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Instagram Post Automation: 5 Tools to Make Your Life Easy

Having difficulty using your device everywhere and posting on Instagram over and over again? The first question comes up like, “why do we even need to do such a thing?”. Well, it is obvious a regular person does not need to post repeatedly but digital marketing and businesses all have works to do with social media apps like Instagram. Consequently, businesses require regular posting and activities and people just can’t draw their devices and post a pic and its caption patiently and with quality every now and then as needed. However, Instagram lacks the features of an app to enrich the user to schedule their posts whenever they want. So comes the Instagram post automation idea that there are some tools that can help you handle your such problems. Here are 5 of them that I’m glad of introducing them to you:

1. AiGrow

One of the best apps on Instagram post automation management is AiGrow without a doubt. AiGrow has some professional and sound features for you to accomplish various tasks automatically. 

Here are some of them:

  1. You can schedule your posts and stories whenever you want
  2. You can use any available contents on Instagram as your new posts or stories
  3. AiGrow gives you the opportunity to download any Instagram stories or lives
  4. With AiGrow you are able to manipulate all your accounts on every device (cellphone, tablet, and PC)
  5. If you have too many comments don’t worry! AiGrow helps you set responses to your comments in advance
  6. Apart from all these features, AiGrow enables you to run giveaways on Instagram with good guidance for giveaway captions


The good news about using AiGrow is that you can create a free account on its website and take your chance with all its features without installing any app for it.

2. Sendible

In a manner of popularity, Sendible is a good Instagram post automation management gadget providing its users with the ability to do the timing with photos and videos directly on Instagram. 

When you select your pics and captions, you can set a date and time for your posts to be automatically published. You can also make queues and put gaps in them. Sendible will place All your preset posts in a calendar to give you the ability to drag and put them in the timeline quickly and easily to adjust your posts. 

With Sendible, you are allowed to manage and schedule your first comment after each post, making it easy for you not to worry about putting hashtags by yourself. You are also able to control and moderate your comments and mentions by using the inner inbox of your own Instagram profile. 

To work with your team and customers efficiently, Sendible has integrated a CRM to help you manage your networks of business all in a one package tool. 

The pricing goes 29$ per month with no restrictions for scheduling and capable of built-in inbox, keyword surveilling, and RSS posting.  

3. Later

Later is a very strong app in terms of visuality. Later lets you match your photos on Instagram to Dropbox and Google Drive directly. 

It’s a bonus you can have Later for free for scheduling up to 30 posts within a month. If you don’t surpass one post daily you won’t need to pay for Later.

With Later, you are able to schedule all kinds of content like videos, images, stories, and multi-combinational posts. But remember if you don’t buy a premium plan you won’t be allowed to operate videos and stories. 

One of the properties of Later, which can intrigue you, is that you can preview your posts as if you posted them. Not only can you see each post, but also you will see the whole view of your accounts.
This is a crucial quality many business and marketing assistants are looking for to make a sweet-looking view of their pages.
You can use Later not only for Instagram post automation, but also for many social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

4. Hopper HQ

If you have too many accounts, Hopper HQ will suit you nicely. Hopper HQ is another scheduling tool with fine and practical features anyone wants in their pockets.

Hopper HQ makes it easy for people with too many accounts to handle and moderate them easily. 

Buying Hopper HQ annually is economic since it lowers its price by 3$ per month, making it 16$ for a month. So, if you prefer purchasing it monthly, you should pay 19$ for each one. 

You can schedule at most 50 posts in only one go by using Hopper HQ. This scheduling ability consists of posts and stories.

With Hopper HQ, you can act as a team due to its co-operating mechanism. You can create a team and invite your team members through their emails. Once they accept your invitation, they can create new accounts for themselves, and you can restrict their access as you want.

5. Tailwind

Looking for an Instagram post automation friend? Tailwind will be an intimate one to you. Tailwind is a hardwired app running analysis for you. Some of its parameters are profile measuring, trend details, virality, and status reports in worldwide competitions.

Since Tailwind is an official associate of Instagram, it lets you set your posts within your Instagram business profile itself.
This app provides you with some little useful features, including hashtag suggestions and an extension for Chrome browser.
If you want to save money, the Tailwind free plan has its useful features though it has some restrictions. The premium one costs 15.99$ monthly and you can use it only for one Instagram account along with the limitation of 400 posts within a month.
Do you like Tailwind unlimited? Annually purchasing fulfills your wish. There is an assertion for higher tier Pro and Enterprise modes that include further properties and more professional analysis.

What makes your Instagram post automation process easier?

You may be confused and hesitant about which Instagram post automation tool you want to use. I recommend that you start with the lowest risk of finance and quality. I would say start with the first one of the list and come down and compare each tool with it. Because it’s free and accessible, so it can be a good criterion to measure which tool is better.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 9:01 am