Upleap Reviews; Read This Before You Use It!!!

Nowadays, thanks to a wide variety of growth services out there, starting an Instagram account from scratch and growing it in a relatively short period isn’t as difficult as before. 

With some of these growth services, you can buy likes, followers, and views, others use bots and automation to grow your account faster, and a few of them provide you with real and engaging followers.

Today I will be reviewing an Instagram growth service called upleap, which is relatively new in the market. Let’s have a closer look at how it works, its features, pricing if it’s a legit service, and its customers’ reviews.

I’ll also introduce you to one of the best alternatives to upleap if you wouldn’t be happy with its review. So stay tuned. 

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What is Upleap?

Upleap is an Instagram growth service where you can buy followers for your Instagram page in a few minutes! They have been around since 2015, but recently they changed their business model, and now the only service they offer is buying Instagram followers.

How Does Upleap Work?

Upleap is a simple tool for buying Instagram followers; the aim is to provide companies with getting followers quickly.

On their website, you simply choose the numbers of your desired followers between two options, standard followers and premium followers ( 100, 500, and 1000 followers plans).

This is how to get started with Upleap: 

  1. Go on Upleap website
  2. On their homepage, choose the number of followers you want to buy
  3. Add your Instagram username and an email address
  4. Go through the checkout process
  5. Wait for them to deliver your followers 

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Upleap; a Quick Overview

If you can’t spend a few minutes reading the full Upleap review right now, I provided you with a quick overview below. I tried to compare its features to AiGrow’s Instagram growth service, a standard and reliable growth service in the market. It’ll give you a better understanding of what upleap growth service is capable of: 

Features AiGrow Upleap
Manually Growth service
Buy Instagram followers
Content design template (feed/stories)
Content plan calendar
Account manager
Schedule feed plans
Hashtag generator
Multiple links in Bio
Unfollow plans
Bulk post delete plans
Bulk DMs
price   99$, 109$, 129$, 199$ 2$, 3$, 4$, 12$
Active blog yes NO

As you can see, the only option upleap offers is buying Instagram followers instantly, which is not going to guarantee a stable followers base and engagement.

It can also be a red flag for the Instagram algorithm if you buy many fake followers at once.

On AiGrow, all growth activities would be done manually by account managers. And they guarantee a steady flow of organic followers during a period, so no instant delivery!

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Upleap Features:

Upleap is pretty simple. It only provides you with a single feature, buying Instagram followers that you can access on the upleap login page.

It’s the same on every plan they offer; the only differences are the number of followers and the prices.

Note: at the time of writing this review, there isn’t any upleap app available to use.

Upleap Pricing Plans:

There are two pricing packages on upleap website, standard followers and premium followers:

Standard Followers:

upleap pricing plans

Premium Followers:

upleap pricing plans

As you can see, Upleap has six different pricing plans for its buying followers service:

At the time of writing this Upleap review, the pricing of each plan is as below:

  • Standard followers:100 Instagram followers: $3
  • Standard followers: 500 Instagram followers: $5
  • Standard followers:1000 Instagram followers: $9
  • Premium followers:100 Instagram followers: $9
  • Premium followers: 500 Instagram followers: $19
  • Premium followers:1000 Instagram followers: $29

Note: It’s never a good sign to buy Instagram followers for a low price as they might be fake or low-quality followers. 

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Upleap Reviews; Is It Safe to Use?

Using Upleap, You don’t have much control over what they’re doing on your account, and you may end up breaking Instagram rules and getting red flags especially because their followers’ delivery is too fast!

That’s why I looked at all upleap reviews available out there to find the answer to “does upleap work?” (i will give you two examples of the reviews below, though I  couldn’t find any Upleap Reddit reviews).

upleap reviews

Margaret was happy with the followers she bought.

Note: 3-day upleap free trial was available before, but it’s not anymore.

