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3-hour Free Trial Instagram Followers: Bots or Pods?

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People are so fascinated by getting likes and followers to forget that every way is not necessarily a good way. You want to raise your brand, and many would say, “Use this 3-hour free trial Instagram followers method on a bot”. But, what are IG bots? How do they gain more followers? What can you achieve with these bots? What are the alternatives? And so on.  

That’s why we are here to show you facts about these questions, and probably find solutions for your brand making process. 

What Are IG Bots?

Instagram bots are automation tools that let you order your numbers of likes, follows, unfollows, and et cetera. And they begin fulfilling your orders automatically. They may have a blurb like, “Use this 3-hour free trial to raise your Instagram followers”. There are lots of them, and you can search and find them easily. According to Instagram policies, your accounts will be banned and removed if you grow your brand using them. That’s why IG bots always update themselves. 

Programmers can find the Instagram prohibition algorithm by the method of trial and error. Although the details are very complicated, the general idea is to ban those who act like bots. So, bots try to improve themselves as they behave like humans. So, if you encounter a bot with the option of ordering 50 likes within a week, it’s not strange at all. Programmers use time gaps for actions on bots to pretend as they’re not bots. 

However, these updates of the Instagram algorithm and bot programs have continued till now. And people don’t want the risk, especially when it’s along with spending money. Then, some ideas came to this problem. One of these ideas is using specific people with mutual benefits to increase your growth and engagements: PODs.

Spending 3-hour Free Trial Doesn’t Bring You Instagram Followers (Pods)

There are multiple types of groups that act as pods. It’s a simple and basic idea that even every people may do. Imagine you share a post on Instagram and expect likes and comments from your friends and your family. Pods are the same, but instead of family, you work with unfamiliar people and make a commitment to follow their rules. So, spending a 3-hour free trial time for making Instagram followers is not strange. The rules vary group by group, but some are the same. Like, you have to like or comment on a scheduled plan when someone shares their post. But the question is, “Where are these groups?”.

There are lots of virtual places that people can gather in as pods. Instagram DM groups were the first ones, but they are no-go now. Some famous pods are on Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit. Facebook chats, known as Messanger, is a good place to find your pod team. But the policy is like Instagram, and it’s really hard to find a real pod there. Telegram is a chat-based social media app with fewer restrictions on participants and members. 3-hour activity of your free trial app on Telegram will probably get you Instagram followers. So, people make big groups and start pod activity in there. Reddit is also a social media network which consists of many channels and community. They can inform each other and make themselves as pods. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Pods or Bots?

These pods may look cool because they really can raise your Instagram followers after a 3-hour free trial of their apps. However, the instructions and the processes that pods use are not without bots. Sending posts and commands of their groups depend on bots, which is not great on social media networks. So, another battle occurs between these pods and all social media bot policies. Thus, real and good pods can be really hard to find. So, trusting every bot is not a safe trait for you. 


Stormslike is one of the automation tools that is working as a bot. The actual assertion of Stormslike is to bring you more engagements such as likes, followers, and et cetera. Some of its features of Stormslike is right down here:

It can make real likes for you.

They claim they will deliver your orders in a flash. 

Your targets are local.

They use gender targeting.

Stormslike uses a delaying liking mechanism.

They have a free trial mode providing you with 50 likes from real users (this smells like a pod). The bad news is that their free trial mode is not working right, and they say it’s temporary. So, you surely can’t find your Instagram followers within a 3-hour activity on Stormslike free trial. Well, the last thing and the most important thing is the pricing. Stormslike packages start at 2.99$ and end with 4.45$. You can also buy likes apart from your package because the plans are likes-limited. 


LikePool is a Google Chrome extension which is for Instagram users to get as many likes as they want. In fact, LikePool clearly describes its method that is working like a pod. It gathers massive users, and they will like your posts. There aren’t packages of features on this extension. Its only purpose is to get you likes and nothing further. The good news is that it’s totally free, and there is no need to log in or anything like this. LikePool claims that it can bring likes 10 times more than other Instagram bots. So, it may seem a good free trial to get likes from Instagram followers for 3 hours. 

What are the problems after all? LikePool is only for likes, and there is no analytics to see it. Just think about a post which gains 1000 likes and no comment. Of course, it’s strange. Another issue about LikePool is that you have to use the Chrome browser since it’s a Chrome extension. Concludingly, another problem is the fact that you have to be online to gain likes. 

The Alternative: Grow Your Instagram Followers Spending 3 hours on AiGrow Free Trial

AiGrow is a web-based app for Instagram users with magnificent features. You can find two major properties with AiGrow as you walk onto its trial mode. Growth and Scheduling are two main services that are with complete features around them. Here is a brief of what you can do with AiGrow.

Managed Instagram Growth Service

AiGrow has teams of Instagram account managers who are experts to run your accounts as you wish. That’s why your account’s growth is organic with AiGrow. Your Input is your category, tags you want to use, location, and interested influencer. The results are targets gathered by a sophisticated AI, and the managers will work on afterward. It may not be so fast, but it’s real and manual. Best services are in VIP managed and Pro managed packages. To check all pricing and packages, watch this.

Feed and Story Scheduler

If you are busy and don’t have time to share posts and stories every now and then, you will need a free scheduler. With AiGrow, you can schedule your posts and stories, edit them, put your hashtags in the first comment. All these actions are handy working on AiGrow without even using your cell phone. If you want to know more about what you can do with this part, watch the following video or see this.

Social Monitoring for Reposts & Rewards

If you are too tired or confused about what content you should share, reposting using hashtags is a good way. In order to use this feature, you’ll need a full monitoring dashboard on hashtags, mentions, saved media, and your account. So, AiGrow is all you need because it has an easy-to-use dashboard with all the mentioned features. 

The other fascinating stuff that you can aggregate it with reposting is running contests for giveaways. You can schedule your rules and how to award the winners on a complete departed section called “Post & Reward”. 

All in One Bio-link

You can decorate your profile with many things that can ease your followers’ access. Adding your other social media accounts Url, and even your website Url are very feasible ways to do. You want your special action buttons, just create them easily on AiGrow. Your action button may be a “make a reservation” button if you are a restaurant owner. 

Desktop and Email DM

There is no need to open your Instagram account to check your DM and reply to them. You can adjust your setting on AiGrow such that your DMs will be sent to your email. And you can even reply to them with your email. 

Wrapping up

So, is it real to use a 3-hour free trial mode to increase your Instagram followers? AiGrow doesn’t claim that at all. AiGrow free trial mode is endless overtime. And it consists of all the mentioned features except the Growth part which is completely organic and obviously needs pricing. However, if you have time to use other features of AiGrow, it’s all free. And you can build up your engagement with simple guides of all its experts’ knowledge on its website. Instead of using blurb on pods and bots, AiGrow uses a safe and smart way. That’s what everyone wants to do, like you.

This post was last modified on February 26, 2021 3:42 pm