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what is instahaxor (Instahax0r)? does it really work?

Nowadays a lot of people around social media or even on search engines are looking for different applications or websites like instahaxor that claim to help them hack an Instagram account and get into it.

And although Instagram is working really hard to make it as safe as possible, You can find lots of websites or applications that are claiming to do this mission impossible.

One of these websites is Instahaxor which has become somehow popular.

Today we decided to break It down for you and see whether it works or not.

What is instahaxor?

nstahaxor is an Instagram tool that promises to help you hack Instagram accounts and get access to them.

You can easily google their name to find their website.

After you enter the website you find some descriptions about their service and the way they are doing it, which honestly isn’t easily understandable for most people.

Although it is written on the website that it has a 93% success rate which seems incredibly high, they believe most of this number are people who have weak security measures.

How to use instahaxor

The process is somehow easy to follow :

When you entered the website you just need to click on the red button which says start hacking, and then you enter the username of the account you want to get access to, and the instahaxor starts its process.

After the process gets to 100%, you assume the account has been hacked successfully and they ask you to make a human verification.

And you may get another kind of verification which they give you a text and some URLs that are some videos.

What you should do is go to that URL and copy the text they gave you in the comment section.

In order to finish the human verification, you are required to do this for all the URLs they have given you.

After that, you are probably sent to a quiz contest in which you cant answer all the questions.

At this step, you are just getting suffered to have the password and you are never going to get there.

Does it really work?

What they say is it works only on 93% of the times, and if you do a little bit of research there are hundreds of comments especially under youtube videos that say it’s 100% true and totally functional

but the truth is, It doesn’t.

first of all, there is no way you finish the authentication process and especially the quiz contest.

We have tried it, and have gone through this process again and again for 5 times and it never worked.

Is it safe?

Honestly speaking no one can guarantee the safety of these kinds of websites and applications.

Specially instahaxor which is lying to you from the beginning.

To be honest, there is a good chance they are able to steal the passwords you have saved on your browser at any stage of the process.

There is absolutely no way to guarantee your safety, using this or any other website which claims to help you hack an account.

99.9% of the time they are all false claims and cant be done.

Is there any other way to hack an Instagram account?

To be honest, Instagram has worked really well on its security measures.

There are really few ways to do this, although they are not recommended,

  • They give you their own password intentionally or unintentionally
  • You use some kind of virus to extract their saved passwords from their device

And that’s all.


There are a lot of applications or websites with false claims to hack an Instagram account for you.

Instahaxor is one of them, and you can be sure it doesn’t work.

We strongly recommend you don’t use it, because of your own security.

But if you do, make sure to follow all security measures you are familiar with.

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