Johnny thinks upleap is another scam service.

upleap review

After reading the reviews, I made sure that I need to provide you with an alternative to upleap to grow your Instagram account safely. I’ll go on that in an upcoming section.

More reviews of Instagram growth services you should read:

Also if you are looking for a blog on kicksta vs upleap, don’t forget to check out our review on kicksta.

Is Upleap Legit?

It’s hard to recommend using a service where there might be a high chance of breaking Instagram rules and regulations.

Upleap promises its customers an ultra-fast delivery of Instagram followers. However, it usually takes 24- 72 hours to see a significant change on your Instagram profile.

The worrying thing is we don’t have any idea where these Instagram followers are coming from and whether they are relevant to your niche or not.

I couldn’t find any videos on their website showing how they work and target the right Instagram followers for you. So the company might be legit, but the fact that they promise you a fast result rather than a real and engaging followers base is something you need to consider before using upleap.

Note: After reviewing Upleap, I can assure you that their service doesn’t live up to their claims, so I will not provide you with an upleap discount code here! 

Pros and Cons of Using Upleap:

Here are some pros and cons of using upleap Instagram growth agency:


  • It is an HTTPS Secure Website
  • Their pricing plans are transparent
  • They have a verified payment gateway
  • They have a help/support page


  • There is no phone/email form on their website
  • There is a high chance get fake or irrelevant followers
  • There have been some accounts that got blocked
  • Their system is down from time to time

Best Alternative to Upleap:

Upleap might serve its purpose- selling Instagram followers quickly– but there is always a chance that they wouldn’t live up to your expectations.

There are many Instagram growth services similar to upleap out there that don’t update their features to be more human-like as Instagram cracks down on bots and spam behaviors.

That’s why I wanted to introduce you to a real Instagram growth service as an alternative to Upleap so that you can rely on it to grow your Instagram account without worrying about its negative effects on your Instagram account.

Let’s have a closer look at it. I am sure you will be interested in its features and how it works:


AiGrow, as a leading company in Instagram marketing, has a lot of practical experience and proven solutions, has provided services in  Instagram account management, including.

Before Aigrows’s team starts working on your account, you will be provided with a walkthrough session.  In this session, you discuss all issues related to your page with an Instagram account manager and what you want them to do on your behalf.

These monitoring sessions will be held monthly to check if you are achieving your goals.

Besides that, you receive a daily and weekly activity report of your Instagram account activities which gives you a transparent view of the work they have been doing on your behalf.

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How to Get Started With AiGrow?

Get started with Aigrow in four simple steps:

  • On AiGrow homepage, click the “Get Started” button. 
  • Provide your email, desired password, and click “Login.”

  • After logging into your Aigrow account, you will be brought to your dashboard, which looks like this:

Here you can see all of your connected Instagram accounts (you can add and grow multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously).

  • To add a new account, click “Add Instagram Account.”
  • From there, simply login to your Instagram account as you normally would on your phone.

While most users are finished setting up here, some will be asked to provide a 6-digit verification code sent to your phone or email by Instagram.

 With AiGrow growth service, you can target Instagram users based on:

  • Instagram hashtags they use
  • competitors they follow
  • where they’re located
  • custom lists of usernames
  • whether or not they’re public or private
  • whether or not you have already followed (and then unfollowed) in the past

Give it a try to see the results!


Instagram is a hugely popular platform to promote businesses and brands, but having a strong presence is getting difficult every day especially if you are new and trying to increase your brand awareness. 

That said, there are always services you can rely on as outside help. Though you need to be aware of which you are investing in and if it’s worth it.

In this post, I walked you through all aspects of upleap growth service; its pros and cons, whether it’s a legit company or a scam, and the best alternative to it. if you are looking for something more than merely growing the number of your followers.

Upleap is a great option If you have no idea how to get more followers on Instagram and want your work being done in a few minutes without considering the consequences!

But with the AiGrow growth service, you have control over all activities being done on your behalf and you get a steady flow of followers, which guarantees your organic growth. 

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