How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram Like a Pro [2023]

mass unfollow on Instagram

You might be curious about how to mass unfollow on Instagram. If you’ve followed thousands of accounts on Instagram, it can result in an unattractive follower/following ratio, as well as other issues related to inactive users.

You’re not alone in this. We all experience those moments when we simply desire to clean up our feeds, allowing us to begin anew.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to mass unfollow on Instagram without getting blocked. It’s a great way to remove any inactive or unwanted followers that may have built up on your account over time. The process is simple and hassle-free, so let’s jump right in and get started!

NOTE: If you want to use an Instagram mass unfollow tool right away without learning why you should mass unfollow Instagram accounts, give AiGrow mass unfollow app a try now!

Who Should You Mass Unfollow On Instagram?

who to mass unfollow on Instagram

Before talking about how to unfollow multiple people on Instagram, you need to find the ones you need to remove from your following list.

You could certainly remove every person you follow who fits the descriptions listed above all by yourself, but depending on how many people you follow, Instagram bulk unfollow can be extremely time-consuming.

Knowing who to unfollow can also be tricky.

Below are four distinct types of Instagram users that you may consider unfollowing:

Inactive Accounts

Someone who hasn’t been active since 2020 is probably worth unfollowing.

you can manually go through and unfollow all the inactive users, but this process can be super time-consuming.

You’re better off using an unfollow tool Instagram like AiGrow, which ensures you mass unfollow for Instagram without any harm.

Bot/Fake Accounts

Identifying bot accounts can be challenging as they are adept at closely imitating human behavior.

Here are a few unmistakable indicators that can help you identify if a user you are following is a bot and therefore worth unfollowing:

  • A gigantic following coupled with a disproportionately low number of followers (which we aim to steer clear of ourselves)
  • Followers largely consist of new or inactive accounts
  • Large following but terrible or non-existent content

If you find a user, you’re following to portray any of these signs, best to hit the unfollow button.

Bot accounts can act similarly to inactive accounts because they don’t engage with any content or new post. This type of Instagram user is also known as a “ghost follower”.

Ghost followers can also be mass unfollowed using the AiGrow mass unfollow tool.

Use AiGrow’s mass unfollow tool and get rid of fake followers!

People Who Unfollowed You

Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm favors users with a high follower/following ratio. So whenever there is an opportunity to improve your numbers, take it.

To improve your followers/following ratio, you can choose to unfollow people who have stopped following you.

Some people who follow you back may unfollow you after some time. This is because they are using the follow/unfollow strategy, where they follow a large number of people with the hope that some of them will follow back and then unfollow them when they do.

Users Who Haven’t Followed You Back

A common way to legitimately build your Instagram is by following similarly-sized and similarly-themed users in your industry. When reciprocated, this method of growth benefits everyone – particularly smaller/newer channels that are just starting.

When you follow a large number of users and they don’t follow you back, however, it can lead you to follow too many people with few actual followers to balance things out. This is where you need to unfollow non followers on Instagram.

Here’s how to speed up the process and mass unfollow on Instagram (using Instagram unfollow tool where possible), depending on the kind of users you want to unfollow:

How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram 2023

If you want to know how to mass unfollow Instagram online easily and quickly, your answer is here. There are two ways; You can either do it yourself or use a trusted mass-unfollow Instagram tool. Here is how to unfollow people on Instagram fast:

Use Instagram unfollowers Tools

If you’re searching for a solution on how to unfollow multiple people on Instagram, using mass Instagram unfollow tools like AiGrow or other leading Instagram unfollowers apps is a simple and effective way to mass unfollow. These auto unfollow tools provide a convenient way to streamline the process, allowing you to unfollow multiple accounts effortlessly.

Give AiGrow’s mass unfollow Instagram tool a try now.

Instagram Mass Unfollow using AiGrow (Step By Step Guide):

If you are concerned about ‘how to unfollow on Instagram without getting blocked’ here is the best solution you can find.

Thanks to AiGrow’s user-friendly dashboard, there are just a few simple steps to unfollow on Instagram in bulk, without any risk.

