How to Unfollow Non Followers on Instagram Fast & Safe 2023


Following too many accounts on Instagram is never a good sign, especially if you have a business page. This is not professional and is a signal saying you are a spammer. 

By checking your Instagram following list once in a while, you will face new accounts you need to remove. (More importantly, for those who tried the follow-for-follow method to increase their audience.) 

  • Unfollow non followers: Users that you follow, but they don’t follow you back.
  • Ghost followers: Users who don’t interact with your content. You have never seen a like, comment, or story view from them. 
  • Bot/Fake accounts: Users with a few followers, no content, no profile picture but a large number of following. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to unfollow all non followers on Instagram to avoid engagement issues and grow your account.

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Are Non Followers Bad?

Many new Instagrammers try the follow unfollow method to kickstart their page but end up with hundreds of followings. Like it or not, your visitors will judge you based on the numbers they see. Following too many accounts not following you back is a red flag saying your account needs to be better to be followed back. Having an equal number of followers and followings and, worse, more number of following than followers make your account look spammy. 

So to enhance your brand’s look, you need to consider performing Instagram unfollow non followers actions. 

How Do Non Followers Affect Your Account?  

Similar to ghost followers, non-follow3rs on Instagram can damage your account. So before saying how to remove them manually or by using followers unfollowers apps, let’s see how they can damage your page. 

They Can Destroy Your Engagement 

There are different metrics to monitor your performance on Instagram but engagement rate is the most important one. It shows how much users interact with your content and is calculated with a simple measurement:

(Engagement Rate = Likes + Comments ÷ Followers x 100)

These non-followers will not only damage your brand’s look and credibility but also can damage your engagement.

To improve and increase your engagement rate, you should unfollow non mutuals Instagram accounts with trusted Instagram unfollowers apps or manually. 

Non-Followers Can Harm Your Content Reach

In the latest Instagram updates, the ranking tools are smarter than at any time before. This update focuses on the engagement your account receives and how much users interact with your content for ranking the posts. So if you generate a lot of interactions after sharing a post(likes, comments, shares, and views), the algorithm will place the content in front of more users. 

In order to make your content visible to a wider audience and reach the explore page, you need to unfollow non followers on Instagram ASAP. 

How To Unfollow Instagram Non-Follower Accounts?

It’s not hard to detect users that are not following you. You have two options to mass unfollow Instagram accounts based on the number of your followers. Here is a quick way to unfollow non followers on Instagram. 

Do It Manually

The first and most common way to unfollow all non followers is to do it manually. This method can only take a little time if you are following too many users. But as your followings increase, it takes more time. To unfollow non followers on Instagram, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile and open the “Following” list.
  • Copy a username and open the “Followers” list.
  • Use the search option to find the username.
  • If you can find the user, it means they are following you back. Otherwise, go to the Instagram search bar and open the user’s profile.
  • Tap on the “Following” button and select “Unfollow.”

For new accounts( less than three months old), if you want to unfollow all non followers. Make sure you are not unfollowing more than 200 accounts. For older accounts, this number can be increased to 500 accounts a day. 

Use A Trusted Third-Party Tool

To Mass unfollow on Instagram manually, you should take so much time, especially if you have a long following list. Many users don’t have enough time to manage their accounts and would instead work on the content. For these accounts, it’s even more essential to unfollow non followers on Instagram and enhance their engagement rate. That’s why many third-party apps and tools help you mass unfollow Instagram accounts.

AiGrow is a safe and risk-free Instagram management tool with multiple features to boost your growth. AiGrow doesn’t use any automation or bots to unfollow non followers for you. Instead, you will be connected to a team of experts (content creators, designers, and growth managers) who know everything about Instagram and its algorithm. They will perform manual actions on your behalf to keep your account safe, and mass unfollow Instagram accounts. 

AiGrow homepage

But How to unfollow non followers on Instagram fast with AiGrow? To start the auto unfollow non followers with AiGrow, you can use the below button to schedule your free walkthrough meeting with your dedicated account manager. In that meeting, your manager will find users you need to stop following and offer you the best plan to unfollow all non followers on Instagram. 

Book Your Free Meeting With The AiGrow Team.

Why Do People Unfollow Your Instagram Account?

Losing followers is every Instagram content creator’s nightmare. You put your time and effort into creating a post that value, but instead, you lose some of your audience. Let’s see some of the main reasons you get unfollowers. 

Low Engagement

The first and most common reason why people start unfollowing you on Instagram is the lack of engagement. Instagram is a social sharing community platform that encourages users to take part in sharing, exchanging, and engaging. This means that if you expect them to interact with your content( like, comment. views, etc), you should do the same thing too. 

There are several ways to engage with your audience:

  • Respond to their comments on your post
  • Pin top comments
  • Like, comment on, and share posts of those you follow
  • Respond to their DMs

Too Many Posts At Once

Based on the new algorithm, the more content you share on Instagram, your content will be visible to more users. However, sharing too many posts can scam your account and decrease your reach. Here is the optimum number of posts to share to maximize your growth.

  • Accounts with under 1K followers: Posting once or twice a day (14 times per week) delivers the highest reach and engagement rates per post.
  • Those with 1K-250K followers: Posting 14 or 20 times per week delivers the highest reach rate per post while posting once per week delivers the highest engagement rate.
  • For accounts with 250K+ followers: posting only once per week delivers the highest reach rate and engagement rate.

Sharing Low-Quality Content

Instagram is a visually-based app and the quality of your content on Instagram is more important than any other social media platform. So one of the main reasons people might unfollow you is because of the quality of your content. 

So instead of making multiple posts, spend your time creating a high-quality post that can attract users’ attention. Also, make sure to share a combination of different types of content. (Videos, IGTVs, Reels, stories, etc. )


No matter whether you are on Instagram for personal or professional uses, Following many accounts is a signal of being a scammer. Especially if you are a brand/business owner with a long list of followings, you need to mass unfollow on Instagram to enhance your look. This article showed you how to unfollow non followers manually and how to automatically unfollow non followers on Instagram using a trusted tool. 


How To Unfollow Who’s Not Following Me?

By checking your following list once in a while, you can find some users that have stopped following you. You can unfollow them back by yourself or get help from an account manager to perform actions on your behalf. 

How Do I Unfollow Non Followers On Instagram?

For those who don’t follow too many accounts, it’s easy to find and manually perform Instagram unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow back actions. 

  • Go to your “Following” list and copy a username.
  • On the “Followers” tab, use the search bar to find the account. If you can find it, it means they are still following you. Otherwise, the user has unfollowed you, and you need to remove them too. 

Should I Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow Me On Instagram?

A low follower/following ratio signals that your content is not good enough to follow your account. It’s also unprofessional for brands and businesses to follow many accounts. To improve your brand’s look, you need to remove these users. 

How To Auto Unfollow Non Followers?

There are many tools for the Instagram app to unfollow non followers automatically. Some apps just provide a list of new unfollowers, non-followers, and ghost followers. After that, you must start removing the users manually and by yourself.

But there are platforms, such as AiGrow, that will connect you to a dedicated account manager who will perform these actions in a safe and risk-free way.

How Do I Unfollow 1000 Followers On Instagram?

If you want to unfollow a large number of users, it’s better to divide it into a couple of days. You can only unfollow 500 users every day before Instagram shadowbans your account. 

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