How to check messages on Instagram? Full guide

How to check messages on Instagram Full guide



Instagram first started as a photo and video-sharing social media platform. As time went on, it started becoming more and more popular. So, after a while, it introduced direct messaging to encourage more interaction between users. This way, Instagram has all the features of a modern messaging app all in one. Knowing how to check messages on Instagram helps you build a sense of rapport with your audience and end up increasing your engagement.

Using the Instagram direct message feature, you have the possibility to send photos or videos, send text messages, record and send voice messages, and even make video calls.

In this article, we provide you with a full guide to checking messages on Instagram either on PC or your device. Let’s get started.

How to check messages on Instagram? #using the Instagram web browser(on PC)

There are times when you may not have your phone on you. In this case, Instagram allows you to use its web to access your account and check your DMs. Besides, since the number of businesses is increasing on Instagram, business owners prefer managing their Instagram accounts on laptops, MacBook, or PC. On the other hand, most Instagram management and DM tools such as AiGrow, DMpro, or IGdm are available on desktop, making users choose desktop over a smartphone.

Do you wonder how to check messages on Instagram using the Instagram web? Stay tuned to find the answer.

1- Visit Instagram’s official website.

2- Log into your account using your Phone number, username, or email address and your password.

3- Click on the paper airplane icon in the upper corner of the screen.

4- In the opened window, you have a list of conversations on the left. Besides, you can tap the blue button, Send Message, to search for the recipient and send him/her direct messages.

how to check messages on Instagram-on PC-IG web

5- Now you can start typing, sending photos or videos from your computer drives, sending emojis, etc.

How to check messages on Instagram? #using the windows 10 desktop version of the app(on PC)

If you use windows 10, one of the simplest ways to access your IG DMs is to download the Instagram app for windows 10. It would be a way better alternative to the website version.

All you need to do is to go to the Microsoft App Store and download the app. Here are all the steps:

1- Download the app from the App Store.

2- Allow the app to access your Instagram contacts. Click Sign In at the bottom.

how to check messages on Instagram-Instagram app-windows 10 version

3- Use your Instagram credentials to log into your account.

4- It’s as easy as this; now you can see your feed, which looks more like the mobile app in comparison to the desktop website.

5- By tapping the paper airplane icon on the top, get access to your direct messages to send and reply to your DMs.

How to check messages on Instagram? #Emulating a smartphone(on PC)

Installing one of the emulators out there on your computer is another simple way to access your  DMs as well as the other great features of Instagram.

Downloading and installing an emulator on your computer lets you use not only the Instagram app but also most other apps on your computer as if it were a bigger smartphone.

There is a professional emulator out there, Bluestacks, to take advantage of in order to bring Android to a Windows computer (and also Mac). Let’s see how it works:

1- Download and install the Bluestacks app.

2- Once started, sign in to your Google Play Account in order to access, install, and use Android apps from the Play Store.

3- Complete the setup process and click on Search.

4- At the search bar, type Instagram and click on the app icon. This will directly take you to the Play Store.

5- From there, download and install the Instagram app.

6- Open the app and enter your Instagram credentials.

7- When Instagram opens on your computer, you will be able to check your DMs by simply tapping the paper airplane icon.

The best way to check messages on Instagram #AiGrow’s direct messages feature


AiGrow is undoubtedly one of the top quality Instagram management and growth services you can find out there. It provides you with all the useful features you may need in the process of managing your Instagram account, from checking and automating your DMs to growing your IG account organically.

Before going into details, let’s discover some of its DM features at a glance:

  • DM
  • Auto Reply
  • Bulk DMs
  • DM to Email
  • DM Inbox

Here’s how AiGrow’s direct messages feature helps you to check messages on Instagram.

1- Sign up on AiGrow’s website for free.

2- By signing up on the website, you access AiGrow’s dashboard.

3- From the dashboard, tap Add Instagram Account to connect your Instagram account to the dashboard. It should be noted that AiGrow allows you to add an unlimited number of Instagram accounts to its dashboard.

4- You can see several tabs on the left. But now you need the Direct Messages tab.

5- when you tap the Direct Message tab, you’ll be given a list of connected accounts to the dashboard. Choose the account you’d like to manage.

6- Now, you can see different things you can do with your DMs. This list includes DM, Auto Reply, DM To Email, DM Inbox, and Bulk DMs.

how to check messages on Instagram-AiGrow-DM feature


In this section, you can enter the message you want to send and then target your audience in five general categories.

how to check messages on Instagram-AiGrow-DM

  • Current followers: Choosing this category results in sending the DM to existing followers.
  • New followers: If you select this category, your DMs will be sent to your new followers.
  • Excel list: By choosing this category, you can download a sample Excel sheet. By filling an Excel sheet, you can send your DM to any people in your Excel list.
  • Followers of an Influencer: You can target an Influencer’s followers to send them your DMs to generate more followers. 
  • Hashtag users: choosing this option helps you to send your DM to Instagram users who use what you choose as hashtags for their content.

Tip: You can pick multiple items from these five categories.

