Boostgram Vs AiGrow, Which one is better to Increase Your Instagram Exposure?


Most people try to do a lot of things during the day.One of the things is managing and growing Instagram followers that they do every day.

Of course, if you’re a regular user, you’ll naturally spend less time managing and enhancing your Instagram account,But if you use Instagram to expand your business or produce content and marketing and stuff like that,So you spend hours on managing, increasing followers, and expanding and introducing your Instagram account.

But there is always a better and easier way to help you get things done in less time.

With the advanced features of Instagram robots you can easily manage all your Instagram activity so that you can get followers, likes and comments and reach your goals easily.

Today, we are going to compare two platforms Boostgram Vs AiGrow in this article and let you o know about their features.


If you’re using Instagram to engage with your fans or customers, then you know the value of time.Especially if you’re a person or company with multiple Instagram accounts.

AiGrow not only makes it easy to manage it also manage multiple accounts, but it can also work for all of these accounts on Instagram at the same time, and most importantly, all of these accounts are managed in one dashboard.

We have designed AiGrow so that everyone can use it easily and without problems.You can access and use AiGrow directly with all web browsers and continue to operate without turning on your mobile or PC.

We’ve designed the whole website so you can easily work with AiGrow on all your devices, like mobile and PC…and Manage your account, now you can access our system anywhere and anytime.

We assure you that whenever you have any questions, we will answer you as soon as possible, stay in touch with us.

Our top priority is high performance with a very user-friendly interface.

With the tools we provide, you can easily select goals that fit your business and increase your followers . AiGrow automatically and intelligently works on your goals and attracts them, increasing your followers and likes.

What are the Benefits of Using AiGrow?

  •  let everyone hear you
  • For the entrepreneur who wants to have a base for their clients
  • For those who produce content and look for a specific audience
  • For talents waiting to be discovered
  • AiGrow lets you get a better view of your brand and products by attracting a lot of followers.
  • AiGrow helps you get comfortable with your Instagram and just be worry about generating more content and sales.
  • Easy to use
  • Full control
  • No need to download
  • Safe

Now we want to introduce you to the features of this platform so please take a look at the video below

what is AiGrow strategy for digital marketing on Instagram?

AiGrow offers a variety of capabilities. For example, the likes of Comment, which is almost new and fewer robots have this feature. It also has the ability to select hashtags, location and target accounts.

Another prominent feature of this platform is providing a page manager for users who professionally perform all of your page tasks as you want and expertly manages your page.

We will now introduce you to the features of this platform in more detail, as well as explain more about the Dedicated Account Manager.

  • AI Powered Hashtags:As you know, Instagram has two major uses, one being your motivation for posting photos and the other being having a hashtag on Instagram helps you get on Instagram and people can find you better.Instagram hashtags help you to expose your page to new users and increase the number of your Instagram followers. AiGrow has a best tools for search and find the best hashtags on Instagram and use them for your posts.
  • Competitions:If you’re an Instagram user and you want to know what your competitors are doing on Instagram and what posts they have on their profile, you should follow them.By following competitors you can reach their followers and by encouraging them to follow you can easily get closer to your goals.This will help you find the followers that interested in your business

  • Locations Research: Enable this option to make it very easy to determine which followers you need to be from what region or city or country.
  • Manual Growth Activities: There is a law in Instate that if you follow someone, they will follow you, or if you like someone they will also like you, following this strategy will gradually increase your followers.But to do this requires spending hours on Instagram, but you don’t have to do this because AiGrow will do all of this for you.
  •  Follower Growth: The smartest Instagram robot helps you increase your Instagram page follower.Increasing followers on Instagram by AiGrow is increasing the actual follower and not giving you unreal followers.
  • DM to Email: Enabling this option allows you to get Instagram directories on your email and reply to them from there.
  • Schedule Content: Prepare your posts in advance and set a date for sharing! so you can prepare posts for the coming months and put them on the next share list.
  • Automated DMs :AiGrow can send messages defined by you to different people to further introduce your page.
  • Multiple Links in Bio:One of the less frequently seen alternatives is to have multiple links embedded in Instagram’s Bio, which the robot will also do it.
  • Priority 24×7 Support: One of the things that enhance our credibility is our easy access. You can ask us questions at any time of the day. Our support team is ready to answer your questions 24/7.
  • Safe & Secure: Trust always comes first.We have made every effort over the years to gain the satisfaction and confidence of our customers.We suggest you try our free course before you make a purchase to ensure full confidence.

All of the options described above were just some of the features of this platform.Now we want to explain to you the benefits of hiring a page manager and how you can hire a dedicated manager.

Dedicated Account Manager

 What are the tasks of the admin page of Instagram?

