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Want to Buy Targeted Instagram Followers? Top Apps to Use!

Gaining Instagram followers is not an easy job, and that’s why we all want to buy ones. More importantly, you may want to buy just targeted followers for your Instagram. But, why should you buy them when you can do it yourself? Because it’s incredibly time consuming and it can be a rabbit hole if you don’t know the tricks.

Just take a look at Instagress and see what happened to it and its customers. You’ll understand that if you don’t care about your actions or apps providing Instagram services, your account may end up being shadowbanned.  So, generally, some questions may come such:

What is the meaning of targeted followers? And what are their advantages? By which criteria you can target your followers? How can you trust an app when it’s not shut down yet? And at last, what are the best (safe and effective) apps to get real and targeted followers?

In this article, we are going to answer these questions. So, fasten your seat belt, please! 🙂

If you are not interested in these details and just want a safe and good service to buy real Instagram followers, use AiGrow. It’s all you want.

A targeted follower is simply a follower whom you target to follow according to your niche believing to be your loyal follower or with reasonable engagement. So, Instead of having many followers who really don’t care about your content, you exactly need these followers. If you run an Instagram business, then it would be far better to have targeted followers who are potential customers.

Imagine your work is about clothes and you follow those who follow #food_lovers. No one says that you can’t have followers from this channel. But you want to have a high rate of the follow-back possibility of those you follow.

So, there are some criteria that your targeted follower should be based on them. The most important one is your niche meaning the category your content is about. There are a lot of factors for targeting your followers. But some of the most important ones are hashtag, location, language, gender, influencer, and your personal competitors.

These details make people just buy Instagram targeted followers, not build them by themselves. That’s where we want to introduce apps or sites in which you can buy targeted followers on Instagram from them.


AiGrow is the best Instagram targeted follower provider you can find. Why? There are many reasons to support this claim such as safety, efficiency, being organic, pricing, and so on. However, we suggest that you start it for free only within 5 minutes, and watch the following video.

Organic Growth Or Buy Targeted Followers

AiGrow asserts that it can bring you real followers who are interested in your products and potentially become your customers. But how? First of all, you need to know that AiGrow doesn’t just give you the option of buying targeted followers on Instagram. AiGrow has a large group of professional account managers who can run your account in the best possible way.

They design your content, follow your targeted followers, like relevant posts, do the commenting, and dm to whom that matters. They dedicated themselves to your account to boost your Instagram at a very fair price.

But what’s your role here? You need to inform these account managers to get your Instagram targeted followers instead of directly buying. On the “Growth” dashboard of AiGrow, you can see some elements that can describe your target audience. You should add every hashtag that you think your customers may use, their locations, and the influencers you think they follow. After that, you’d better add your competitors to have their followers for yourself. So, AiGrow lets you put any specific username to its AI input target finder.

You can assure that the targets that AiGrow finds are best for you because it’s 100% smart. Because AiGrow uses a great AI module to find your targets through the mentioned inputs. When you click the “Start Growth” button, your targets emerge less than 1 minute, and it’s amazing.

You can even select the actions that you’d like your account manager to do on your behalf.

Other features

When you find out AiGrow resolves your need to buy Instagram targeted followers, don’t think it’s done. AiGrow has made it possible for you to do many things with your IG. You see a list of some of AiGrow’s features down below.

  • Feed and Story scheduling
  • Listening and Reposting (including your own content and others’ content)
  • Running contests for more followers and engagement
  • Automated DMs
  • AiGrow’s Social Calendar: used for preparing for upcoming events
  • Respond to your DMs through your email (both sending and replying)
  • All-in-one Bio Link: enables you to legally add more than one link to your bio with an eye-catching profile

Packages & Pricing

When you want to buy Instagram targeted followers, you will face packages with many limitations. One of these restrictions is the number of followers you want to buy. And the prices vary mostly based on this factor. However, with AiGrow, there is no such thing, because it can beyond any limitation that you want with a fixed price. So, AiGrow doesn’t end its services when you reach a specific number of followers, and it’s great.

The only thing that stops AiGrow is the time you want to have it by your side. AiGrow has multiple packages that only Pro-managed ones offer you an account manager. However, the prices of these pro packs vary based on the time you want them. Besides, the more long packs you want, the more discounts happen for you. The good news is that AiGrow offers a 1-USD trial for all packages for a week. It’s a great chance to see how AiGrow works almost without paying.

You can see its pricing as follows.


One of the similar apps to AiGrow is Combin. With Combin, you can do lots of things containing scheduling your content for free as well as AiGrow. The platform is user-friendly and nice to work with. However, its features are not as diverse as AiGrow. All in all, they provide you with an account manager, and this service is compatible with Instagram’s terms of use. So, it seems safe and dependable.

Some of its practical features are in the following.

  • Account manager
  • Complex Instagram search through its dashboard
  • Gender targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Monthly analysis
  • Posts scheduling

Combin has two priced packages with so many restrictions for the low-value package. So, you somehow have to buy its high-value package if you want to experience the full power of Combin.


Another way to buy targeted followers on Instagram is to use Kicksta. Kicksta is an Instagram marketing tool asserting to get you organic growth. Like AiGrow and Combin, they don’t guarantee any specific number of followers. Besides, they say it’s not real and don’t trust any company saying so. Such statements surely help us to believe what they say, and it’s good.

However, Kicksta’s services lack many regarding AiGrow. Firstly, they don’t have any dedicated account manager for your account. Secondly, their engagement activities run automatically. Besides, they don’t have any other features like scheduling. Their services include the following list.

  • Competitor targeting
  • Niche targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Influencer targeting
  • VIP supporting
  • Live chat supporting


With Instamber, you can buy targeted followers not only on Instagram but also on some other platforms. On one hand, Instamber is honest about itself that it’s a bot. But, on the other hand, it’s not a good fact. Let’s make it straight. No one says honesty is bad. But, if an honest man says he’s going to kill you (or your IG account), it won’t be nice to befriend him. So, Instamber is a bot, and it’s a famous bot. That’s why it’s on our list.

If you want to see what Insamber has to offer briefly, take a look at the list below.

  • Language targeting
  • Niche targeting
  • Automated scheduling
  • Content managing
  • Buying likes and views

Instamber pricing fractures to the least service provider packages such as buying 10 likes for 7$. So, you don’t and can’t buy a complete package. If you want to see the pricing, tap this.


Another tool with which you can buy targeted followers for your Instagram account directly is ViralRace. They claim that their followers are 100% real people and it causes more engagement. Besides, they let you buy likes and views too.

You can see some of their pricing in the following image.


If you look for an SMM panel, you need to be familiar with JAP (Just Another Panel). You can find too many services on its website including targeted followers on Instagram. However, its safety matters are not as clear as apps like AiGrow. They don’t have any free plan or trial.

Conclusion: Want to Buy Instagram targeted followers?

No one can tell you what to do or what not to do. All we can do is informing and analyzing. It’s by experiencing years of work on Social media marketing that we say it’s not good to buy a certain amount of followers. Because, they can be real people, but they can’t come in instantly, like your content, and buy your service in the end. Instagram has made it difficult not only for bots but also for tools acting like bot nowadays. Repetitive following, liking, and even unfollowing are dangerous. So, If you want sustainable growth and eventually income, then you’ll need to invest in sustainable activities and tools.

If you are not interested in these details and just want a safe and good service to buy real Instagram followers, use AiGrow. It’s all you want.

This post was last modified on June 22, 2021 8:51 am