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Growlee – Top reviews and alternatives in 2021

Growing followers on Instagram and being seen by many people is almost everyone’s goal on Instagram. Using Growlee or its alternatives helps get more Instagram followers, increase engagement, getting more likes and views, etc.

One of the recommended ways of deciding whether to use a service or not is reading its top reviews and being aware of other ideas about it. So, please keep reading to know about Growlee’s top reviews and its best alternatives.

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What is Growlee?

Growlee is a service that increases your Instagram followers and the number of likes on your posts based on the targets you are interested in. It shows your Instagram account’s growth every day and shares all the information you need to know about your new followers.

Growlee features

  • Increases Instagram followers
  • Manages your Instagram account
  • Shows the Instagram account growth every day
  • Has fair pricing
  • Works based on the Instagram algorithm
  • Has a full-time customer support
  • Allows you to add targets based on locations or accounts
  • Provides 3-days free trial

Trying Growlee’s 3-days free trial is a good way to make sure about the way it works. However, if you are worried about losing your Instagram account, it is highly recommended to check some reviews and experiences about the service to keep your account safe and prevent it from facing a temporary or permanent ban.

Here are some reviews of Growlee on different platforms such as Reddit, Trustpilot, etc.

Reviews of Growlee

Not sure about using Growlee?

Then it would be best if you read some reviews and opinions about it.

Growlee on Trustpilot

As you see, it seems that many users have had bad experiences using Growlee, so let’s know what the main problem of the Growlee service is.

Obviously, people have different experiences by using Growlee, but generally, the number of people who had bad experiences using Growlee is more than the good ones.

Growlee on Reddit

And here is a satisfied user using Growlee and who is recommending it to others, while there are many bad reviews of Growlee.

Growlee prices

Growlee offers two plans with different prices and services, including the “Standard” and “Pro” plan.

  1. Standard

The standard package is 39$, which offers essential growth tools such as:

  • Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, T. like actions.
  • Filters
  • Target Hashtags, Locations, and Accounts
  • SM Account Manager
  • Action History
  1. Pro

The pro package is 49$ with all features including:

  • Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, T. like actions.
  • Filters
  • Target Hashtags, Locations, and Accounts
  • SM Account Manager
  • Action History
  • Account Statistics
  • DM Direct Message
  • Media Statistics
  • Post Scheduling
  • Story Scheduling

Is Growlee safe to use?

After reading the top reviews of Growlee, you can make up your mind whether to use Growlee or not. It seems that many users have faced some issues, such as an account ban after 3-days free trial. Therefore, if you want to keep your main account safe, you should register on Growlee with a fake account or any other Instagram account that is not important for you to make sure about the service and its results.

What are the best Growlee alternatives?

There are many social media management tools and services, but finding the best one that works based on the Instagram algorithm is a bit challenging.

But don’t worry about it.

We will introduce the ones that are worth trying and may help you as long as you use Instagram!

  1. AiGrow

Among all the social media management services, the one we highly recommend is Aigrow, which works based on the Instagram algorithm, and you would never face an Instagram shadow-ban or permanent ban. Now, let’s know more about it.

AiGrow features

The main services of AiGrow include:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Post scheduling
  • 24/7 support
  • Content creation
  • AiPowered Hashtags and many more
  • All-in-one Bio Link

Let’s know the features in detail:

  1. VIP managed Instagram service

VIP service is a safe and fast way of gaining a lot of followers without facing any issues. The way it works is like a whole group of people working for you to promote your account. Therefore, you would watch your account’s growth every day.

  1. All in one bio link
  • Connects social media accounts to one link
  • Connects stories to external pages
  • Collects emails using an “Email Me” button
  • Retargets bio visitors on Facebook and Google
  • Tags multiple products to a post
  • Connects blogs and websites to your bio
  • Connects feed posts to external pages
  • Collects emails while giving away coupons

You can enjoy its free plan by having some options such as multiple bio links and scheduler features that are limited, or you can use the “Post Plus” plan by paying just 9$ per month to have access features completely.

  1. Post and reward

It is a creative way of increasing the engagement rate and encouraging users to follow you. Just choose the options on AiGrow’s dashboard and run a contest.

  1. Social monitoring
  • Monitor #hashtags and @accounts
  • Monitor mentions of your @account
  • Find out important events each month.
  • Repost
  • Save posts for the future.
  • Receive daily alerts

AiGrow Pricing and plans

Since different people and businesses use AiGrow services, it offers several packages and plans to give users the opportunity to choose the one that fits them.

  1. Free

  1. Pro



BigBangram is another useful service for Instagram users that helps users reach their goals and watch their account’s growth.

BigBangram features

  • Hashtag generator
  • Post scheduler
  • Instagram link in bio
  • Direct message services
  • Instagram bot
  • Auto unfollow

BigBangram DM service price

You may find all the services you need for the Instagram direct message on BigBangram. Let’s mention some of them:

  • Instagram Direct Chat Online
  • Messages to New Followers
  • Messages to Current Followers
  • Filters For Choosing The Receivers
  • Instagram Direct Mass Messaging
  • 1 Place For All Instagram Accounts
  • Instagram Direct Search
  • 100 DM Templates
  • 5 Sales Pipelines
  • 15 Sales Scripts to all clients

 3. Boostgram

Users may find Boostgram helpful, as well as other services for managing your Instagram account and getting more Instagram followers. Let’s know more about its features.

Boostgram features

  • Post scheduler
  • Audience targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Multiple account support
  • Gender targeting
  • Increases Instagram followers

Boostgram price

There is no pricing or plan tab on Boostgram’s website, but the reviews on different websites show that the price is 99$ per month.

All in all

As you know, many Instagram management tools offer several services such as follow/unfollow, like, comment, DM, schedule, etc. but some of them are not even worth trying, and they would end up your account in a permanent ban.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check and read top reviews and alternatives to ensure the service you are going to use.

AiGrow is the one that is trusted by many users and works based on Instagram limits and algorithms. All you need to do is giving it a try!