  1. Schedule  and share your posts: The administrators we choose for you are trained and expert people.You might think sharing posts is easy and doesn’t require expertise!Join us to explain more about this.One of the important parameters in posting is choosing the best time possible from 24 hours a day.This choice varies for different days.For example, the best time for Thursday may be at 3 pm but the best time is Tuesday at 4:50 pm.Now think about putting your Instagram posts on your page every day at a specific time.You’ll probably be completely frustrated after a month!your Instagram admin will use professional tools and schedule your content for a share in a specific time and date.
  2. Trying to increase your followers: an Instagram Admin  Must Increase Your Followers And Help Boost Your Business.When others like your posts and comment, an administrator should do the same for them, and in fact, thank and appreciate them. This will increase the actual followers on your Instagram and the likes of your page posts.
  3. Share Story: An admin is required to regularly share a story tailored to your page’s theme. This will increase your page views and eventually increase the number of followers you have.
  4. Responding appropriately to the audience:The Instagram admin interacts with people and answers their comments and questions. This will make people trust you more and feel like there is a real person in the scene post on this page.
  5. page performance: An administrator is required to provide a weekly progress report and provide you with.
  6. Invitation to follow:an Instagram admin will comment on other blogs, and he can encourage users and authors of blogs to follow you by sharing your Instagram username as a link.
  7. Increase Instagram likes:Instagram likes is one of the most important factors in measuring the popularity of a post that users care about.An administrator is required to increase the number of likes on your post by applying his knowledge.
  8. Choose the best hashtags for your post: Hashtags also allow more people to see your posts and find people related to your business.An administrator will do this for you with advanced tools.

All that we said was just part of the task of an Instagram admin. Now that we’ve talked about the features of this platform, we’ll let you know how to sign up for it.

Step by step up to success with us.

Sign up and add your Instagram account

The first step is to register, first register by clicking here and activate your account by email! Sign in to your dashboard and add your Instagram account to the list. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, don’t worry about managing as many accounts as you want with one user panel at a time.

 Charging your account

Charge your account from within the User Panel. All of your account recharging process is fully automatic and without human intervention. Before you buy the package you can try our free package.

Take a look at our prices

Set up AiGrow

Don’t worry the process is very simple!Select tags, location, and target users,Turn Liking, follow, unfollow and Commenting options on or off at your choice.You can now safely hit the robot’s start button.


Put a cup of tea or coffee on your table and watch your success. Your page will get a lot of users daily and your followers will increase dramatically.

Sign up now by clicking here.

Now it’s Boostgram’s turn .we want to talk about the features and how to work with this popular platform.

Boostgram operates completely automatically and requires no internet connection and manages your page. Simply add your page and the robot will perform all your page actions automatically.

Boosting Instagram followers is the main function of the Boostgram system. It starts with registering your Instagram page and your competitors and the system will continue to work until your number reaches its target.

How to sign in on Boostgram

  1. In the first step, click here to enter the homepage of the site.
  2. Then click on start your 3-day free trial and complete the registration process by entering a valid email and password.

3.In the new page that opens, enter your Instagram username and password and select the field you want to work with.

Your registration is now complete and you can log in to the dashboard page and manage your account.

Boostgram Automates Every Things

Boostgram is the easiest way to get hundreds of real followers and interactions on your Instagram account. you will attract real followers,commentsand real likes on all of your photos.

Each day your account will auto get eight hundred photos and follow and unfollow three hundred people. This causes thousands of people to see and interact with your page on a daily basis it works great on personal and business Instagram account too.

For a limited time they are offering their exclusive beta testers a chance to use Boostgram crown for an exclusive three day free trail and you are invited to use it for free.

  • Audience Targeting: The followers absorbed by Boostgram are quite real, and by adjusting your robot to suit your interests and needs, you can get hundreds of real followers to your page every month.

  • Schedule Posts: Easily share and manage your posts through Boostgram.Set the date and time you want to easily schedule your posts to share

  • Full Control: With Boostgram’s advanced features you can easily manage all your Instagram activity so you can get followers, likes and comments you want and easily reach you.

  • Gender Targeting:You can determine which people you want to follow are male or female and follow them by gender.

  • Location Targeting: Select the location and determine followers that you need from what city, country or even the region you want to be.

  • No Download: Turn off your phone or computer and handle your daily activities . Boostgram will perform all activities assigned to you without any problems and without interruption.You can also enter your dashboard at any time and make changes to keep the robot running at the latest settings.

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: If you are one of those who have multiple accounts and work in different fields, you can easily add and manage all your accounts in the dashboard.

  • Mobile Ready: Boostgram is compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets and you can use the site features in addition to your mobile computer.

  • 24/7 Support:We assure you that whenever you have any questions, we will respond as soon as possible, stay in touch with us.

No More Fake Followers,No More Bot Accounts, These Are Real People Who Interact Follow,Like And Comment On Your Photos.

Click here to get started.

Boostgram Pricing

The price of the Boostgram service is not available on their website. However, according to a third-party site, the estimated pricing is $99 per month. You can contact their sales team for more information.



If you are one of the many Internet business owners who do not know how to manage them and do not have the time to do so, sign up for this platform right now. AiGrow will do everything automatically. Having a dedicated admin page for your page will give users the feeling that your page is run by a real person rather than a robot, which will increase your credibility and make your users more trust in you.In short, AiGrow‘s features can be summarized as follows: Expert Page Manager for Instagram, Scheduling and Managing Posts, Direct Message Sending, Comment Management, Real and Purposeful Engagement, Fully Intelligent and Automatic, Automatic Posting on Instagram, Instant Moment of Progress And all the other features that can be mentioned.

Start with AiGrow is as easy as that click here.


Bring the best advertising for your page and products at the lowest cost. Multiply your page views using Boostgram. By targeting these visits, you have increased your chances of selling your product beforehand.You can very easily reach your peak of success by applying your own custom settings to your robot and enabling it.These settings include follow and unfollow ,comments and like automatically,sending  DMs and Schedule Posts and more…

Click here to sign up for Boostgram.

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