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Upleap vs. AiGrow – What’s Better for Getting Instagram Followers?

Keeping with our series comparing Instagram tools from around the web, today we’re looking at UpLeap.

as you can guess, he main reason behind these comparisons is to find the best instagram growth services around the world.

What is Upleap? According to their website,

“Upleap connects you with a dedicated account manager, who engages with people on Instagram. Grow your likes, followers, and social exposure.”

Upleap is right in our neighborhood of Instagram growth tools, so we decided to put Upleap to the test against our own Instagram growth tool, AiGrow.

Our comparison consisted of four categories:

  • Setup
  • Connecting your Instagram account(s)
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Features
  • Price
  • Conclusion

Upleap vs. AiGrow – a comparison of the two Instagram growth platforms.



Get started with Aigrow in four simple steps:

1) Go to https://aigrow.me

2) When on the homepage, click the “Get Started” button.

3) Provide your email, desired password, and click “Login”.

Congrats! You’re officially signed up on AiGrow.


Begin by going to www.upleap.com.

When on the homepage, click “Try Us For Free”.

After clicking “Try Us For Free”, you are taken to the following screen.

Connecting your Instagram account(s)


After logging into your Aigrow account, you will be brought to your dashboard which looks like this:

Here you can see all of your connected Instagram accounts (you can add and grow multiple Instagram accounts at the same time).

4) To add a new account, click “Add Instagram Account”.

From here, simply login to your Instagram account as you normally would on your phone.

While most users are finished setting up here, some users will be asked to provide a 6-digit verification code sent to your phone or email by Instagram.

AiGrow encrypts your password and will not share it with anyone or use it for anything not related to growing your followers.

Congrats! You’ve just set up AiGrow.


After signing in, you are asked to sign in to your Instagram account.

You’re now connected.



Because manage Instagram requires sufficient expertise and resources, Aigrow provides these services with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

AiGrow as a leading company in this field with a lot of practical experience and scientific solutions has provided services in the management of Instagram pages, including strategic planning, implementation, and follow-up analysis of given programs. In this regard, AiGrow can manage the page of Instagram.

Some of the AiGrow features :
  • Page Instagram Setup and Page Administration by a Dedicated Admin
  • Follower Growth Guaranteed
  • Competitor Page Analysis
  • Identify and attract the target audience
  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking
  • Schedule Content
  • Automated DMs
Page Administration by a Dedicated Admin:

In the Instagram page management package, all the needs of a business in Instagram page management are seen and we strive to do 0 to 100 Instagram page management and execution. One of the important services in this field is planning to post regularly on the Instagram page. This is in line with our defined strategy and makes the Business Page Instagram with a clear purpose and orderly routine. It’s also about responding to users’ comments and analyzing important hashtags to use # hashtags to increase followers and page rank on Instagram.

Follower Growth and attract the target audience

Unfortunately, the misconception nowadays among some business owners on Instagram pages is buying and selling unrealistic and foreign followers, although it does increase the number of followers, there are virtually no commercial benefits. There will be no advertising for you, and in many cases, the cost of buying such followers will itself be detected and removed by Instagram. But AiGrow, by providing appropriate solutions such as popular and related pages and using appropriate hashtags, targeting strategy planning strategies, or using Influencer marketing tactics, has increased the number of real page visitors. It makes you realize that with this type of growth, you will experience good Lead Generation builds and become more successful in your digital marketing.

How is AiGrows way any different

This way, instead of buying new followers in bulk who don’t necessarily fit your target audience (which is especially important if you are a small business or brand), you’re gaining exactly the kind of new follower you want for your channel and you’re doing it almost as quickly as you would if you purchased them.

With AiGrow, you can target Instagram users based on:

  • hashtags they use
  • competitors they follow
  • where they’re located
  • custom lists of usernames
  • whether or not they’re public or private
  • whether or not you have already followed (and then unfollowed) in the past

You also don’t have to worry about engaging with irrelevant or risky channels as you have complete control over the types of users you interact with.

AiGrow also automatically unfollows any person you follow but who don’t follow you back within a certain amount of time to keep your follower/following ratio looking natural.

AiGrow also gives you free access to over 100 engagement groups which you can use to get more Likes and comments on every new post you upload to Instagram.

All you have to do to receive the engagement from your engagement groups is to post on Instagram using Aigrow’s free desktop scheduler.

Give your managing Instagram page to our Experts

The above were some of the actions that can lead to an increase in the number of followers, likes, comments, and more.

There are many other instances of managing Instagram Page that can help.

But if you’re one of those busy executives who don’t have the opportunity to manage your Instagram page, You can give this to our management services to do it professionally for you.

These people professionally manage your Instagram page and help you reach the target audience and thus sell more.

