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4gram Is Down? Here’s The Best Alternative

Update 2021:

4gram and its website have been shut down. Want an Instagram Growth Service that actually works? Sign Up to AiGrow.

Today Instagram, with more than 1 billion active users in a month, is one of the most popular social media platforms. That’s why everyone is looking for quick answers to boost their Instagram growth. Instagram growth services are the most common tools among users that can increase your audience in a short time. 4gram is one of these tools that claim to increase your followers by real and organic followers. In this article, we’ll show you how it works, read some reviews, and compare it to the best Instagram growth service, AiGrow. If you want to compare the top platforms with their pros and cons, make sure you read Best Instagram Growth Services.

What Is 4gram?

Keeping with our series comparing Instagram automation tools from around the web, today we’re looking at 4gram.

According to their website,

“4Gram is an Instagram “IG” Auto Liker, Auto Follower, Auto Commenter Tool Which Will Help You To Increase Likes, Comments On Your Instagram Photos, and Followers On Your Instagram Account. Moreover, It Is Easy To Use And One Of The Best Instagram Exchange Tool Available Over The Web. IT’S ALL FREE”.

A lot of features, a lot of capital letters.

We decided to put those features (and capital letters) to the test and see how it compared to our own Instagram growth service, AiGrow.

Not in the mood for reading the rest? Sign up to AiGrow!

4gram claims to provide auto-like and comments for your Instagram posts by real users and gain you potential followers to help you grow your Instagram account. Unfortunately, their website is now down, and we can’t see who was set up, targeting options, price, etc. 

To see its performance, we tried to find reviews from their customers on trusted sites such as Trustpilot, g2, Sitejabber, etc. But we could find anything.

That’s why we can only talk about its features, and we can’t talk about the setup and more.

4gram Features

4gram offers two main features: Auto Liker and Auto Follower. For those interested, 4gram also offers an Auto Liker for Facebook as well.

Auto Liker offers the following targeting options:

  • Option to choose what photos of your own (out of your latest 8 photos) you want to gain likes for
  • Option to choose what photos of someone else’s you want to gain likes for (just provide the URL)

Other than gaining followers for your channel, there are currently no other targeting options for the Auto Follower feature. This means that you can’t be sure that the followers you get are real users or fake accounts. Also, your engagement rate might decreases

Although it’s not explicitly stated anywhere, it appears that 4gram operates on an auto-exchange system. What that means is that it uses its members’ accounts to follow and like other members’ channels.

Websites Like 4gram

4gram website and their service is down now and no longer available. So in the following, we’ll introduce you to the top three organic Instagram services that can be the best alternatives to 4gram. 

1. AiGrow

If you are looking for the best Instagram growth service, AiGrow is what you are looking for. This platform has come up with a great opportunity for its users to grow their IG accounts in terms of Engagement (Likes+Comments) and Followers 100% guaranteed. We are talking about an easy-to-use platform with lots and lots of features, including Scheduling and Reposting Posts on Feed and Story, Automated DMs.

There are account managers who will take care of your Instagram accounts and manage all your activities precisely. All you need to do is wait and see the leads come. Above all, there are extra features for Instagram influencers to let them direct targeted users in their niche to their business.Sign up to AiGrow

Features Of AiGrow

Manual Growth Activities  (Follows, Unfollows, Liking)

AiGrow’s experts will take care of your activities on your behalf regularly. They log into your Instagram account and perform activities based on the Instagram algorithm (since Instagram has terminated automated growth activities resulting in user shadowbanned). 

AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research

AiGrow team researches hashtags, competitions, and locations in terms of the Instagram algorithm to lead users in your niche to your account.

Unlimited Content Scheduler

AiGrow has a powerful tool for scheduling posts and Stories. It allows you to Repost your content Feed and Story too. Also, it has a tool for searching hashtags. You enter a hashtag and AiGrow will find the relevant hashtags and their popularity. Moreover, because you can add multiple accounts to your AiGrow’s dashboard, you can schedule a post on multiple pages. 

Priority 24×7 Support

Our experts in customer support are always available to help users solve any possible issues. They offer free one-on-one appointments to help set up your account. 

**Ambassador Instagram Accounts (Special Feature for Influencers)

Ambassador Instagram accounts would drive organic traffic to your page daily. This would be 100 % guaranteed to direct traffic to your account by making a list of Instagram users in your niche. 

Guaranteed Growth

Your newly targeted followers are 100% organic. They’re interested in your content, products, and services. Sign up to AiGrow

How To Use AiGrow?

Here is how to use this tool and increase your followers with organic users:

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free using your email address and log into your account.
  • Select “Add Instagram Account” to connect your page to AiGrow. You can add more than 80 accounts here and manage them together.
  • Select “Manage” to start using different features.
Manage your account with AIGrow
  • In the “Growth” tab, first, you need to set targets for the AI engine. You can target users by hashtags, locations, and competitors’ accounts. This will help the AI engine to find users that are interested in your content.
AiGrow Growth tab
  • Scroll down to the “Activities” section and turn on “Follow” and “Unfollow”.
  • Finally, click “Start Growth”.
Start Growth with AiGrow

After a few seconds, you can see a list of potential users provided for you. Now by purchasing one of AiGrow’s growth plans, your dedicated account manager starts following and unfollowing these users safely to increase your followers. These plans are priced from 99 to 199$ per month and can gain you more than 200 new followers every month. 

Note: AiGrow guarantee’s your account’s safety so you don’t need to be worried about getting banned or shadowbanned. 

Sign up to AiGrow

2. Upleap

Upleap is an Instagram growth tool

Upleap is an Instagram follower generator and growth tool that matches you with a dedicated account manager. They use targeting options to find the kind of Instagram followers you want over time. After signing up on the platform, setting targets, and connecting your manager, it takes about 24 to 72 hours for your dedicated account manager to find potential users. Upleap doesn’t use any bots, so you don’t need to be worried about getting banned. 

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3. Nitreo

Nitreo is an online Instagram growth too

Nitreo is an online Instagram automation and growth tool that claims to boost your account with organic followers. Its automation tool has many features including, following and unfollowing users, viewing stories, auto liking and commenting on users’ posts on your behalf, etc. All these features help your engagement rate increase as your followers do. Also, to make sure you gain followers interested in your content, you can use the hashtag, username, and location targeting.

Read more: Nitreo Review: Should you trust any Instagram growth software in 2021? 


Good or bad, 4gram does not work anymore. However there are other platforms like AiGrow, Upleap, Nitreo, and even Kicksta to grow your Instagram.

Given the fact that all growth activities of AiGrow are done manually (unlike its rivals which are bots mostly) I recommend you subscribe to AiGrow and give it a try. Sign up to AiGrow

This post was last modified on November 30, 2021 9:38 am