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AiGrow VS Robolike. How to get real likes and real followers on Instagram?



Today we are going to compare two powerful platforms on Instagram AiGrow VS Robolike and explain how to work with them.

If you have a business on Instagram or are looking for a real followers for your page and would like to make some good progress in this regard, I recommend reading this article.

What does real Follower mean?

Targeted and real Followers means that you determine who are your followers, what are the interests in, and what topics to pursue.

Suppose you set up a page for underwear sales on Instagram, Maybe the first kind of advertising that comes to your mind,is Advertising on competing pages that have high followers and sell underwear.

But what is the purpose of these ads?

Definitely your goal is to get those followers of that popular page to see your ad and to follow your Instagram page.

But I would like to draw your attention to a few.

  1. Your ad’s duration on this page is limited.
  2. In a limited time, not all of its followers will see your ad page.
  3. Many users just like the post and do not pay attention to the text or the text on the photo.

Here’s where you can get in touch with the Instagram growth platforms we will introduce to you.

Simply sign up on their sites, identify the target page for them to launch, and attract the followers you want.

Now I will teach you the registration process and how to work with these two platforms.

Our comparative methods are as follows:

  • Setup
  • Connecting Instagram account
  • Features
  • Maintenance



  1. Click here to enter the registration page first.Then click on the login or Free Trail button to enter the registration page.

2.In the new page that opens, asks you to enter your username and password for your Instagram, city, and country you live in and click on the login button to complete your registration.

 Your registration is now complete and you can start your three day free trial.


  1. To register in AiGrow you must first click here. You will then be redirected to the homepage of the site. AiGrow offers its users a free 5-day experience.

2. Once logged in to the homepage of the site click on Get started or click on the start 5 day free trial.Entering the required information including your name and a valid email and password .

Your registration is done and you can add and manage as many Instagram accounts as you want.

Connecting Instagram Account


As I said before, adding an Instagram account to Robolike is the same as signing up for this platform, and you can only add one Instagram account.

If you have multiple accounts and want to manage them at one time, just send them an email and ask them for a bulk login and discounted rate.


As soon as you sign up for this platform you will be redirected to the dashboard page as shown below.

From here you can add as many accounts as you want and manage them.

Click on the add Instagram account button to add your Instagram account at the top of the page.

Now enter your Instagram username and password to add your Instagram account.

Click the Manage Accounts button to manage any of the accounts you want.



Robolike is a platform that lets you increase the number of likes you want and managing multiple account at once time .

  •  Hashtag Targeting :You can choose the hashtags that are appropriate for your post subject,depending on the hashtags you choose, Robolike will start liking posts that are relevant to your Page subject.

  •  Up to 90 likes per hour : With RoboLike you can earn more than 90 likes a day.

  • Specify the number of likes you want manually:You can select the number of likes you want manually then set a time for beginning and finish .
  • Manage multiple accounts at one time : One of the features of Robolike is that if you want to manage multiple accounts together, just send them an email to enable this feature.
  • Content Filter : RoboLike has the ability to filter content. This feature prevents your page to like inappropriate content or bad photos.


AiGrow can be your social networking assistant. When you get started, there are many features to use.

You can purposefully increase your Instagram Page followers or automatically send DM to your users.

One of the best features of

 is that by signing up for it and purchasing one of the VIP packages you will get a dedicated admin that takes care of all your Page tasks.

Take a look at the video below

Some other AiGrow features

  • Dedicated Account Manager: One of the good things about having a page manager is that your users will feel that your page is being managed by a live person and that he or she is also required to respond to users’ messages coming to your directory as soon as possible.

Some of the tasks that a page manager must perform

  1. Sharing posts at specified times :According to the algorithm of Instagram, most of the time users are online at certain times of the day. For this reason, the Page Manager is obliged to share the posts at the best time that users are online.
  2. share story:The page manager is responsible for sharing stories that are relevant to your Page topic daily, and this will introduce your brand and business as much as possible.
  3. Responding appropriately to the audience:Your Page Administrator is required to respond appropriately to messages that users send to your directory or comment below your posts.
  4. Generate appropriate content:Don’t worry about the content of your page, as your page manager will do it professionally
  5. Page Performance Check:Trust is our first word, the Page Administrator is required to provide you with a complete report on your page progress.

Some other features that AiGrow has

  • AI Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research

  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking

  • Follower Growth Guaranteed
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Automated DMs
  • 24×7 Support
  • Safe & Secure

Maintenance and Support


If you have a problem and are looking for a solution, just select the Contact Us option at the top of the page and submit your problem to get it resolved as soon as possible and send it the solution to your account.


The first way to contact us is by email. Just explain your problem so that we can get the solution to you as soon as possible. But before that, I suggest you take a look at the FAQ section section to find the solution there easily.



First of all, you can experience a free three-day course.After these three days, if you consent, you can pay 7.77 per month to benefit from the service.


A good feature of AiGrow is that you can create your own package. In addition to the VIP packages it offers , Provides each of its services individually to its customers for a better experience of using the service.

Below you can see the price list of each service:

The VIP packages include the following three packages.

The rest of the packages are as follows:

This is the best opportunity! The cheapest prices are next to the best service so we can get your satisfaction with our dear customers.

Don’t hurry if you still doubt, you can try this free 5-day of our platform and buy from us if you are satisfied.

Summary: If you want to launch a professional business on Instagram, you need super-professional tweaks to manage your account as well as boost it. We are trying to pave the way for your growth and by gaining many years of experience and sharing these experiences with you, we intend to leave you with good memories of trading on Instagram

Click here to sign up forAiGrow and click here to sign up forRobolike.

We are committed to helping you build your future job together.


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