1.  Sign up on AiGrow for free, and connect your Instagram account to its dashboard by clicking on ‘Add Instagram Account.

add account to AiGrow
How to mass unfollow on Instagram pc using AiGrow

2.  Then click on the ‘Packages’ button on the top-left side of the screen and select ‘Unfollow Plans’ to view and buy the unfollow packages (Unfollow 3k or 6K ).

AiGrow mass unfollow tool
How to unfollow people who don’t follow you on Instagram using AiGrow

Note: Your dedicated account manager will find and unfollow any of your inactive/ghost followers, users who unfollowed you and haven’t followed you back. Using this safe unfollow app for Instagram is the most effective and safest way to perform a mass unfollow on Instagram. It doesn’t trigger a red flag for Instagram, resulting in increased engagement for your account.

When you buy any of the 3k or 6k mass unfollow packages, you’ll be able to use this service as many times as you want within those three or six months. ( until you reach the package limit).

AiGow mass unfollow pricing

Note: after purchasing the package you want you need to set up an onboarding session with an AiGrow team member to discuss the details.

Start mass unfollowing safely with AiGrow.

So what happens when you mass unfollow on Instagram?

Cleaning up who you’re following makes your profile look more trustworthy to visitors, more attractive to potential followers and brands, and narrows down the content on your Instagram feed to stuff you really want to see.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to clean the house before growing your Instagram, we have a solution for you.

AiGrow has an Instagram follower growth service that also allows you to grow your Instagram followers while simultaneously unfollowing users who don’t follow you back.

How To Know If You Need To Perform A Mass Unfollow On Instagram

Here’s what your follower/following ratio says about you according to Workmacro (the number represents the ratio of your following compared to the number of followers you have (For those who have between 1k-15k followers)

Follower/following ratio

<0.5 Spammer: You are inexperienced with bulk unfollow Instagram and are spamming followers in the hope of following back.

0.5-1 Suspicious: You are likely to be using mass unfollow Instagram but are following the wrong people or have poor quality content leading to poor follow back rates.

1-2 Normal: You have some success with Instagram automation but need to focus on other strategies to drive more engagement.

2-10 Micro-Influencer: Users that are either master of Instagram automation or have incredible content to grow their account.

10+ Influencer: Likely to be micro-celebrities or rising stars that are popular on other social media channels.

Note: If you’re in the <0.5 Spammer or 0.5-1 Suspicious bracket and you want to add some credibility to your channel, you need to mass unfollow Instagram accounts.

How To Unfollow On Instagram

You might just want to know ‘how do you unfollow someone on Instagram’ or want to unfollow on Instagram in bulk yourself.

However, for mass unfollow Instagram accounts, what we recommend is to use AiGrow because a team of experts will take responsibility.

They will keep your account safe and won’t surpass any Instagram’s unfollow limits because they are well informed about all of the Instagram algorithms and know how many people you can unfollow on Instagram before getting blocked!

But if you are wondering how to unfollow on Instagram by yourself, you can follow the following steps:

  1. To unfollow someone, go to their profile.
  2. After tapping Following, tap Unfollow to confirm.
How do you unfollow someone on Instagram

You can follow this other approach by tapping the Following on your profile, and then tapping the Following button one by one to unfollow accounts you no longer want to follow.

How do I unfollow someone on Instagram

Once you unfollow someone, their profile will say Follow instead of Following. People won’t be notified when you unfollow them, so don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings!

Tips On Unfollowing A Lot Of People On Instagram

  •  If you want to know how to unfollow lots of people on Instagram safely and successfully, keep in mind that you shouldn’t overdo it and look like a human.
  • · If you want to do it manually first, you need to know how many people can you unfollow on Instagram a day. You have a 200 unfollow limit(10 unfollow per hour would keep your account safe).
  • Try to warm up your account, what we mean is that don’t just unfollow 200 people on your first day. Start by 50 people/day and increase the number to 200 in a few days
  • Use the “least interacted list” to avoid attracting Instagram’s focus on your account. You can access this list by going to your following list and choosing it under the categories.

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Wrapping up mass unfollow users

In today’s digital world, the aesthetic neatness of your account, along with a reasonable ratio of followers to followers, translates to authenticity and can gain a large number of followers for you or your business. AiGrow is the unfollow tool for Instagram you can use to help you through this process.

