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I’m going to talk quickly about design. Design is kind of tough. I mean, not everyone is a designer. That’s not what I do. I mean, I struggle with it. And, you know, no one wants to pay design and actually design their feet. And some people have you know, you can use lots of great tools like canvas and those kinds of tools. We can get little objects and sort of making your images nicer than they are. 

Consistency is Beauty

But, you know, one common tactic to actually design a feed and have it sort of look consistent. I think that’s really key to it is this kind of look and feel making it feel like it’s yours with most companies do. I was surprised to see this number that’s high when I was doing my research on 60 percent of companies actually use a filter and they use the same filter over and over again. Each on post. 

So if you’re posting onto the feed here and you see this one over here, it kind of has a look and feel to it. Know these are basic graphics, but what they’re doing is using the same CBS style filter. So this is a real simple way to give yourself a look. And I think you want to do that because you want to start again. You want to have a brand theme.

I mean, that’s a really easy win here, which you’ll see is a little more sophisticated pages. You’ll see things like grid not that complicated to do. So what happens here is the image. Your content really pops out of this layout because of the contrast. So you end it’s really easy to create content when you’re doing this sort of these inspirational quotes or information that’s sitting in these high contrast boxes.

Use Colors Purposely

This is a little bit more highly stylized is more designed. But it’s really effective. I would use something like this if I was in any form of product-based business or so where you’re sort of talking about lifestyle or selling content or ideas. This is a really good approach. You know, service. I think this is kind of nice. And then here, you know, there’s all kinds of interesting ways of using color.

This is a kind of this diagonal approach. What what’s happening here is that there’s colors be used very methodically here. So every second post has this blue feel to it. So it ends up having this kind of feel to it whenever you see it. It has a sort of blue, pink, purple kind of view. And you’re also seeing these diagonal. This sort of is very nice and calming for the eye and actually draws people into it.

Experience Eye-Caching Design

So beautiful feed can have a huge impact on how people engage with your page and interpret you. So judge you for what you what you’re all about. And if you’re you’re creating things that are lifestyle are sort of focused on beauty, of course. I think you should invest a little bit in how your page looks. And by the way, we a lot of questions about how this page today, what do I do with all my existing content? Should I believe it all and then start? I really don’t think you know, I think you may want to if it’s completely, you know, clearly different content that you may want to start pulling back a few of those posts.

You can redo a few of them with some new design. But I would first sort of create your design on top and then look below and see if you can repurpose here. What can I leave you? It’s not going to affect that design. So you don’t necessarily have to sort of kill everything that you have today because that also has a lot of information associated with it.

Different Methods for Different Usages

So a lot of the people that we work with are run kind of a personal page. So I decided to take a look at sort of a quick take here at three different real style pages. Get a sense of different approaches for personal business and how folks go at it. So on the left here, you see someone here who’s taking kind of what I call a casual style.


So this is actually, I would say, almost like a personal page with some business elements on them. This may work for that for that individual. I tend to shy away from those pages. I think those appeal more to the personal to the friends that that person has than anybody else. I, you know, I think a lot of folks, especially when it comes to a brand like buying a home, are attracted to something where, you know, a safe kind of professional image.


So what we have, instead of this middle one over here, is something where this gentleman, Larry Legend. He actually uses this house branding box think. And every time he’s with someone, he makes them put him in for, they’re in front of them, which actually gives you this feeling like, wow, this guy’s selling a lot of houses. And you see him in a boardroom closing a deal. You see him in a suit.

Right. A scene with a family. This feels like a family person, someone you can kind of rely on. Even his profile picture hasn’t going out. That’s right. So, again, this is projecting something about this individual. And I think this is kind of kind of goes an interesting way. Not crazy about his profile. I got a lot of opportunity here.

Mixing Methods

This is the page that I actually really liked a lot. I feel like this has a good blend of both personal and business. Do you have a mom? She’s sort of, you know, has a lot of professional images here around sort of peace of the city or he’s your home awards, community pictures, new buildings that are being put together at the same time she has, you know, her family and it’s sort of personal shots that are really peacefully done. So this gives you this sense.

Okay, here’s a person who’s responsible, obviously successful in some way. Right. Even said by year. You know, it’s something is sold. That’s what we’re used to seeing. Really engaging profile, great looking feed. And so I’ll give this sort of a tick mark here. Both of these are actually decent pages. I think there’s some work can be done here. But again, you know, this may work for this individual. So stories are unbelievable, I think it’s an interesting thing. And, and some folks believe or there’s some stats show the stories will surpass the feed itself.

Don’t Underestimate All Features of Stories

It just kind of makes sense or so much more interactive. They’re full size, bigger on screen. You can include these stickers, which are pretty interactive. You can design them right on screen. You’re really fun to design. And again, if you have over 10000 followers, you can actually add links to it, which is really great. So we get questions about what kinds of things you posts. So the good question is, what do I post on my feed as a post to the posting on a post in the story?

So as we know, a story is only last for 24 hours. So certainly want to use it, but it does show up higher, especially if they’re needs with a lot by your fans. It shows up higher on the page to sort of spread along the top in their app. So people tend to browse through lots of different stories. So things like behind the scenes, certainly things like announcements you should be using stories for, I think, engaging folks with behind the scenes kind of content. So sort of sneak peek type content using videos with video and Q & A.

So integrating both the video with some kind of poll or trivia using these stickers I think is really interesting and definitely using a lot of video in general I think is interesting, although that could be challenging to do.

Giveaways, Action Buttons, and Stickers are Important

But, you know, creating a small timeline, creating a small story that’s interesting to the brand. And again, it needs to be my view, very social and personal. It shouldn’t be too formal, although you could do something quite beautiful. Right. So here’s an announcer we’ve got a giveaway. It’s kind of catchy, right? You see that piece every year or something a bit more engaging one of these polls. Kind of interesting as well.

So I suggest using these quite nicely, quite regularly to gain feedback. And it makes sense that each time you do post a story to add a feed post as well, that increases again, your, your engagement, your opportunity. And you can actually have them work with each other so you can have your story and your post could actually feed post. They could say something a little bit different. Right.

So you can have more of a carousel, for example, or you may have a call to action that’s different on your feed because it’s a different style. But definitely, you know, I try to use stickers whenever you can because really important stories is there’s a whole bunch more we can do with stories. And I decided to just do a small piece because it’s a whole webinar on its own.

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