To use Aigrow’s scheduler, simply go to the “Scheduler” tab on your Aigrow dashboard, click “Schedule Post”, drag and drop your post onto the pop-up screen, write your caption, add your hashtags, and click “Schedule”.

When your post goes live on Instagram, all members of all groups you are a part of will automatically Like and/or comment on your new post.

Likewise, when you schedule a new post through Aigrow’s scheduler, all members of all engagement groups you are a part of will automatically Like and/or comment on your new post.

All groups are guaranteed to be free of leechers Because the process is automatic. and it means that your effort won’t be wasted

This way, like the growth features of AiGrow, there is little to no maintenance work on your part after initially joining your groups.

To gain a better sense of the features offered by Aigrow, have a peek at the short video below:

Targeting options and features available to Aigrow users:
  • Automated Likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs
  • Ability to target users based on hashtag use, location, and competitor connection
  • Ability to target specific users from an excel list
  • Customizable DMs
  • Ability to send DMs, respond to DMs, and manage your DM inbox all from your desktop
  • Content scheduler to schedule your posts for days, weeks, and/or months ahead (all from your desktop)
  • Daily safeguards for all actions (Likes, comments, follows, DMs, etc.) to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free access to over 100 engagement groups
  • Customizable comments
  • Automated comment responding
  • Alternating tags for comments and DMs (Hey/Hello/Hi/What’s up… etc.)
  • Daily safeguards to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free one-on-one appointments to help get your account properly set up
  • In-app analytics
  • Automatic email notifications in the rare case you encounter an issue with our service (and a proposed solution to the issue)


After signing up, Upleap asks you to briefly describe your Instagram account.

Add at least four hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram page. You can also just type in a keyword related to your Instagram page and choose from the drop-down menu.

Add at least 3 Instagram accounts similar to your account. These accounts should be larger than yours. Similar to the hashtags above, you can also just search a keyword related to your Instagram and choose from the drop-down menu.

After this, you will be directed to your dashboard.

Here you can your Growth Stats, your latest followers, the identity of your account manager, your milestones, and even how many hashtags each of your targeted hashtags have generated for your page.

If you want to change your targeting options, you can go to the “Settings” tab to make the changes here. The full targeting options include:

You can users based on hashtags, competitors, and location. You can also avoid engaging with users using specific hashtags and following specific accounts.

Maintenance and Support


After setting up your targeting options, simply hit “Start Growth”. AiGrow will start to run and continue until you tell it to stop, never overstepping the limits imposed by Instagram.

If for whatever reason something forces your growth to stop, we will automatically let you know on your dashboard. We will also let you know through email and provide possible solutions, as shown in the example below:

If you experience an issue, you can also likely find an answer in our 25+ FAQ page. We also offer free one-on-one appointments to help you set up your account, and we’re always available by instant chat and email.


After setting up targeting, Upleap hands the work of growing your Instagram account off to an account manager.

In this sense, after providing your initial targeting, there is little to do on your side apart from checking your growth stats and consulting with your account manager.

If there are any important messages or notifications, Upleap will let you know in the “Notifications” tab on your dashboard.

You can also read from Upleap’s extensive blog.



AiGrow offers a five-day free trial offering full functionality.

There are absolutely no limits put in place During your trial and you can take advantage of all features offered to Growth Starter and Premium package subscribers to gain a potentially unlimited number of real, genuine followers during your five-day trial.

Below is Aigrow’s starter price package for consideration after your five-day free trial:

Three special golden packages

You can manage your page by choosing gold packages to give you a professional administrator.

One of the tasks that your Instagram admin will do is to increase the number of your followers.

Usability of each service separately

Note: The cost of these services varies depending on the type of service, its quality, and the number of services requested.


Everyone on Upleap gets a 3-day free trial.

After the free trial, you have to sign up for one of the monthly or annual plans.

The monthly plans include:

The annual plans include:


Upleap is a great Instagram growth tool with a slick experience and little work required on your part.

Upleap is a great option If you have no idea how to get more followers on Instagram and you want to hand off the majority of work to someone else.

However, it should be noted that not only AiGrow offers a much better experience if you want to have control over starting, stopping, but also customizing your growth at any time.

Here’s a comparison of what both growth tools offer in their most affordable paid plans:

Upleap ($39/month):

  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Similar Users

AiGrow :

  • Unlimited Post Scheduling
  • Unlimited Engagement Groups
  • Instagram DM Desktop Inbox
  • Growth Engine – Automated Likes, Follows, Unfollows, Comments, and DMs
  • Accessible Dashboard to Start, Stop, or Change Your Growth Settings
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Location
  • 1 IG Account
  • Target Similar Users Influencer

Sign up and try Aigrow for free by clicking here.

For those interested in trying Upleap, click here to visit their website.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 3:44 am