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“Instagram Action Blocked” – How To Fix & Avoid (JAN 2020)

If you’ve ever tried to engage with a post or follow a user on Instagram and gotten the message “Instagram Action Blocked“, you know how annoying it can be.

Even more annoying than getting the message is trying to understand what caused the message in the first place.

To help make your life easier and your Instagram growth back on track, we’re going to break down “Instagram Action Blocked” so that you understand:

  • how to get the action block lifted
  • how to avoid getting the block while using 3rd-party tools
  • how to generally avoid getting the action block in the first place

Instagram Action Blocked: Broken Down

Why “Instagram Action Blocked” happens

Generally speaking, you get the “Instagram Action Blocked” message as a result of repetitive behaviour or overstepping some Instagram limitation.

If you don’t know what you did, look below to see if you’ve done anything on the list (list compiled by Techzillo):

  • You’ve been following or unfollowing too many people
  • You have commented the same thing under too many pictures
  • You’ve been liking too many pictures in a short space of time
  • You’ve been messaging too many accounts recently
  • You’re using a third-party app with an unsophisticated algorithm
  • You’ve been using a bot to automate your liking, following/unfollowing, or commenting

If you’ve done any of the things above, there’s a good chance that Instagram saw your actions as overstepping a boundary and blocked your actions as a result.

Using the right tools to avoid “Instagram Action Blocked”

Consider the fifth point: “You’re using a third-party app with an unsophisticated algorithm.”

This doesn’t mean you have to stop using all growth tools completely. You just have to be selective and only use tools that use a smart-enough algorithm and have safeguards in place.

With AiGrow, for example, even though your actions are automated, AiGrow will only perform as many actions per day as Instagram allows. In addition to these safeguards, AiGrow also only engages with real users who fit your exact targeting.

This way, you can continue to engage with as many people and grow as quickly as possible without overstepping any boundary or engaging with the wrong people.

If you do use a tool like AiGrow, though, you have to make sure you limit your manual actions while using the tool.

AiGrow automatically keeps the number of actions you perform below Instagram’s limits, but if you go on Instagram and start Liking, following, and/or commenting on top of using a tool like AiGrow, you’re going to get flagged by Instagram.

The right way to use AiGrow to avoid getting “Instagram Action Blocked”

The safest way to manually use Instagram in combination with a tool like AiGrow is to turn off AiGrow for however long you’re on Instagram on your phone.

This is essential for three main reasons:

  1. Instagram doesn’t see that you’re accessing Instagram from two different devices at the same time.
  2. Instagram doesn’t see that you’re performing more than one action (Like, Commment, Follow, etc.) at the same time.
  3. Instagram doesn’t see that you’re overstepping the boundaries for how many actions you can perform in a period of time.

One easy solution is to plan one or two days of the week that you plan to access Instagram from your phone and turn off AiGrow for those days.

How to resolve “Instagram Action Blocked”

If you already have the “Instagram Action Blocked” notification, the easiest way to get it resolved is to stop or slow down any actions you are doing that are on the list above.

Or, in the case of the using third-party apps, switch to a growth tool like AiGrow that has daily safeguards put in place to automatically limit your activity.

Here are some other solutions to try:

1) Wait

The easiest solution is to stop all activity on Instagram.

Leave your Instagram account alone for 24-48 hours and let it “cool down”.

2) Show Instagram you’re a real person

Instagram blocks accounts it thinks aren’t run by real people.

The easiest way to prove to Instagram that you’re a real person is to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account.

If you haven’t already linked your Instagram to your Facebook, click here to learn how to link or watch the video below.

3) Access Instagram from a different network

If you really need to access your Instagram quickly, you can try accessing your Instagram from a different network.

This means you could try using a different WiFi network, or, if you can spare it, switch to using data.


Instagram’s “Instagram Action Blocked” notification might be scary, but there are some simple ways around it.

If you are currently dealing with the block, or just want to avoid it in the first place, use the suggestions above to enjoy a clear path of Instagram growth and success.

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