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How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? Full guide

Luckily, Instagram like other social networks, doesn’t send any notifications when someone blocks you. Imagine the sadness and shock you may go through if you would have received one. That’s why it might be confusing to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Sometimes you feel someone might have blocked you since you can’t see their posts and stories appearing on your Instagram feed anymore.

Moreover, there are times when you doubt whether a person has blocked you or they have just deactivated their account or stopped posting on Instagram. So, how would it be possible to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

This article is all you need to let your curiosity sleep a bit due to the fact that we are going to provide you with a full guide to block affairs in order to know if someone blocked you or not.

Let’s sneak in!

Ways to know if someone blocked you on Instagram

It should be noted that before blocking someone back you’d better verify whether that person blocked you.  To make sure that the user has absolutely blocked you and hasn’t just deleted their Instagram account, let’s have a look at the following techniques to find out.

  • Look for their username through search

When you suspect that someone’s blocked you on Instagram, the easiest and fastest way is to perform a simple search for their profile using the Instagram search.

Bear in mind that depending on either the user’s account is private or public, you’ll see different things as follows.

1.To make sure whether someone blocked you on Instagram with a public account, the very first thing you’d better do is to search their username in the search bar as soon as possible.

In case you can see not only their username in the search bar as you type in but also the profile picture with the post count, follower count, and following count, there’s nothing to worry about.

But if their profile looks like a desert once you open it, and all you can see is an empty photo grid as their profile picture and an error that says No Posts Yet, then there is no doubt that they have blocked you.

2. To make sure whether someone blocked you on Instagram with a private account, first of all, type in their username in the search bar.

 Then if you are able to find their username in the search bar and after opening their profile, you can see their profile picture in addition to a message in the area displaying the posts saying: This Account is Private. Everything is fine.

  However, if the profile doesn’t appear in search at all, then either the person has deactivated their profile, or they did block you. To find the answer, you must investigate other proofs as mentioned below.

  • Use Instagram web

You can use Instagram Web to confirm your fears. In any browser, replace the term username in this link www.instagram.com/username/ with the actual handle of the person who you think might have blocked you.

 If you get Sorry, this page isn’t available message from Instagram, that most luckily means the person you’re looking for blocked you.

There is also another slim chance that the person might have deactivated their account. So you need to confirm that this is not the case.

 Log out of your account and perform the search again in an incognito browser. If you are able to see the profile, then you can be sure you have been blocked. If not, then the account is probably gone. 

  • Check your profile

The good news is that Instagram doesn’t delete their old comments or tags from your profile. You can use these tags and comments to access their profile when you can’t find their profile in the search bar.

If the profile is empty, in other words, you can see the posts count but not the post, then that person has hit the block button.

  • Messages will disappear

Blocking a person hides your personal chat thread from each other in DMs. Meaning, the thread will disappear, and you won’t be able to view the messages anymore.

But again, the person might have deactivated the profile, and hence, the chat thread is missing.

To verify it, you need to check common Instagram groups. Open a group chat where you both are members. If you can see their profile in the group and not anywhere else on Instagram, then, yes, you are blocked.

  • Follow that person again

If you are able to see their profile try to see if you can give them a follow as well. No matter how many times you hit the follow button, nothing will happen, and it won’t show you are following the person.

  • Check from a different phone or profile

Last but not least is to check their account from another phone or if you have another Instagram account, then open their profile from your second account.

If the profile opens normally and everything is fine, then that person has blocked you on Instagram for sure.

You can also ask your friends, relatives, etc., to do this on your behalf, in case you have only one Instagram account.

How to find your list of blocked people on Instagram?

In case you need to see your list of blocked people for any reason, all you need to do is to go to your profile page, next tap the menu button in the upper right-hand corner, after that hit setting, privacy, blocked account, and then this will bring you to a list of your blocked accounts.

From here, you can simply tap on any account you want to proceed to their profile to unblock their account.

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Wrapping up

All in all, despite finding out that being blocked by someone is annoying, we are sometimes curious and persist in knowing whether someone blocked us. This article helps you best to do so.

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