6 ways on how to post a link on Instagram

5 ways on how to post a link on Instagram

Instagram, with more than 1 billion active users, is one of the best places for digital marketing. To increase your sales and followers, it’s important to know how to post a link on Instagram. In this article, we’ll show you six top ways to share a link on Instagram and grow your account.

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How to post a link on Instagram?

By sharing links on Instagram, you can direct users to your online store, promote a sale or product lunch, send people to contests or giveaways, and drive traffic to other platforms. Here are top answers for how to share a link on Instagram:

1.Share a link on Instagram bio

share a link on Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is the first place your visitors check, which allows you to share clickable links. You can use this place to add only one link to your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. Any link you add here will be hyperlinked and can redirect users to other platforms straightly. Here is how to share a link on your Instagram bio:

  • Open the Instagram app and log into your account.
  • Go to your Instagram profile and select Edit Profile.
  • In the Website section, paste your URL and tap Done.
  • Now your visitors can see a blue and clickable link on your Instagram profile.
share a website link on Instagram bio

Note: Keep in mind, you can’t share more than one link there; To do that, you need to use a link-in-bio tool such as AiGrow.

2.Use a link service to create your landing page

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth tool with different features to grow your Instagram page, including a bio-link tool. With this tool, you can create and customize your landing page, add different buttons and links, and link your feed posts. Here is how to do it:

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free and log into your account.
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram page to AiGrow. You can add unlimited accounts here and manage them together.
  • Select “Manage”.
Manage instagram accounts
  • Open the “Bio-Link” tab and in the URL section, write your dedicated landing page address.
  • Click “Claim”.
  • Now, it’s time to customize your landing page. You can choose your theme from the right toolbar, add buttons, links, etc.
  • You can also add your feed posts to your landing page. Scroll down, select your intended post from your home page, and click Add Link. 
  • When you are done with designing your landing page, you can preview it by tapping the preview icon in front of your URL.
  • To share it on your social media platforms, click on the icons in front of Publish The Link On section.

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3.Use Brand ID

You can create a professional brand using Brand ID that will draw more clients to your business. You can add your ideas to make your logo or brand unique. There are simply three main steps you need to perform: giving information about your business, selecting templates from a variety of template kinds, and adding your content with links you want to share with others. Indeed, Brand ID provides users with various templates to add their links in bio.

Brand ID homapage

4.Share links on IGTV descriptions

The best way to share high-quality videos from your gallery or YouTube that are longer than one minute is to share them as an IGTV video. You can also add a clickable link to the description of each video you share. Here is how to it:

  • Log into your AiGrow’s account and select “Manage”.
  • Open the “Posts&Scheduling” tab and select “Schedule”.
  • Choose “IGTV”.
  • In the opened window, you can upload your video or convert one from YouTube.
  • Add your Hashtags and write your description.
  • In the URL box, paste your link.
  • Schedule your post or share it immediately. 

5.Share swipe-up links on Instagram stories

If you have more than 10k followers or a verified account, sharing Swipe-up stories is another solution for how to share a link on Instagram. Also, you need a business profile on Instagram to share links to Stories. After that, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Instagram stories and add the picture from your gallery.
  2. Tap the chain icon from the top of your screen.
  3. Add your URL and share the story.
swipe-up stories

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6.Share shoppable posts

If you want to sell on Instagram and have an online shop, sharing shoppable tags and posts on Instagram is another answer to how to post a link on Instagram. This can make shopping easier for your followers and increase your sale. To access shoppable posts, first, you need to get verified for an Instagram shop. We have an article that shows you how to do this step by step: The ultimate guide to setting up an Instagram shop in 2021

shop sticker on Instagram stories-min

After getting approved by Instagram, you can add shopping tags on your posts( maximum five tags on each post).  Each shopping tag links to one product on your website( it has to be a physical, illegal product). 


Sharing links on Instagram have been challenging for users for a long time, especially for those who use Instagram for business. If you are using Instagram professionally, you need to know how to post a link on Instagram to increase your customers. In this article, we showed you six different methods to share a link on Instagram. Also, we introduced you to AiGrow for scheduling posts, sharing multiple links on your Instagram bio, etc. So if you are ready to grow your Instagram page, try AiGrow for free now.

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