The batch unfollow Instagram tool works like a filter and does not let inactive accounts, bot/fake accounts, and users who haven’t followed you back make it into your followings.

AiGrow has a significant edge over its competitors in that it does not operate instantaneously to protect account security. To keep your account from being banned, the application performs these actions gradually over time, providing you with the best way to unfollow on Instagram.

Mass Unfollow Instagram users safely with AiGrow.


Q1: How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram?

Is there a way to unfollow everyone on Instagram? Some Instagram users have taken to a massive unfollow Instagram users and want to unfollow everyone on Instagram, why? To make their newsfeeds less cluttered and to find new content.

Unfollowing everyone can help you to focus on the posts you really want to see, rather than spending too much time scrolling through your feed.

why unfollow everyone on Instagram
How to unfollow everyone on Instagram that is not following me

It does take a little bit of time, but it could save you from spending too much time scrolling through your feed. But how to unfollow everyone at once on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature for unfollowing everyone you follow at once (unless you follow only 200 accounts). And if you unfollow a long people list in a short time, it could result in a temporary ban on your account.

If you want to unfollow everyone you’ve followed but don’t want to go through the hassle of manually doing it yourself, just hand it over to Aigrow and they’ll make sure it gets done. It’s risk-free!

Q2: How To Unfollow On Instagram Fast?

Are you wondering how to quickly unfollow on Instagram? Well, the bad news is that there is no quick way to unfollow everyone on Instagram, and the limit of about 200 unfollowing per hour makes the process tedious. You might want to turn to an Instagram auto unfollow tool to get it done fast.

But the fastest solution is not always the best. If you are going to use an auto unfollow Instagram tool, please keep in mind that you might get your account banned for using it due to a high chance of passing Instagram limits.

If you want to save time, while ensuring the safety of your account, consider using a reliable service to manually unfollow users.

Q3: How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram?

Although you can’t see who unfollowed your Instagram account directly on the app, there are a couple of ways that can help you find out; Manually, or through a third-party app.

How To See Who Unfollowed On Instagram? (Manually)

If you are wondering how to see who just unfollowed me on Instagram, just go on the profile of the account you want to check if they unfollowed you, and tap on the Following button( if you’ve followed that person too). If the blue button shows Follow Back it means the account is still following you.

Who unfollowed me on Insta
Who unfollowed me on Instagram

If you tap on the Following button and the blue button shows Follow, it means the account already unfollowed you on Instagram. This method works if you are wondering how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Insta.

Apps To Find Out ‘Who Unfollowed Me’

If you are a fan of using an Instagram follower tracker to see who unfollowed you on Instagram, here are some apps you can use:

  • FollowMeter (Android | iOS )
  • Followers & Unfollowers (Android)
  • Followers Tracker Pro (iOS)
  • Followers Track for Instagram (iOS) 

Note: The Instagram API severely limits the data unofficial developers can get from Instagram, which means that these apps come with their own set of issues.

If you install an app that tracks your followers, it will show you only those people who unfollowed you after you set it up. If you lost followers before installing the app, you won’t see any of those people.

Note: if you want to know how to unfollow everyone on Instagram that is not following me go back to the part we explained how to use AiGrow mass unfollow too. That is the solution!

Q4: Should I Unfollow Someone Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

You might be asking yourself ‘is it immature to unfollow someone on Instagram?’

Don’t worry, it’s not! it’s always a good idea to unfollow someone who unfollowed you. You never know when they might come back and follow you again. But if they don’t, it will make your Instagram feed look cleaner with fewer people in it who aren’t following back.

unfollow meme

Q5: Does Instagram Automatically Follow Accounts?

If you think your account automatically follows users, scammers have probably taken over your account. So try to change your password ASAP and activate two-step verification.

Q6: How To See Who You Unfollowed On Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no option to see who you’ve unfollowed recently. But you can see who has unfollowed you using third-party tools.

Q7: How Many Users Can You Unfollow Per Day?

