How To Remove Fake Or Real Followers On Instagram?

non active instagram followers

Whether you are looking to remove fake or non active Instagram followers from your page, unfollow a massive amount of users, or just remove, restrict, or block some followers you don’t want to have anything to do with, I guarantee that you will get what you are looking for by reading this post.

Because I am going to cover all aspects of Instagram remove followers features one by one. So let’s start from the beginning:

Note: If you are in a hurry to find a perfect tool to clean your Instagram page from a bunch of dormant followers, who are bringing your engagement rate down, then give AiGrow’s mass unfollow tool a try now!

Why Do You Need to Look For a Way to Remove Followers on Instagram?

I think the problem starts with this, we all want to see a higher number of followers on our Instagram accounts.

We can’t deny the fact that it’s so gratifying when we see that Instagram follower count goes up, right?

Well, it’s amazing if you grow Instagram followers organically, which means they are people who are genuinely interested in your Instagram page and engage with your content. But what if there would be a significant number of non active Instagram followers among them?

If that is the case then you’d better find some ways to get rid of those so-called “Instagram ghosts” as soon as possible before your page gets in trouble!

Obviously, you can’t benefit from a bunch of inactive Instagram users who don’t like your posts, leave a comment, share them, and essentially don’t show any vital signs on your page, as if they are dead!  

But how do non active Instagram followers hurt your account and your credibility to Instagram?

Just look at your Instagram analytics and see if the Instagram engagement rate has dropped lately, it speaks for itself.

Now before going further and making it clear, let’s define the phenomenon of “ghost following on Instagram”, then I go for some ways to find inactive Instagram followers and introduce you to the best tools to remove followers (fake or real ones) on Instagram quickly.

What are Ghost Followers on Instagram?

Have you ever heard of ghost following on Instagram? What are the criteria for an account to label it as a ghost?

Here are some facts about Instagram ghost followers.

These are fake Instagram accounts that may be created by bots, or belong to real people who no longer use their accounts and even those who aren’t interested in your content.

Now you might be wondering how you got these Instagram ghosts in the first place?!

There are some common ways that might lead you to get these followers/followings:

  • You paid unreliable services to grow your followers base ( follow/unfollow), and you ended up following many accounts without following back. However, you can do this strategy in the right way.
  • You took the easy route to success and bought followers. (You can consider it as a success if the only thing you care about is the number of your followers!)
  • Hosting giveaways and Instagram contests with conditions like following your page leads you to collect tons of users who may not necessarily be interested in your content.
  • You might have bought an existing account that belonged to another niche or you shift the direction of the page and post completely different content.
  • In this case, you might turn some engaged followers into non active Instagram followers since they might not be a fan of the new concept.

Now before getting into spotting inactive users on your account and finding out how to remove these followers on Instagram, let’s see how dangerous they are for your page and if you should be worried about them.

How Instagram ghosts can be harmful to your account?

As I mentioned above, if the only thing that matters for you is the number of your followers, and you don’t expect them to engage with your content, then you shouldn’t be worried about having inactive Instagram followers on your page.

But if you want to grow Instagram followers to promote your products and services, or you are an influencer who aims to collaborate with different brands, then you might face serious consequences as a result.

these days businesses, with the help of several analytic tools, can analyze influencers’ pages and determine their authenticity.

identify fake instagram influencers

Having a large number of Inactive Instagram followers will decrease the chance of your partnership with them.

Moreover, even casual users can spot it, if the number of your followers doesn’t match the amount of engagement you get.

They will start questioning the authenticity of your page, and you will lose your credibility. Imagine an Instagram page with 10k followers with only 100-150 active users who engage on the posts!

Another drawback of having a substantial number of non active Instagram followers is that it lowers the engagement rate, and Subsequently, fewer people will see your posts.

Also, it prevents you from analyzing the actual performance of your page. So what should you do about it? 

Use some Instagram cleaning tactics!

In this process, you can include fake accounts, ghost followers and inactive followers, or whomever you don’t want on your page anymore!

How Can I See Non active Followers on Instagram?

You need to know how to spot non active followers on Instagram, including Accounts in your followings that didn’t follow you back, plus those inactive Instagram users among your followers.

Both of them don’t show up on your page, hence no positive impact on your engagement rate.

Non active Instagram followers have some things in common that help us to identify them:

  • They usually don’t have any or just a few posts with little engagement, and probably a long time since their last activity.
  •  Accounts created by bots often don’t have an Instagram profile picture
  • They usually don’t have many followers, but they are following a large number of accounts.
  • They may not have anything written in their Instagram bio or have a spammy one or even some links in there.
  • Another warning sign to spot a ghost account is having an unrealistic or odd username

find ghost followers

Though you may not be 100% sure that all accounts with these factors are non active Instagram followers! But if you are looking at a page with a few of those items, it’s most likely one of them.