Auto Reply

Using this tab gives you the possibility to auto reply to direct messages. Anyone who sends you a DM with more than 3 words will get this present message automatically.

How to check messages on Instagram-AiGGrow-DM-auto reply 

DM Inbox / DM To Email

DM Inbox gives you the opportunity to manage and respond to your DMs directly from this inbox. The DM to Email feature of AiGrow allows you to send and reply to your messages through emails without even accessing the Instagram app.

Bulk DMs

If you want to send an automated DM to many recipients in less than an hour, then all you need is AiGrow’s Bulk DM feature. Choose whom you want to send your DMs to, and after an hour, your DM will be sent to them without lifting a finger.

how to check messages on Instagram-AiGrow-DM feature

Bear in mind that using AiGrow’s Direct Messages feature is completely safe. AiGrow never oversteps Instagram’s boundaries in the process of managing your account. So, don’t worry about having your account blocked or shadowbanned while using AiGrow and its top-quality features.

AiGrow’s Direct Messages feature pricing plans

This feature has 3 pricing packages including: DM- Advanced: $59 (per month) / DM- Pro: $39 (per month) / DM- Starter: $29 (per month)

scheduler plans aigrow

How to check messages on Instagram? #On your device

Getting access to your Instagram direct messages on your device is pretty easy. Let’s get started to see how to check messages on Instagram.

1- Open the Instagram app on your device.

2- You can simply swipe left on the homepage to see all your Instagram direct messages.

3- Another way is to tap the mail icon (paper airplane icon) in the top right corner of the homepage. Whenever you receive a new DM (direct message), a red circle with the number of messages waiting for you appears on the top of the mail icon. As long as you don’t open the sent direct messages, the red marked number will appear there.

how to check messages on Instagram-on your device

Tip: Your inbox messages are listed from most to least recent. Plus, your unread messages are signed with a blue dot.

4- The direct message screen lets you know if the recipient has seen your message or not. If your message is marked by the time it was sent, it means the recipient hasn’t opened it yet. Moreover, if your message’s status includes seeing, the recipient has seen it.

how to check messages on Instagram

How to check messages on Instagram? 1- text/voice messages #On your device 

It should be noted that sending and replying to Instagram direct messages is a great way to interact with others privately and boost your engagement. That’s why knowing how to check messages on Instagram is vitally important. Follow the steps below to send and reply to your IG DMs with ease.

1- Open the direct screen (swipe left on the homepage/tap the airplane icon in the top right-hand corner of the homepage).

2- From here, you can send or receive new messages.

3- There is a list of conversations here; by tapping any message, you can open the intended conversation.

Tip: There is a search bar right up there to enter usernames to search for the person you want to send a DM. You have a list of conversations from the people you have already texted below the search bar. By scrolling down, you can tap the desired conversation to start sending messages.

how to check messages on Instagram-search thee recipients

4- After selecting the recipient, it’s time to start having a conversion. As we mentioned earlier, IG DM (Instagram direct message) feature allows you to send text, photos, videos, etc.

5- #1Tap the message box at the bottom of the screen to start typing and sending a text message.

6- #2 Hold down the microphone icon to start recording your voice in order to send a voice message. Instagram voice messaging feature allows users to send each other audio messages up to one minute long.

8- #3 There is a sticker icon. Tap this icon to send and search for interesting GIPHY(s).

Tip: Tap and hold the messages you have sent and choose Unsend Message for unsending the message.

how to check messages on Instagram- text/voice meessages

How to check messages on Instagram? 2- sending photos/videos #On your device

Instagram’s direct message feature gives you the opportunity to not only take photos/videos to share but also share photos/videos from your camera roll. Let’s take a look at this process below.

1- Go to your Instagram main direct screen.

2- Open the intended recipient’s conversation or search the desired one in the search bar.

3- Tap the icon next to the microphone icon to open your gallery. Once you access your gallery (folders), choose the photos/videos you want to send and then click Send.

How to check messages on Instagram-DM-sending photo/videeo

4- By tapping the blue camera icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you have the possibility to make use of Instagram’s built-in camera to take photos/videos. Also, you are able to access your camera roll to share your saved photos/videos from your gallery.

Tip: After you take a photo or upload one from your camera roll, you can customize it with text, filters, stickers, etc., before sending. You can also decide if you want to let the photo be viewed once, be kept in the chat, or allow it to replay.

Tip: Tap Send to send the photo/video to the desired recipient. If you mean to share the content with others as well, tap Send to Others.

how to check messages on Instagram-sending photo/video using DM

5- Tap on the camera icon in the top right corner to start a video call.

6- Tap the icon next to the camera icon on top to Mute Messages from the desired contact, Restrict/Report them, etc.

how to check messages on Instagram

Final words

To sum it up, Instagram direct messages are vitally important when it comes to boosting your account’s engagement. So, you need to know how to check messages on Instagram and manage them. It is even more important if you are a business owner, blogger, influencer, and whoever has a large account. In this in-depth guide, we provide you with ways to check your messages on both devices and PC. Plus, we introduced you to a professional Instagram management and growth service, AiGrow, to manage your direct messages with ease.



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