If you are wondering how many people can I unfollow on Instagram and asked yourself why Instagram won’t let me unfollow people, it’s because of the unfollow limit.

If you have an old account, you can unfollow up to 200 users per day, but for a new account, the number is below 100.

Q8: If I Unfollow Someone On Instagram What Happens?

When you unfollow someone, their posts no longer appear in your feed. If they have a public account, you can still see their posts by visiting their profile directly. If not, then you have to send a follow request again to see their posts.

Q9: How To Make Someone Unfollow You On Instagram?

So you don’t want to be too aggressive and instead of removing someone from your followers, want to make them unfollow you?! Nice idea.

But if you want to make sure that someone unfollows you on Instagram, you need to remove them as a follower. Even blocking them if you don’t want to hear from them again!

If you don’t want to block someone or remove them as a follower on Instagram, you can still control their access by restricting them.

“Restricting someone on Instagram will hide their comments on your posts. In addition, the person will not be able to know if you’re online or if you’ve read their messages.”

How to get someone to unfollow you on Instagram?!

Q10: Can People See When You Unfollow Them On Instagram?

Can someone tell if you unfollow them on Instagram? If you choose to unfollow someone on Instagram, they won’t receive a notification that you have done so. However, they may realize it if they notice that their number of followers has decreased and go to your profile to check it.

Q11: Instagram Won’t Let Me Unfollow People; What Is The Reason?

You won’t be able to unfollow an account because you’ve unfollowed too many accounts and you might have a temporary ban.

You know you have a temporary ban when you press the ‘following’ button (to unfollow them) and instead of changing to ‘follow’, it remains saying ‘following’.

Q12: How To Unfollow Hashtags On Instagram?

Since 2018, Instagram users can follow as many hashtags as they want to view the posts on their homepage without following the owner.

The number of hashtags you follow doesn’t appear in your following list. However, if you decide to unfollow them, it’s super easy. Here is how to unfollow hashtags on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram account and go to your profile.
  • Tap on your following list.
  • Under the “Sorted by Default” tab, you can see the hashtags you are following.
  • Tap on the “Unfollow” button in front of each to unfollow them.
unfollow hashtags on Instagram

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Q13: How to Unfollow More Than 200 on Instagram?

You can manually unfollow more than 200 accounts, but it is time-consuming.  An alternative option to consider for faster unfollowing is using a safe mass unfollow Instagram apk like AiGrow. AiGrow is a reliable platform that offers features to simplify the process of unfollowing multiple accounts on Instagram. Additionally, AiGrow takes precautions to ensure the safety and compliance of your Instagram account, providing a secure and efficient solution for mass unfollowing.

Q14: I Unfollow on Instagram And They Come Back, Why?

If you unfollow accounts on Instagram and find that they reappear in your following list, there could be a few reasons for this:

  1. Technical Glitch: Sometimes, Instagram may experience technical issues or glitches that can temporarily cause inconsistencies in your following list. In such cases, unfollowed accounts may reappear due to system errors. If this is the case, the issue usually resolves itself after some time.
  2. Account Re-activation: It’s possible that the accounts you unfollowed temporarily deactivated their profiles but later reactivated them. When an account is deactivated and then reactivated, it might appear as if you’re following them again, even if you previously unfollowed them.
  3. Follow-back: The accounts you unfollowed may have chosen to follow you back, resulting in them appearing in your following list once again. This can happen if they manually search for your profile or if they are using automated tools that automatically follow back their followers.
  4. Account Hacks: In some cases, if your Instagram account gets compromised or hacked, the hacker might undo your unfollow actions and follow the accounts again. It’s important to ensure the security of your Instagram account by using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

Q15: How to Unfollow 1,000 People on Instagram At Once?

Unfollowing 1,000 people on Instagram at once can be a challenging task since the platform has limitations in place to prevent mass actions. However, using a trusted mass unfollow tool like AiGrow you can get rid of those following in just a few days without putting your account in danger.

Q16: Can I Mass Unfollow on Instagram?

Yes, it is possible to mass unfollow on Instagram. However, Instagram has certain limitations and guidelines in place to prevent spam and abuse. The best way to do a bulk unfollow is using a safe tool like AiGrow.

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