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Use this 500 free Instagram followers trial to boost your growth

By Andie
October 25, 2021 4:10 pm

NOTE: If you are not interested in details, start using AiGrow for free and gain your first 500 free followers.

AiGrow is an all-in-one Instagram growth service that can boost your growth speed and help you gain many niche-specific followers.

The good news is that signing up on AiGrow is totally free!

Take me to AiGrow!

To get a 500 free Instagram follower trial, we are going to introduce you to a tool that is going to the most important parts for you.

The tool we are going to use is AiGrow.

For those of you who haven’t heard of AiGrow, it’s an all-in-one Instagram growth service. Happily, it offers the free 500 Instagram followers in its trial. So, if you are short on budget and want to grow your Instagram account at the same time, it would be a good idea to use the free Instagram followers trial of AiGrow.

The services it offers include, Ai Generated Hashtags, Location research that eventually comes with a list of potential followers that are interested in your content.

AiGrow allows you to use manual powered growth activities like follow, unfollow, like, and also commenting. This means that unlike many other companies with similar services, AiGrow drives, real, and niche-specific people to your account, even in its free trial.

There are also other tools that AiGrow has to offer like, post scheduler, multiple links in bio, post, and reward, and many more.

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

Our first step to gain 500 free Instagram followers’ trial is to sign up on AiGrow for FREE and enjoy its free Instagram followers trial!

How to get 500 free Instagram followers trial (Using AiGrow)

The first step to getting 500 free Instagram followers is to sign up on AiGrow for free, this can be done by going to their website which is AiGrow.me, and clicking on the “Get Started” button.

Now you have to provide some basic information about you like your first and last name, country, email address and etc.

Setting things up

After successfully signing up on AiGrow, you will be brought to your dashboard, here you can add as many accounts as you like and even try the 500 free Instagram followers trial on any of them.

After clicking on “Manage Account”, AiGrow asks you to add some of your related hashtags, locations as an example.

It also asks you to give them some of the hashtags, locations, and accounts that have the same kind of followers that you are looking for.

You can have access to them every time you come to the “Manage Account” page by just scrolling down a little bit. Also, you can watch the Instagram growth free trial on AiGrow.

It is all because it wants to know what type of accounts you are interested in and what is your niche.

After you have provided it all, the Ai machine generates a list of 1000 accounts for you.

After you got your list generated, start following, liking, and even commenting on their page.

Moreover, to get targeted Instagram followers and define your Instagram goals, you can schedule a live meeting to review settings and have your dedicated manager start growth activities.

You only need to be careful about your daily action limits so that you won’t get yourself in trouble while trying to claim your 500 free Instagram followers’ trial.

Also, you can read an article to get to know about Instagram follow and unfollow limits in detail.

You can even use the DM service to boost your growth speed, after getting 500 free Instagram followers trial by AiGrow.

DM marketing is a great way to increase your engagement, follow ratio, and even your sale.

You can use DMing to guarantee your 500 free Instagram followers trial.

We believe that by following the mentioned tactics you can easily gain this amount of followers in less than a week.

Going beyond your competitor’s powers:

Gaining Instagram followers on a free trial might not be enough to grow your business on Instagram; So, you should be looking for an ultimate way to boost your Instagram followers.

If you are looking for even better growth, rather than Instagram free followers trial, or you don’t like to spend all your time and energy on engaging people on Instagram, we know of a great solution.

You can use one of the packages AiGrow is offering, to grow your Instagram account organically.

By using a premium package, you get a dedicated account manager for you and also a team of Instagram experts.

They will be constantly using the latest Instagram growth tactics and strategies to grow your account.

Using a package, you can also have unlimited use of all features, rather than the free trial.

And why stop there? You can go ahead and use their Pro Package which can help you stand out among all your competitors.

The great news is that you can start using a VIP package for a short period of time by only paying $1 (as a trial).

This way you can test its effectiveness and see the results of free followers trial yourself.

Click here to go to the pricing page and view all the packages and the features offered in each one of them.

Why AiGrow?

There are hundreds of Instagram growth services out there, so why should we choose AiGrow over all of them?

In the following, we talk about the main factors that have helped AiGrow stand out in this industry.

You can also click on the following link to read about the only Instagram growth agency you need in 2021 in detail.

Take me to AiGrow!

AiGrow is an all in one growth package

AiGrow is offering everything you need to grow your Instagram account organically.

Gathering all these tools and features in one service is something AiGrow has made look easy.

It offers both the trial to get 500 free followers on Instagram, and pro-managed packages to get more followers on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at some of the features AiGrow is offering:


In case you are interested in Growing your Instagram account, AiGrow offers:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • AI-Powered Hashtags, Location Research, and even competition and contests
  • Manual Growth Activities Like Follows, Liking, Unfollows, etc
  • Content Creation
  • Automated DMs
  • 24×7 Support


Furthermore, AiGrow offers plenty of different features to help you manage your Instagram account easier.

Some of the main features in this category include:

  • Post & Story Scheduler
  • Repost Feed & Stories
  • Multiple Links In Bio
  • Reward Post (Running Contests And Managing Them)
  • DM to Email
  • Inbox For DMs

Using AI

As the name complies it is using artificial intelligence to power their services.

It has countless benefits and affects everything from your growth to your account safety.

As mentioned earlier AiGrow uses its artificial intelligence to power you the most suitable Hashtags, locations, and even competitions. It also generates a long list of the most suitable accounts you can follow, everyone in this list is niche-specific and interested in your content.

But that’s not the end of the story, artificial intelligence is super smart, and because of this fact, AiGrow can adapt to Instagram and an algorithm change super easy and super fast.

This can make you sure that your account is totally safe and managed by people who are getting informed about the smallest changes before anyone else.


Having 500 Instagram followers trial is not a dream. Let’s watch your account’s growth with the Instagram free followers trial of AiGrow.

It is 100% achievable by using AiGrow and all you need to do is to sign up on AiGrow.

Then give it some information about the type of people you are looking for, the AI machine is going to provide you a list of the most suitable accounts in your niche.

Then you can do every kind of growth activity on those accounts using AiGrow.

Sign up on AiGrow for free to start your growth right now.

This post was last modified on October 25, 2021 4:10 pm