After having a close look at these suspicious accounts, you might ask how to remove fake followers on Instagram?

you can use the methods and tools in the following after deciding on removing /unfollowing these followers on Instagram.  

Note: even if you don’t want to remove fake followers yourself when you find one, you can always report them to Instagram. How can you do that?

Go on their Instagram profiles, tap on the three dots icon, and select report.

The Instagram team will sort it out considering the reports and may delete the account using Instagram remove followers feature.

How to Unfollow Ghost Followers on Instagram?

As we know, following too many people is considered spammy behavior. People may think you used an automation tool to collect them, and it damages your reputation.

So if you’ve found out that you are following a lot of inactive Instagram users on your page, and looking for a way to unfollow them and clean your Instagram of these useless accounts, you just need to go on the following list and unfollow them one by one by yourself.  

Another option to accelerate the process is using follow unfollow Instagram tools such as AiGrow, cleaner for IG, and Crowdfire.  

Among them, one of the most convenient tools to unfollow non active Instagram followers is the Instagram mass unfollow tool of AiGrow.  

This tool gives you the advantage of dealing with not only an intelligent service but also a dedicated account manager who does what is needed to be done for your account properly.

find and remove Instagram followers

Having a real person to work on your page and unfollow inactive Instagram users within a certain period of time, in a way that doesn’t break Instagram rules, is exactly what you need!

 Try AiGrow’s Unfollow Service

AiGrow also provides other features for its clients, such as:

Can You Remove Followers on Instagram? 

Fortunately, Instagram allows you to remove (using the Instagram remove followers option on users profiles), restrict (this is the most subtle way), or even block unwanted followers (aggressive one!) on your page, and minimize the interactions with them.

By restricting followers you can hide their comments, DMs and likes, without them knowing.

Whereas by blocking you prevent them from interacting with your page at all. They won’t be able to like your posts, leave a comment, or DM you.

Speaking of removing followers on Instagram, as of 2018, Instagram rolled out a remove follower option on the platform.

It allows you to choose who you want to share your posts with and who you want to remove from your follower’s list. It’s a manual process that takes only a few steps.  

Note: You are only allowed to remove Instagram followers on your iOS or Android device, there isn’t any Instagram remove followers option available on the web version of Instagram.

How to Delete Followers on Instagram?

The same process as unfollowing users goes for removing non active Instagram followers or fake ones from your list.

Whether identifying and then manually removing them one by one with the help of the Instagram remove followers option, or using a reliable app without putting your account in danger.

 First, let’s go on the manual method of removing followers on Instagram:

  • Tap on “followers” on your Instagram profile
  • Choose the account you want to remove  
  • Tap on the remove follower option
  •  Confirm the removal

remove Instagram followers

And this is how to stop someone from following you on Instagram easily!

Now if you want to make sure that Instagram deleted followers won’t follow you again, set your account to private or the last option, block them for good!

This manual Instagram remove followers option actually works, it removes and cleans your Instagram account from unwanted followers.

They will no longer be in your following, and good news! They won’t be notified that you removed them! 

But there is a drawback to this method, it is going to take so long and make you drained. Just imagine removing a mass amount of followers one by one!

Since the manual method to remove inactive Instagram followers is tedious and time-consuming especially if you intend to remove a large number of inactive users, I recommend you to use a safe service such as AiGrow.


There have been many clients who successfully could find inactive Instagram followers (even up to a million) and remove them with the help of the Instagram mass unfollow inactive followers on AiGrow.

Here is how to utilize this tool step by step :

  1. Sign up on the AiGrow website and log into your account, it’s free. (you are allowed to add as many accounts as you want and manage them all there)
  2. From the dashboard, click on “Add Instagram account” and connect your Instagram account.

add instagram account to aigrow

  1. Click on the “Instagram Growth tab” Choose your desired account and click on Growth Engine.
  2. Scroll down and turn on unfollow button. 
  3. Go on the “unfollow cycle” tab and set it preferably on 1500 to have a safe experience.
  4. Now click on “start growth” and let it do the work.

start growth with AiGrow


You can choose between two available mass unfollow inactive followers plans on AiGrow. This is how you access them:

  1. From the menu, select “unfollow plans”
  2. Choose your desired plan and make the purchase

aigrow mass unfollow plans


How to Remove All Followers on Instagram?

You may have your own reasons to remove all your followers on Instagram or remove Instagram followers in bulk. 

