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The Best Alternatives for Gramblr in 2021

Gramblr was an Instagram tool that could help you to upload and edit your photos for your Instagram. However, it’s not working anymore, and it seems that it won’t ever. People now are looking for a better alternative for what they have lost. But, how can you be sure it won’t happen for its alternatives?

They say that history will be in the future if you ignore it. So, if you’re looking for better options, it means you’re looking for Instagram tools that won’t shut down quickly. 

Why is Gramblr down? What Did it do that led it to be like a virus? What alternatives can you have? And so on. These are some of the questions that we’re going to answer in this post. 

What Was Gramblr?

As mentioned, Gramblr was an Instagram tool with some reasonably good features. Fortunately, it didn’t matter what operating systems on what devices you had because it was an Internet app. And all you needed to use was a standard browser. 

You could use it as a helper to upload and edit your photos on Instagram. Another feature of Gramblr was its growth plan. The growth plan was too simple: Buy Likes. 

Well, if you don’t know the Instagram terms of use, you won’t get far with this plan. Instagram opposes any app with inauthentic behaviors. Buying likes and getting coins for tapping a button may look straightforward and pleasant, but it will cause you down. 

Another sad fact about Gramblr was that it didn’t guarantee the safety of your accounts. So, you were on your own. 

The Alternative for Gramblr #1: AiGrow

AiGrow is probably the best tool you can use as an alternative for Gramblr. Why? Because it’s a manual Instagram growth tool with almost everything you need to run an Instagram account. To start with AiGrow, just sign up in AiGrow (for free). 

You don’t need any downloading, and you can set your profile ready to use in only 5 minutes. 

Now the question is, what does AiGrow have in its arsenal? AiGrow is a tool that, when you use it, you won’t need the Instagram app. A management service provider, a publisher, an account auditor, a multiple link provider for Instagram bio is some of its features. Continue reading this section to see what AiGrow has in detail. 

Organic Growth Services

Instead of selling likes, or followers, or viewers, AiGrow lets you have a dedicated account manager. A bot? No, a real person. 

This account manager will use the follow4follow strategy to get real followers. However, they don’t follow any people they see. This is where your contribution is necessary. You provide the means of getting targeted followers, and they will do the rest. 

To do that, you will need to fill in these fields. 

A sophisticated AI module then finds your targets based on your hashtags, locations, Influencers, competitors, and niche. If you want to choose what actions will occur on your Instagram, please, order it!

Other AiGrow Services

You can use many features when using AiGrow. Some of the best features are:

  1. Scheduling your posts (including feed, story, and IGTV)
  2. Account and hashtag monitoring
  3. Listening and repost
  4. Storing mentions and saved media
  5. Helping with running giveaways with complete format
  6. Social Calendar (letting you get new ideas for content creation or preparing for upcoming events)
  7. All-in-one bio link feature: it helps you to create a virtual profile capable of including so many links
  8. Getting demographics about your account and every analytics you need with AiGrow’s auditor
  9. Automated Instagram DM and auto-responding
  10. Archiving all DMs in your email inbox

AiGrow Prices

The fascinating fact about AiGrow is its pricing policy. As you may know, free sign up, free plan, and free trials are all for gaining your trust. So, what will you choose? Buying a tool without knowing what it is and how it works? Or, testing it first? 

Besides the free plan, you can use a 7-day trial by paying only 1$. To know what you will buy after a week, check out the following pictures. 

The Alternative for Gramblr #2: Later

Another great tool that you can use is Later. Later is an Instagram tool without any direct growth services. All it has to do with growth are analytics. Later is a great tool, but it’s in the second place because it has less regarding AiGrow’s features. 

Let’s check out what it has to offer. With Later, you can:

  1. Publish your Instagram posts via its web-based app.
  2. Get monthly analytics.
  3. Add multiple links to your bio.
  4. Find the best possible hashtags for your content.
  5. Schedule your posts in a calendar with drag-&-drop

Later Prices

There are many differences between the three paid plans that Later has. The starter, growth, and advanced plans will cost you 15, 25, 40 USD per month. However, Later has a free plan with no real advantages. 

The Alternative for Gramblr #3: Instazood

Instazood is another alternative for Gramblr that can help you manage your Instagram account. There is a suspicion whether Instazood is reliable or not because it claims that it’s a robot. Fortunately, they don’t hide anything, but it doesn’t mean an honest killer won’t kill you. So, what gives you the reason to use this app is its reputation. 

You can sum up Instazood features like the following. 

  1. Automatic like, comment, follow, and unfollow
  2. User and hashtag targeting
  3. Auto messaging to the followers, new followers, or non-followers
  4. Post and story management and scheduling
  5. Automatic post deletion

Instazood Prices

Instazood has three different packages: standard, standard+, and premium. You can’t run scheduling features in the standard plan while they’re available in the standard+ plan. For this plus, you will pay 5$ extra. Besides, the packages pricing ranges between 70$ to 100$ monthly. 

The Alternative for Gramblr #4: PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic may not seem a good alternative for Gramblr, except you only look for your account’s editing and management. 

With PromoRepublic, you can start a project and add your teammates to it. Besides, you can assign them to different tasks. 

However, the good news is that PromoRepublic is an excellent tool for editing and designing your content. If you have worked with Canva, you’ll understand what will you achieve by trying this app. 

PromoRepublic Prices

The pricing looks so maneuverable because they have a custom plan. However, there are two paid packs that give you an idea of what the price might be. The standard and professional packages will cost you 49 and 99 USD monthly. 

What Should You Choose?

No one can answer that but you. Sometimes, the preferences are personal. However, we tried to give you all the facts that will matter if you think beyond personal criteria. These facts will suggest that AiGrow has the most features with relatively lower prices. But, if you’re only looking for an editing tool, maybe PromoRepublic is a good choice. So, the choice is yours. 

Leave your comment and tell us what other tools can be on this list.


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