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Is gramzilla safe ? Reviews + Alternatives to get followers

What is gramzilla?

Gramzilla is a famous website that promises to get you many followers free..

As you know, Instagram is one of the most favorite social platforms in 2020.

And the number of your followers usually can indicate your popularity which impacts almost everything.

And when there is a lot of demand for something, soon there will be lots of services to supply it.

Working with gramzilla is easy, you only need to enter the website, set the number of followers you want to have, and then the number of days you like this process to take.

But we tried to sign up again in July 2020, and surprisingly the links were broken.

The quality of the followers you get

As you probably can guess, the quality of those followers is really low.

At first glance, the profiles look real, because they have a profile picture, followers and also are following people.

But when you get deeper, their numbers are really low, followings are seriously more than followers, and the number of posts, followers, and most of the time, their followings don’t seem to change much.

Some of them like your posts or even view your stories but the amount of engagement isn’t even close to what you expect it to be.

With things being said, the question is, are you aware of the consequences of getting fake followers?

What happens after you buy/get fake followers?


First of all, as we mentioned these followers have little engagement with your page.

It doesn’t take long so that people will come to your page, check the number of your followers, and after a while notice your number of likes for each post.

They will immediately understand that something is wrong, and after they leave you it will probably be x10 harder to bring them back and make them push that follow button.

To make this right, you have to pay for fake likes and comments as well.

Before you know, you are paying so much with actually no return on your investment.

There are also two more problems you may encounter:

  • Not being able to gauge your content
  • Being punished by Instagram


Considering the facts we mentioned, you probably have understood that although using applications and websites like gramzilla are tempting, they are not good.

So what can we do? Are there any alternatives?

The answer is Yes. don’t worry, now we are going to give you two of the best possible alternatives that you can try instead of Gramzilla.

Do It Yourself

Well, we know this is something you probably didn’t want to hear, but this is the best possible way.

You can achieve anything you want easily if you follow the right path and do the right things.

Producing good content, having interaction with your audience, exploring new people, and even finding really good information about who are your customers and what do they want are all benefits of actually spending time on your account.

You can also find a good article that can help you grow easily on Instagram by clicking here.

Although this is the safest way to grow on Instagram and have real, organic growth, it might not be the fastest.

Sometimes speed plays a crucial part in your business and you have to do things fast.

In that case, comes our second alternative, which is using a trustworthy Instagram growth agency/tool.

Let’s talk about it

Use an instagram growth agency like AiGrow

we are recommending AiGrow because it is an all in one package of Instagram growth tools and services you may ever need.

In addition to that, As their name explains, their services are powered by AI which is far better than any Instagram bot.

You probably know that Instagram punishes automation, like autos like auto, follow, or even auto comments, but everything is different from AiGrow.

An AI can understand the Instagram algorithm so that you don’t need to worry about the safety of your account or any of Instagram’s punishes.

The other thing is that by understanding the Instagram algorithm it takes your account to the best possible way of growing at any moment.

Here we try to mention some of the services they offer:

  • Managed Instagram Growth

In this service, they use the data and insights collected by their AI, and by the information you gave them about your target audience, a team of human experts starts working on your page.

The good thing is, the followers you gain are totally real and even niche-specific

  • Post scheduler

As you probably have noticed posting your content on Instagram takes so much time.

The more you grow the more content you need to publish which means the more time you have to put in.

With this service, you can prepare your content from days and even weeks earlier, and schedule them to be published on the chosen day, hour, and minute.

  • Post and reward

With this service, you can run contests on your page which is helpful to go viral.

AiGrow can track the competition and automatically select the winner and send him his reward which could be a coupon or anything else you have in mind.

  • Link in Bio

As you may have noticed you cant have more than one link in your Bio, but AiGrow can break this limit.

You can have multiple links including your website and even all our social pages to one single beautiful page that is linked through your Bio.

As you can see AiGrow is a full package that makes it stand out among any other growth service on the internet.

You can understand why you need at Instagram growth agency, by reading this article.

By the way, signing up on AiGrow is free and even lets you some of its features.


There are plenty of websites or applications that claim to get you, free followers, Gramzilla is one of them.

Their offers may be tempting but after you use their service you understand that most of these followers are fake.

Having fake followers can cause your account serious problems and even force you to spend much money regularly to make everything look normal.

Two of the best alternatives for Gramzilla are doing everything by yourself or using an Instagram growth agency.

we recommend using AiGrow as it is one of the best Instagram growth agencies on the internet.

It offers a full package of services you need for having a fast and safe growth along with getting real followers.

By the way, Signing up on AiGrow is free, and it’s a great way to even try some of their features.

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