You still can use the Instagram remove followers option available on the app itself, but you probably know how tricky that is, especially if you have a mass amount of followers to remove.

This is where I need to mention the AiGrow mass unfollow tool again, it gives you the options to both unfollow or remove unwanted users on your page. It’s the exact answer to how to mass remove followers on Instagram.

Try AiGrow unfollow mass plans now!

How to Block Followers on Instagram?

As I mentioned above, an aggressive way to stop someone from following you on Instagram is blocking their account.

According to Instagram guidelines by blocking someone on Instagram you not only can block their current account but also prevent their future accounts from following you!

Though they won’t be notified when you block them.

Here is how to block an Instagram follower from your list:

  • Go to their profile
  • Tap on the three dots icon
  • Select block

block Instagram account

In case you want to unblock them later just do the same and select unblock.

Here are some other points on blocking a follower on Instagram:

  • By blocking someone all their previous likes and comments will be removed from your posts and unblocking them later won’t restore it.
  • Accounts you block won’t be able to tag you anymore.
  • If you block someone and they send you a message in your Direct, you won’t receive it, even if you unblock them later.

Does Instagram Remove Followers?

Does Instagram remove followers automatically? You may face a drastic drop in your follower numbers all of a sudden, and wonder what is happening!

Since Instagram is against spam and bot activities, it does a purge of fake accounts every few months. That is why when Instagram remove followers you may lose thousands of followers at once. 

The moment IG algorithm flags and Instagram remove followers feature starts working, all suspicious accounts will be deleted and as a result, they will be deducted from your follower’s list.

Though don’t worry the Instagram remove followers feature is not going to work against you. It actually helps you to get a better engagement rate regardless of a drop in your follower numbers.

2 Apps to Find And Remove Instagram Followers in Bulk

For removing/ unfollowing followers on Instagram it’s always better to go for the manual method than automated.

It’s much safer and you don’t put your account in danger of suspension. That’s what you get access to, using AiGrow mass unfollow tool. 

However, if you prefer to use bulk unfollow tools, here are the best Instagram follower remover apps to find inactive Instagram followers on your page. They clean Instagram followers automatically.

1. Cleaner for IG

cleaner for IG logo



How to remove inactive Instagram followers on Instagram with cleaner for IG?

you can check your account, find non active Instagram followers, and then it’ll help you to delete them.

Mass unfollow, mass delete posts, mass unlike posts, quick selection tools, and mass block and unblock are other features you can try on cleaner for IG app.

2. Crowdfire

crowdfire logo

How to remove Instagram followers using crowdfire?

Crowdfire scans your followers, detects inactive Instagram followers, and then you can remove them.

Recent followers, fans, and recent unfollowers, are some other features of Crowdfire.

Tip #1: As Instagram constantly changes to limit third-party apps access, these apps also change to keep up with them, they always find a way to get away from Instagram limitations!

But don’t forget to pay attention to the most recent reviews of these apps while choosing them.

Tip #2: Before using any tools to remove followers on Instagram, make sure to do it as naturally as possible!

What Happens When You Remove a Follower On Instagram?

When you or Instagram remove followers from your account, they won’t be able to view your posts anymore. Though they can always request to follow you again unless you block them.

While Instagram remove followers or when you remove them yourself, they won’t get notified.

They only may find out if they go on your profile and see the follow button is active, or when they can’t see your posts if your Instagram page is private.

In short, if you have gathered thousands of fake or ghost followers over time, be thankful to Instagram remove followers features! 

Trust me, you need this Instagram cleaning gaps from time to time. It’ll save your account from dropping in engagement rate and help you to have a great-looking followers/ following ratio.

 How To Tell If Someone Removed You On Instagram?

As we discussed above, you can find out if someone removed you on Instagram by two means.

firstly, you go on their profile and see you still can hit that blue follow button!

And secondly, when you go on their profile, you see the “this account is private” line, if the account is already private, means you are thrown out of the page!


Instagram offers some ways to minimize the interactions with annoying or harmful accounts on the platform. From Instagram remove followers feature performed by the app itself to allow you to do it on your own. 

You need to constantly remove non active Instagram followers because you won’t get value from them. The only thing they can do is falsely increase the number of your followers.

Be careful and pay attention to Instagram remove followers apps while cleaning your Instagram page; use trustworthy ones to be sure that they won’t break Instagram rules.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to get Instagram followers fast, look into them but never involve in any fraud to increase your followers base. instead, try to use organic Instagram growth hacks; it’ll save you a lot of money and time later!

And don’t forget to enjoy AiGrow’s unfollow tool

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