Examples of Instagram Bio For Artists In 2022

All around the world, people use Instagram, jump from one page to another, and buy products they like or need on this platform. This fact benefits those who want to sell their service or product and make money on Instagram. The experience of buying things online seems to be pretty effortless, saves your time, and reduces your expenses. In this article, we are about to look at some artist bio examples on Instagram, but first, you’d better bear in mind several things for promoting your IG account in advance.

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When following an Instagram account, the first thing you probably look at is the bio section. Your bio is exactly where you can introduce your art simply and briefly and have the chance to attract the attention of your audience. Based on your bio introduction, people decide whether to follow you or not. They follow you if you trigger their emotions and be smart in presenting yourself.

But before discussing any tips on how to write your bio perfectly, let’s read some catchphrase examples.

Catchphrase Examples

In this part, we will show you some artist bio catchphrase examples on Instagram that you might find interesting to think about.

The mutual aspect of all these sentences is that they are short and to the point. We also suggest you write down your own unique catchphrases (and not copy). 

For instance, if you want to write a bio as a lash artist, you’d better have your own specific catchphrase.

Now, take a look at the following sentences just to get some ideas.

  1. Enjoy the beauty of art.
  2. Art can change your life.
  3. Be simple, be creative.
  4. Do what works best for you.
  5. Art makes a significant change. Accept the change.
  6. Express your thought through your art.
  7. Art is my eternal love, and I’m here to share it with you.
  8. I’m pleased with what I do in my life.
  9. I’m a painter, and all you see is colors here.
  10. Paint your dreams with me.
  11. My art comes from my heartbeat.
  12. Art is the most enjoyable part of my life.
  13. Your imagination comes true here.
  14. Art is here to touch your heart.
  15. Build your world by sculpture.
  16. Music is my passion. Welcome to my world of sounds.
  17. You deserve to see what we create.
  18. Art makes your life pretty.
  19. Literature makes the impossible possible.
  20. Quality is my priority.

Now, you are probably thinking, “ but how to write a good bio?”. In the next part, we’ll tell you how 🙂

Useful Tips on How to Write the Best Bio

You have 150 characters to write in your bio about your business, art, and the content of your page and persuade other IG users to follow you. But, let’s see what you should take into account when writing your bio.

1. Write Necessary Information and Keywords

Include any information which makes you distinct from other accounts of the same content. Use keywords related to your business and introduce the type of art you are producing in a nutshell; your audience needs to know what you do exactly.

2. Include Your Name/Brand’s Name in the First Line

The first thing you write is of high significance. If you fill in “Name” section in your bio, it gets highlighted. Include essential info, like your name or brand’s name or a short description of your art in this part.

3. Include an Authority Line or Words

Use an authority line such as “TEDx speaker” or “Best-selling artist,” etc.

4. Write Short Sentences

Break your bio into short sentences and avoid writing a long, incomprehensible bio that makes your targeted audience skip your page and change their mind.

5. Use Related Emojis/Bullet Points

In order to have an orderly bio, use emojis/bullet points. Emojis can make reading your bio much easier. Of course, you must be careful what emojis you use. For instance, if you are into music, the emoji of a tree is not a good one to use. 

6. Include Your Location

You may also write down your location. This way, you can help your followers trust and know you sooner.

7. Mention Your Hobbies

Talk about your hobbies or interests related to your art.

8. Add a Catchphrase or Interesting Sentence

Sometimes adding a catchphrase or a quotation will attract users’ attention.

9. Separate Your Occupations by Punctuation Marks

If you have more than one occupation, you can separate them by a period, comma, or other signs. For example:

Musician, Singer

10. Add a Call-to-Action Link/Your Email Address/Other Communication Tools

 A call-to-action link is so important. Instagram doesn’t let you insert a link on every post. So, the only place you can attach a link to is bio section. This link could direct your clients to your website, your youtube channel, or any other websites you want your audience to take a look at. Inserting your email address can make communicating much easier as well.

Remember that your link is the last line of your bio. The best tool to add an external link to your bio is undoubtedly AiGrow. You can grow your followers by simply signing up on AiGrow and choosing your desired service. One of the services they offer is their all-in-one bio link tool.

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AiGrow: All-in-One Bio Link Tool Features

AiGrow's all-in-One Bio Link Tool Features

AiGrow offers a wide variety of features within a single tool which is its all-in-one bio link tool

Here are some of its fascinating characteristics:

  1. Unlimited Themes: Build your page via unlimited templated and millions of FREE videos and images 
  2. Add buttons: Call To Actions, Link to Feed Posts, Stories, and Social Profiles, or anywhere-maximize your social exposure
  3. Create a Shoppable Feed: Link Unlimited products to your posts
  4. Add Music Albums: from ant music platforms; Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Amazon, Audiomack 

Sign up for Aigrow growth service and use its link in Bio tool.

How AiGrow’s Bio Link Tool Works

How AiGrow’s Bio Link Tool Works

As you see in the picture, you can do all the things below if you choose  Aigrow’s bio link tool:

  1. You can multiply your custom URl
  2. Followers can reach all your social Media sources through this one link
  3. You may also direct users directly from feed posts to blogs, sites and web checkout pages
  4. Your all set to go with your custom URL

Sign up for Aigrow growth service and try Bio link tool now!

Artist Bio Examples on Instagram

Now, let’s analyze some artists’ IG bios to see what points they have taken into account.

1. Kim Jung Gi

Kim is a Korean art instructor, cartoonist, and animator who has simply written essential information on his profile. He has also inserted his CTA links to make contacting and booking his classes easier.

Kim Jung Gi’s artist bio example on instagram

2. Karl Kopinski

Karl introduces himself in a short, eye-catching sentence and informs his audience that his hobby and occupation is painting. Without including any more unneeded data, he has put a link to his art gallery.

 Karl Kopinski’s Instagram bio

3. Eliza Ivanova

You only see Eliza’s occupation and location on her profile and then a CTA link to her artworks on a website. The fact that she only mentions her location somehow makes us curious and is an excellent strategy to attract followers.

 artist bio example on instagram

4. Lee Bermejo

Lee has also written the necessary information like his occupation and location. CTA link is another thing Lee has inserted in his profiles like many other artists mentioned above.

Lee Bermejo’s Instagram bio

5. Jason Seiler

Jason has written keywords in his bio. These keywords are also authority words and are separated by punctuation marks. Again, this artist has attached a link to his bio.

Jason Seiler’s Instagram bio

6. Andry Dedouze

Andry is one of those artists I got attracted to at the first moment. His occupation and location are crystal-clear. The sentence “hello! thanks for passing by!” is an excellent simple sentence that might draw many people’s attention. He has also used emojis to show his hobbies and has included keywords to direct you to his website in the last line. So clever of him, right? 🙂

 Andry Dedouze’s Instagram bio

Well, what all these bios have in common is that they direct people to a website through a link in bio.

So, adding a CTA link to your bio is the essential factor you should have in mind and not ignore.

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In short, if you want to have an efficient impact on IG users to follow your art page and make money from what you do, be creative and precise in writing your bio.

Don’t forget that you only need to write down the necessary information and ignore additional data. 

The most significant section of your bio is where you put your CTA link. If people click on your link and find it interesting, they probably buy your art or, at least, follow you and become a fan. So, make this task easy with AiGrow’s all-in-one bio link tool.

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