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Manual Instagram Growth Tools: Top 6 Choices in 2021

For a period, many robots have worked on Instagram to help people get followers and engagement. Then, somewhere along the line, several problems occurred. Firstly, many of those likes and followers were not real and fake. And, secondly, Instagram’s terms of service changed, and then, banned many accounts using such bots. Therefore, some manual Instagram growth tools and services appear in the market.

In this article, we are going to introduce the top 6 organic growth tools in 2020 to you.

If you are looking for a straightforward solution for manual and organic growth, AiGrow is what you need. Then, clicking this button would be magical.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #1: AiGrow

If you search for manual or organic growth on Instagram, you will surely hear all talks about AiGrow. To use AiGrow, you don’t have to install anything, and the signing up process is very easy too. After you add your Instagram account, you’ll face its easy-to-use dashboard. Besides, the website has a good FAQ and blog to support and help you with more info.

AiGrow Growth

One of the most characteristic features of AiGrow is its organic growth. In particular, AiGrow assigns skillful account managers to handle your account for growth and engagement. These experts design your content to be eye-catching and turn your targets into your followers. That’s why you don’t really need to worry about Instagram banning and problems.

However, they will find your targets based on the properties you want. In other words, you should add your category, hashtag preference, location, influencer to help them find your targets. Since AiGrow uses a sophisticated AI to find these targets, you can find them for yourself with only one click.

To know how this AiGrow’s manual growth feature on Instagram, what the video below.

AiGrow Scheduling

Scheduling your content is another way of saving your time and focusing on everything in its place. AiGrow has this additional feature along with growth to help you not to buy any other tool for this. Moreover, the scheduling features are free on AiGrow, and you can start your free trial right now.

The Scheduling features of AiGrow contains:

  1. Setting your content (feed and story) for publishing on an exact time in advance.
  2. Listening to the relative or your competitors’ posts and reposting them.
  3. Using and monitoring the hashtags for your scheduled posts.
  4. enabling you to schedule contests posts for running giveaways
  5. Helping you with a fantastic updated social calendar to be ready for occasions

AiGrow Pricing

The best package of AiGrow with full features costs you 150$ monthly known by pro managed or pro pack. However, if you want to see all packages and prices, see this.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #2: SproutSocial

Although SproutSocial doesn’t have account managers, its features help you a lot to do so. In other words, SproutSocial is more a scheduling tool rather than a growth platform. The good news is that it has a free trial mode for a month. So, you can see its dashboard and how things are in there. Main features of this platform are:

  1. Scheduling through a nice perfect dashboard
  2. Optimizing sending times
  3. Content suggestions
  4. Tag and competitor report
  5. Influencer and audience analysis
  6. Automated messaging

SproutSocial Pricing

SproutSocial has the standard, professional, and advanced packages. Naturally, you can see significant differences between the features of each package. All in all, its lowest price is 99$ per month.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #3: Ingramer

On Instagram marketing, there are still bots that have manual growth behavior and one of them is Ingramer. So, it’s not a complete bot and they claim it works. Besides, there are good reviews. Apart from these facts, its features are:

  1. Automated liking and following
  2. Advanced targetting
  3. Smart unfollowing
  4. Complete reports
  5. Auto posting

Ingramer Pricing

Ingramer pricing is based on what kind of combinations you can choose from its modules. However, Ingramer features are best when they are together and for this mode, you should pay 109€ (129$) monthly.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #4: Combin

The next station is Combin for sure if you are still on board. Combin is a manual growth help on Instagram. However, it has features of a scheduling tool. The website is handy, therefore you can easily find everything you need. Major features on Combin both for scheduling and growth are:

  1. Growth and content creation report
  2. Language, gender, and niche targeting
  3. Scheduling feed and story
  4. The ability to crop images
  5. Location tagging

Combin Pricing

Fortunately, the Combin scheduler is free and you need to purchase its growth features. So, the pricing is only for growth and it’s from 18€ (21.2$) to 36€ (42.41$) per month. Besides, there is a free trial mode, but it’s only for getting familiar with the dashboard.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #5: Upleap

You need to know more about Upleap if you are looking for a manual Instagram growth tool. Because they claim officially they are using account managers and promise organic growth. The website is simple enough for accessibility, but they don’t have FAQ and blog as separate sections. However, its most noticeable features are:

  1. Organic growth (using account managers)
  2. Smart targeting based on your niche and location
  3. Listening and reports
  4. Natural Engagement

Upleap Pricing

Upleap has a free trial for 3 days while you can’t use any feature on this plan except viewing and setting up your account. Clearly, it’s just a way to set up your account and see the dashboard.  The prices range from 39$ to 99$ which is fairly affordable.

Manual Instagram Growth tool #6: Tree Frog

If you want to have a manual growth tool on both Instagram and Twitter, Tree Frog is a good choice. You cannot find features easily on Tree Frog, because the web design is not good at all, and the blog is weak too. With Tree Frog, you are able to have:

  1. Organic followers
  2. Niche targeting
  3. Location targeting
  4. Followers’ engagement

Tree Frog Pricing

As mentioned above, you hardly find any info about Tree Frog pricing. So, if you insist to be on the website and search for its upgrade plan, you’ll see the prices. Is has two packages of 54.99$ and 74.99$ at least.

What You Really Need

Money is not everything but it’s really important. That’s why you should spend it wisely. So, you’d better start with those platforms with a practical free plan. Then, if you like the performance, you can buy its additional features. In a nutshell, you can see the advantages of AiGrow between these platforms. However, don’t rush into the payment process. So, keep calm, work with it freely, then you’ll see you’ll be king after purchasing its pro packs.

If you are looking for a straightforward solution for manual and organic growth, AiGrow is what you need. Then, clicking this button would be magical.

This post was last modified on February 26, 2021 7:29 pm