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Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram Growth Academy – Instagram Algorithms and Growing Your Page With Content

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So we’re going to jump in now to the feed. And one of the biggest questions that we get is why people don’t see as much of their content or why other folks are not seeing your content. And really, this is because most people don’t see all of your content. So there are some estimates that people really only get about seven percent of daily see around. Your content only reach about seven, seven percent of the people who are following you. Which is kind of a sad state that you actually That’s kind of one issue. But the good news is that you can do something about it. And that’s by creating really engaging content.

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So what Instagram says is that people who show up in your feed determine what what people post accounts you engage with the most. So if I’m engaging with a certain amount of content often, then that’s going to show up in my feed more often. So that means you want to create really engaging content that will you’ll show up in the feed more often.

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The timeliness of the post. So that’s, you know, when people get it. So if people are engaging with post at a certain time and you post around that time, that’s a higher likelihood of you getting on their feet. Right. And also the other thing is the people who are your fans, if they’re following a lot of people. So imagine if I’m following a thousand people and they’re all trying to get into my feed. You obviously see the issue there. I’m not going to see as much of their content.

So this comes down to when you’re who you’re choosing to be, your followers. If you see people who who are following. Fifteen hundred two thousand twenty five hundred people. It’s a good chance of fair potentially just using Instagram as a way. They’re doing something interesting or something odd to try and pump up their followers. So, you know, those are all key things.

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So a few myths that people have is that videos, if you post a lot of videos, they have a higher weighting than photos. It’s not really true. But what videos do is give you better engagement. So remember, I was saying were engaged your posts more engaged people are with you. The more likelihood you’ll be on their feet. So I think videos are great to use, but not because they’re weighted differently by Instagram and all account types are equal. So no. Again, it all comes down to engagement.

So if I follow somebody who has a million followers and I follow somebody who has a thousand followers, they’re not different according to my feed at all. What it really comes down to is how much I engage with one vice versa. Yes. So these are some of the mystic kind of debunking. And the real message here is I put at the top.

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Number one, it’s engagement. It’s to common shares likes. That’s what, that’s what has the most impact on your ranking in someone’s. So when it comes to a mix of content, so there are a few elements that you should be thinking about. I was talking about themes. One thing is you should you should stick to three or four on the outside and five themes, meaning that you’re not posting about something new or different each day. It can be different as it relates to a theme, but not different in terms of service out of the blue. So someone, you know, understands what you do. Right.

You’re a fitness expert. You have dietary advice, inspiration and say weightlifting programs or videos  on different exercises, putting stuff about your vacation somewhere one week. And what you did on a date and what you know, things about your personal life and tips on how to buy your next house are going to really confuse those folks. But you want to do is this sort of focus on great content and deliver it all the time. Keep it coming. Right. Because these are they start to become used to seeing that from you and they understand who you are.

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Video is really important. And being able to use video is important. You don’t have to have to be a videographer or a you have to have the right tools on your computer to do it. There are some really simple tools. One is called Animoto. The other one that I like is called promo videos. These are tools where you go in there, screen going to the tool.

You can actually put in a few graphics. You can put in. You can take some of their existing stock graphics. You can put in your text. Choose an image. Choose a music track. Really basic tools. You can create yourself a video posted within minutes. So think about one of these tools that can help you create video content. And you can also obviously create your own video content on your handheld device.

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I always talk about posting three or four times a week and sometimes I get these sort of eye rolls. That looks kind of seems kind of spammy. It really isn’t and is a few reasons why. First, as I said before, if your call people are giving you permission to post on their feet is a reason why they want your content. Folks are. They don’t have a lot of patience for things they don’t want, especially today.

So much so much information hitting folks that if you don’t like it, they’ll follow. So if you’ve been accepted in that regard, then and you’re developing great content, there’s a good chance you’re going to be. It’s good to engage with. What’s more important isn’t about how many times it’s the content you’re creating and how people are engaging it.

So you’re posting something and it continually gets low engagement. And then that’s where you say, OK, I can stop you doing that. I got to be something else here and keep on doing it to figure out people like you.

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The other thing is that most people know a few people who do what you do. So if you’re a fitness person, a pro or a statistician or a real estate agent or an insurance agent, whatever you are. A lot of people know other folks like that. So what you want to make sure that if you’re on their feet that the person is getting more action than you are? Right. So if you’re not promoting, there’s a good chance that they are. So I don’t think it’s it’s too much. I think it’s also the value of the content. Now, not how many times. Now, again, you wouldn’t do it eight times a week.

I think three on the outside, four times a week is just fine. And then, of course, whenever you’re posting a story, you should post to feed it to your feed as well, or vice versa. Post it with the post story as well, because that gives you the ability to get the top post area story area as well as inside the piece. So give you just more chances to, to get engaged with.

This post was last modified on February 26, 2021 3:26 pm