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Instagram mass archive posts

If you’ve ever decided that some old content on your Instagram page should be hidden away temporarily and thought you don’t have any choice but to delete them, we have good news for you! You can do so by simply archiving photos on your Instagram profile, and even all of them at once!

In this comprehensive post, we’ll show you how to archive all Instagram posts using the new update of the Instagram archive feature, and the easiest way to unarchive them. We’ll also discuss how to archive Instagram Stories, IGTVs, Lives, Videos, and Reels; so without future ado, let’s dive into it.

What Does It Mean to Archive A Post on Instagram

If you still don’t know ‘what is archive on Instagram’ and wondering what archiving a post on Instagram does, here is a quick explanation:

In 2017, Instagram introduced an archive feature that allows users to hide posts on Instagram from their profiles without deleting them. Instagram Archive separates the content into three different categories: posts, stories, and live content.

These archived Instagram posts are still visible to you but not to anyone else. Instagram will keep the likes and comments on your Instagram archived posts.

In the section below, we’ll see how to archive a post on Instagram both on Android and iPhone devices and then go over the bulk archive Instagram feature. 

Note: If you do not wish to restore posts that have been archived and want to remove them permanently from your account, you can mass delete Instagram posts quickly and easily with AiGrow’s mass delete tool.

How to Archive An Instagram Post (iPhone & Android)

On your Android or iPhone device:

Tap the post you’d like to archive > Tap the three dots in the top right > Archive

How to Archive All Instagram Posts (iPhone & Android)

To mass archive pictures on Instagram at once on both iPhone and Android, follow these steps:

  1. On your Instagram profile tap the three lines in the top right.
mass archive Instagram posts

2. Click Your Activity.

archiving all Instagram posts

3. Click Photos and videos.

how to archive posts on Instagram

4. Select Posts.

archive all Instagram posts

5. Select your sorting preferences or the date range by choosing Sort & Filter in the top right before selecting your posts, then tap Apply.

select sort & filter

6. Click the Select button in the top right, and click all of the posts you want to archive.

select to archive

7. Now all you need to do is click Archive.

Archive on Instagram

Note: You can only archive multiple Instagram posts at once in the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. 

You can bring back archived posts on Instagram at any time. Your posts will appear where they previously appeared on your feed.

How to Archive All Instagram Posts on A Computer

Can you archive all posts on Instagram at once on your PC? Yes, but with some help! Since Instagram web doesn’t provide users with the archiving option, with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks that allows you to run Android apps on a PC or Mac, mass archiving Instagram posts on a computer is possible. Here are the steps:

  • Install and launch Blustacks on your desktop, then get Instagram from Google Play (Google play is already pre-installed on Blustacks).
using Blustacks to Archive instagram posts on pc
  • Once you have logged into your account, you have access to Instagram’s archive feature fully and can mass archive your posts.
archiving instagram posts on pc

How to Unarchive All Posts on Instagram

If you are wondering how to unarchive a post on Instagram, there is a straightforward way to do so and bring a post out of the Instagram archive; However you can’t unarchive Instagram posts in bulk on the Instagram app, or any other mass archive Instagram posts app; As of now, unarchiving Instagram posts is a one-by-one process on Instagram.

To undo an archived Instagram post here is what you need to do: 

 Go into your Instagram archive and select the show on profile option, to have the post on your feed again.

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How to Find Archived Posts on Instagram in 2022

Let’s see how to go to archive on Instagram to see your archived posts:

  • In the top-right corner of your Instagram profile, select the three horizontal lines menu.
finding archived posts
  • Select Archive
finding archive on Instagram
  • From the drop-down menu, choose archived Stories, Posts or Lives 
seeing archived posts on Instagram

How to View Archive Instagram Posts on A Computer

Currently, there is no option available to see archived posts on Instagram on a computer, still, you have the option of using an application like Blustacks to open your Instagram account on your desktop and view Instagram archive posts on the app surface.

How to Archive Videos on Instagram

 At the bottom of your Instagram home screen, select profile picture. Then tap the video you wish to Archive. On the top of the post, select the three dots, and choose Archive.

Your video has now disappeared from the profile grid. You can also use this method to archive long videos on Instagram; however, the archive will take a little longer. Now you might be wondering when you archive a video on Instagram where does it go? 

Instagram will keep your archived videos in the Archive> Posts Archives alongside your archived Instagram pictures for as long as you want. They just won’t be visible to your Instagram page visitors.

You can restore your archived Instagram videos the same way you do with your Instagram pictures (we explained it above).

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How to Archive IGTV, Reels & Live Videos on Instagram

If you don’t want your IGTVs, Reels, or Instagram Lives to show up in your followers’ feeds, you can either delete them or archive them. Archiving moves these posts into the ‘Archives’ section of the app, which only you can see.

