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How to Auto Like Instagram Posts from Any Desktop, Phone or Tablet

You know that jolt of happiness you get when someone Likes one of your Instagram posts? It’s a wonderful feeling, because of that jolt, liking people’s posts is one of the easiest ways to attract them to your channel and gain more followers.

As you like more posts you are encouraging more people to check out your channel and potentially start following you. This is why it makes sense to auto like Instagram posts, of course, if you use it accurately

Automation tends to get a bad name in the social media world. It tends to conjure up images of meaningless comments, spammy DMs, and un-targeted post engagement (“Why did your auto like Instagram app make my furniture company like a picture of a crocodile eating itself?”)

But when used correctly, all automation is doing is taking the tedious tasks required to grow your Instagram in the first place and doing it much faster and more efficiently.


How do you auto like Instagram posts “correctly”?

The best Instagram automation tool is the one that best mimics what you would normally do without an automation tool.

You should consider two things while choosing the right tools to auto like Instagram posts:

  • Targeting options
  • Speed options


Targeting Options


The right automation tool will auto like Instagram posts accurately enough so as to not look suspicious to your followers.

If you Like too many posts unrelated to your channel and those posts bombard your followers’ feeds, they may unfollow you.

With this in mind, you want a tool that allows you to auto like Instagram posts based on your interests.

On Instagram, people primarily express their interests through hashtags. These interests can be as broad as #fitness and as specific #bluelevijeans.

When you use an Instagram auto liker that can Like posts based on hashtags that you provide it, you are essentially telling it to Like only posts that are relevant to you and your followers’ interests.


For example, if you run a sneaker-themed Instagram page and want to attract similarly-minded sneakerheads to your channel, you would instruct your auto liker to like posts using such hashtags as #sneaker, #sneakerheads, and #sneakergallery.

For brands

While hashtag targeting will connect you with people based on interest, location, and competitor targeting allow you to narrow your Liking even further. This is especially helpful if you are a small local business trying to attract new customers.

With location targeting, for example, let’s say you’re an ice cream shop in Brooklyn, New York looking to attract more local foot traffic. By telling your auto liker to only Like posts geotagged in Brooklyn, New York, you are encouraging potential customers in your area to check out your Instagram channel, begin following your business, and ideally check out your store in-person.

By instructing your tool to only Like posts from people who follow your competitors, you are attracting even more people who are interested in what you have to say or sell (as indicated by them following a competitor with a similar channel ).



When you have found a tool that allows you to Like posts based on hashtags, the next thing you should look for is the ability to customize the speed at which you Like posts.

Looking suspicious to your followers is one thing. Looking suspicious to Instagram is another.

Liking too many posts too quickly is an easy way to get your password reset or account disabled.

The number of actions you can do on a daily basis on Instagram varies.

It depends on a number of factors, namely the age of your account and how consistently active you are.

This is why you want to choose a tool that allows you to start auto liking Instagram posts slowly and gradually increase your speed over the course of several weeks or months. In the eyes of Instagram, this mimics natural growth way better than if you were to just start Liking as much as possible.


Wrap up

It isn’t complicated to Choose a functional Instagram automation tool that auto likes Instagram posts.

It can also grow your Instagram channel exponentially faster compared to the time you were to try to grow it on your own.

What you want in an auto liker for the best results:

  • the ability to customize the kind of posts that will be liked
    • hashtags
    • location
    • competitor connection
  • the ability to customize the speed of liking
    • mimic natural growth by starting slow and gradually increasing speed as your account becomes older and more active

AiGrow offers all of this and much more, including:

  • Automated Likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs
  • Ability to target users based on hashtag use, location, and competitor connection
  • In-app analytics
  • Ability to target specific users from an excel list
  • Ability to send DMs, respond to DMs, and manage your DM inbox all from your desktop
  • Content scheduler to schedule your posts for days, weeks, and/or months ahead (all from your desktop)
  • Daily safeguards for all actions (Likes, comments, follows, DMs, etc.) that help you to prevent your account from being flagged
  • Customizable comments
  • Customizable DMs
  • Alternating tags for comments and DMs (Hey/Hello/Hi/What’s up… etc.)
  • Daily safeguards that help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free one-on-one appointments that help you to set up your account properly
  • Automatic email notifications in the rare case you encounter an issue with our service (and a proposed solution to the issue)

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