The Auto Response feature allows you to automatically respond to comments left on your posts.


turn on auto responses to comments with AiGrow

You can create multiple auto responses to be used in rotation. Using more than one auto response makes your responses more believable and less likely to be flagged by Instagram.


Why use it?

Being able to automatically respond to comments serves two main purposes:

  1. You make the people who left the comments on your post feel acknowledged and appreciated
  2. You quickly double the amount of engagement each one of your posts receives

The more engagement your posts receive (engagement meaning comments and Likes), and the quicker your posts receive it, the more likely you will show up in the top posts when people search for hashtags connected to your posts.



Let’s say you create a post with the hashtag #instagrammarketing.

If your post using #instagrammarketing receives more Likes and comments than the majority of other posts using #instagrammarketing, you’re going to show up front and centre when people search the hashtag #instagrammarketing.


High post engagement is how you get your posts into the top search results for a specific hashtag.


The more of your posts that rank high for their hashtags, the more visible you become. The more visible you are, the more people will visit your channel and ideally choose to follow you.


Auto response comments are your way to more appreciative followers and higher visibility for your channel.

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