagram has a serious policy about using robots or even acts like robots. Check this, and you will get familiar with the laws around using such apps. 

Manual and Organic Follower Growth

AiGrow’s Main superiority, among many other Instagram marketing tools, is its organic follower growth ability. But what do we mean by saying “organic”? We mean that you are not facing a robot empowering you to switch likes, follow, and unfollow on and off. There are real persons as Instagram account managers who will run the growth procedure for you. That’s why it’s safe and productive. 

As you can see, there are activities you can order, and AiGrow management teams will work based on your order. You can add hashtags, locations, and influencers’ accounts to get the following targets based on this information. For doing so, watch this video:

Bio-Link, Action Buttons, and Further Features

If you worry that AiGrow is only for Instagram, then the all-in-one bio link would help you. With AiGrow, you can add your other pages’ URLs to help your audience get your other social media pages. On the other hand, you can link your website or any particular action on your website as action buttons. 

For example, visit @jamieoliver, and you will see an action button for sending an email to him. You can create a “make a reservation” or a “make an appointment” button on your Instagram account. Just imagine you are a restaurant owner or a doctor and how these simple action buttons can improve your marketing. 

You can activate a feature that sends all DMs to your given email address. And, you can reply to them through your inbox. This feature helps you not use your mobile or Instagram app constantly. If you want to survey AiGrow and find more features with a personal touch, sign up for its free account now. 

Safety and Accessibility

As mentioned above, AiGrow has a manual marketing method. So, your Instagram accounts are safe in a manner of Instagram policy and gaining more followers. 

To use AiGrow, you don’t need to download anything, and you can use it by your browser easily. The dashboard is friendly, and there are specific sections for comfortable usage.

AiGrow Pricing

Though AiGrow has a free plan for scheduling, its marketing procedure is along with very suitable costs. For a better experience, several plans and packages extend your limitations. VIP-managed and Pro-managed packages are special plans with more team management activities on your accounts. To see all AiGrow plans check this.


Later is another social media marketing tool that you can use instead of PromoRepublic. It does not contain a photo editor but has many other features. Some of the features are:

  • With Later, you can schedule your posts, stories, videos, and et cetera at any time with an overview calendar
  • You can import your media from anywhere as well as your desktop, Google Drive, or your Dropbox
  • Later provides you with several exclusive analytic metrics such as Twitter click tracking and Instagram hashtag analytics

The pricing consists of 5 main plans from zero to 49$ per month. However, the zero-cost plan is only for 30 days, and to continue with Later, you’ll have to purchase other plans. Furthermore, you can check this to see active features for all plans.

Social Sensei

Another option on the table is Social Sensei, which is a very good Instagram marketing tool in the market. Similarly, scheduling posts and stories are regular with this app. However, marketing is the main playground for Social Sensei. Unfortunately, You cannot sign up for a free plan, because it doesn’t exist and you should start paying. Any Social Sensei plan starts with hiring Instagram consultants. They cooperate with you to learn your business and then will give you a relevant strategy. 

Some of its features are:

  • Monthly analytics by the consultants
  • Using dedicated account managers for real follower absorbing
  • Content design for the best visual experience
  • Competitive analysis, influencer research, and mood board exclusively for the Business/Platinum plan

Well, there seems a lot going on in Social Sensei plans but not charity. All prices are high, making Social Sensei very unaffordable for many businesses. The cheapest package costs 149$ monthly, and the most expensive one costs 999$ per month. To see all the features limitations along with the plans, see this.

Conclusion: PromoRepublic or Others?

At the end of the day, what are the pros and cons of all these four tools? In general, PromoRepublic is very good at designing your content, but it doesn’t have a free plan for it. AiGrow does, but its visual features lack an online image editor, which there are external ones as mentioned. On the other hand, you have to pay for two accounts (one for PromoRepublic and the other for Hootsuite) to get a full marketing package. Whereas, if you calculate the sum of the two and compare them with AiGrow pricing, it’s beneficial to use one platform. 

Later is cheaper, but again it does not support marketing features as AiGrow does. Above all, Social Sensei looks a complete package however, the prices look on top of a mountain. So many of the features that Social Sensei presents are in AiGrow’s hands at very lower prices. 

All in all, the choice is yours.  

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