To do so, simply tap the post (IGTV, Reel, or Live) you’d like to archive > Tap the three dots in the top right > Archive

To find these archived posts tap the three-line icon in your profile, and select “Archive”. Next, from the drop-down menu choose either “Posts”, or “Live Archive.” you can find your archived IGTVs and Reels in the Post archive and your Lives in the Live archive.

types of archived posts

How to Archive Stories & Highlights on Instagram

If you ever wondered how to archive all Instagram Stories, now you can automate archiving all your Stories with just a few steps:

Step 1: on your Instagram profile tap the three dots in the top right corner and then choose Archive. Next from the drop-down menu select Stories archive and tap the three dots in the top right

archive Instagram stories

Step 2: Select Settings

archive Instagram highlights
turning on save to story

Step 3: Tap on the save story to archive and turn it on; this will automatically save your stories to your archive, which can be accessed through the Stories archive.

How to Delete Archive Stories on Instagram

To delete an archived Instagram Strory go to your Instagram profile > three dots icon > Archive > Stories archive > More > Delete

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When To Use Instagram Archive Feature?

There are plenty of reasons why someone prefers to archive posts on Instagram, either for personal accounts or business accounts.

For personal accounts, people usually use the ‘Instagram archive’ in order to hide some memories of the past for some reason, but not delete them forever.

On the other hand, business accounts and brands are a little harder to justify archiving. The reasons why business accounts make use of the Instagram archive are much different and more technical.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of the Instagram archive for your own business strategy.

Using Instagram Archive- Reason #1: Contests

This strategy works best, especially for those who regularly run contests on Instagram. You have two possible ways here; you can archive all your previous posts and only keep the ones on your profile that are related to your contest, so it drives the mere attention to the contest.

Moreover, there are people who often see your contest post after the contest has ended, and it may cause confusion. To avoid this confusion, you’d better simply archive the posts promoting the contest once there is no time left to participate anymore.

It should be noted that using this strategy not only helps you still retain all the Likes and Comments to review for contest entrants, but also it prevents confusion.

Using Instagram Archive-Reason #2: Announcements

It would be a good idea to archive all your posts beforehand when you have a major announcement ahead. It will definitely help you draw attention to your feed.

A good example of this strategy is Taylor Swift. Her team decided to archive all her posts ahead of the release of her new single; look what you made me do.

taylor swift instagram page

When the singer’s 102 million followers encountered her empty feed, they immediately started to look forward to figuring out what she was up to. So this strategy created a buzz around her next move.

Using Instagram Archive-Reason #3: Clean Up Your Feed

Sometimes you see some posts on your business profile that you think are not relevant, new, etc., to have a room there. Then it’s time to archive them in case you wouldn’t like to delete them.

For instance, imagine you previously had some products on sale that aren’t available now; you can achieve them to streamline your gallery so you can unarchive them once they’re available again.

page of taylor

Using Instagram Archive-Reason #4: Legal Reasons

Imagine you post something that looks offensive to a special group of people, and for any reason, it causes some public issue. The only way you may think of, is by deleting the post and apologizing. But bear in mind that deleting the post deletes all the comments (positive or negative), the interactions, etc.

As a brand, reviewing all of this data to see where you went wrong or how you could improve it is of great importance.

So it makes more sense to archive the post and access all its valuable data and engagement rates rather than deleting the post and end up losing them all.


According to Instagram, the archive on Instagram feature was designed to give users more control over their profile, and what they decide to show their followers. “Your profile is a representation of who you are and evolves with you over time,” Instagram wrote in a post. “With Instagram Archive, you now have more flexibility to shape your profile while still preserving moments that matter.”

Instagram archive feature is all about providing users with a way to filter their profiles without having to make any permanent changes.

If you weren’t sure how to archive all Instagram posts, we discussed the best ways to do so in this blog and we hope it was helpful!


1. Can Others See Archived Posts on Instagram?

Are archived posts visible to others and show up on the feed? No, you shouldn’t be worried about anyone else seeing them; they aren’t public. Only you can see your archived posts on Instagram.

But what happens when you archive a post on Instagram? where do archived Instagram posts go? 

The archived posts will remain private on Instagram’s servers and will be linked to your profile with all previous engagements.

2. Is There A Limit to How Much You Can Archive on Instagram?

Your Instagram profile does not have a limit on how many photos/videos you can archive. 

3. How to Turn Off Archive on Instagram

Stories archive is the only place where Instagram Archive works automatically. Luckily, there is an easy way to disable the automatic archiving of stories on your smartphone:

Just head to your profile tab > three dots icon > Archive >  Stories archive > Settings > and toggle off “Save story to Archive.” 

save story to archive

4. If You Unarchive A Post on Instagram Does It Repost

Yes, Instagram will automatically display an archived post where it appeared previously on your feed if you restore it.

5. How to See Someone’s Archived Posts on Instagram?

Archived photos can only be seen by the account owner so there is no way to see someone else’s archived posts.

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