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Getinsta Reviews & Alternatives That Actually Work

December 31, 2021 10:05 am

Instagram has changed the way digital marketing is perceived. For the most part, what really matters on this platform, especially for influencers, bloggers, business accounts, etc., is the fanbase. If these accounts don’t have many Instagram followers and their content doesn’t get enough engagement, they’re just like other regular Instagram users, and there won’t be any success. That’s why as time goes on, the number of apps like GetInsta increases to help Instagrammers gain more and more engagement and followers.

Unfortunately, getting new Instagram followers is not as easy as you may assume because you need to be fully aware of algorithms, dos, and don’ts.

So struggling for Instagram likes and followers and trying your best to keep up with the Instagram algorithm may not be enough; the only way left would be turning to a third-party app or Instagram growth service. However, the third-party industry is just as tough as any other way and has many scams.

The app we want to talk about in this article is GetInsta. Stay tuned to figure out whether or not it works.

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What is GetInsta?

GetInsta (also known as Easygetinsta) is a straightforward app available for Android, iOS, and PC for gaining Instagram likes and followers. Also, they claim that users can get real likes and followers via this secure app. Moreover, this Instagram-like and follower app offers free and paid Instagram services.

The platform works with a simple method, in which you have to like and follow the profile of others, and, in return, you will get coins. Also, these coins can be used further to get Instagram followers and likes for your account.

So the more you use the app, the more coins and consequently the more likes and subscribers you will get. 

Generally speaking, GetInsta helps you get free Instagram followers and likes with unlimited coins you gain through the way we mentioned. Moreover, it offers kinds of Instagram followers packages and like packages for its paid Instagram services.

Features GetInsta AiGrow
Safe and secure
Real followers and likes
VIP growth service
Repost content on Instagram
Repost content on Instagram
Instagram content scheduler
Multiple links in bio
Mass delete Instagram posts
Account monitoring
Instagram Hashtag monitoring
Instagram giveaway and contest management
Dedicated account manager
Reviews No Reviews 4.5 out of 5

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Easy GetInsta’s Features and Services

GetInsta says its main feature is its ability to bring real people together on its website. Then these people start following and liking each other to get coins and buy Instagram followers and likes with these coins. If you’d like to know more about its features and services, let’s take a look at them below:

1- Easy To Use Application

This app allows everyone to start using it quickly and easily to get Instagram followers and likes for free. Human verification is not needed; all you need to do is enter Instagram details and start using the GetInsta app.

2-Safe & Secure

One of the first things that really matter while using such apps is the safety of your information on your device. In fact, GetInsta claims that its application is 100% infection-free, safe, and secure.

3- Absolutely Free

As we said, this app costs nothing, and you only need to collect digital coins to gain more likes and followers on Instagram. The way you can get these coins, likes, and followers will be clear to you once you start using this app.

4- Supports Multiple Languages

This app supports more than 16 languages, and you can choose your preferred language.

5- Real Followers & Likes

GetInsta claims that it can provide you with organic and reasonable growth in followers and likes because the community includes real Instagram users and no bots.

GetInsta will give you followers

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Is GetInsta Down?

There are so many factors that you need to be aware of when you want to pick a third-party app to give you a hand in the process of increasing your Instagram likes and followers count. According to some reviews, we don’t think the way GetInsta works is the best way to get real, authentic Instagram followers for your profile.

For example, the followers and accounts you interact with to gain coins are not real. They are just fake followers and accounts to increase your follower’s list only.

Most users don’t recommend it since they don’t think it is a safe and reliable app worth paying for. Also, some users aren’t satisfied with the service and claim that the service doesn’t work the way they promised. 

However, if you want to know if GetInta is down, we should say that this Instagram growth agency isn’t down. But there is the big question here. Why should you choose Instagram agencies with no guarantee of growth and followers? A company that doesn’t use a legitimate way to grow your page?

It is very important to have a good answer to this question. But don’t worry; if you agree and don’t want to use this way to grow your account, we are here to introduce you to a better alternative. Aigrow

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GetInsta Reviews

There are so many reliable review sites out there that can give you a hand while deciding whether or not you should use an app, product, etc. Some of these sites, including Trustpilot, SiteJabber, G2, are the most reliable ones.

We’ve gone through the above-mentioned review sites to look for either positive or negative comments, but the result was surprising. We ended up finding no reviews on these sites.

How can you trust an app or service that doesn’t value its users’ needs, comments, questions, etc.? It shows that GetInsta is not considered a kind of reliable app, and you can’t trust it.

1- GetInsta’s TrustPilot, G2, SiteJabber Reviews

Just take a look at the screen captures below to make sure that, as we said, there are no reviews on these sites proving that even such an Instagram third-party tool exists.

2- Getinsta App Reviews on Playstore

The GetInsta app for Android users is available on the Play Store. In fact, after failing to find reviews on sites for its desktop version, we decided to give its app reviews on Play Store a try to come across comments and issues. Therefore, we are going to share some of the users’ comments and issues below. Let’s take a look!


 “Very Poor, all they are fake followers, created accounts to follow pages only, we spend an amount we expect active users to follow our Insta, 3rd class, 99% followers are there to increase followers list only, I will not recommend this, thank you.”

GetInsta review

As you can see, they will grow your page with fake followers. You are discouraged, right? Don’t worry. There is a better alternative for GetInsta. With AiGrow, you will gain only organic followers with a high engagement rate. So, that’s wonderful.

On the other hand, all your followers will engage with your post and stories. AiGrow is an all-in-one service for those who are tired of spammy and fake companies.

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2- Mr.Incognito

“How to increase coins????? There is no option to follow or like to get coins and in order to get coins we have to buy them fix this.”

GetInsta reviews
3- Abhijit Patil

 “Why do you need Insta password? Can be misused by anyone. There are many other companies giving the same services only with Insta username. Please beware.”

GetInsta reviews

Asking for the Instagram password is unreasonable. Your password is completely private, and no one should ask for it. Unfortunately, GetInsta asks for your password, which is not good. What’s the solution? You should choose a service that provides you with these features without asking for your passwords. Here, AiGrow is the best solution. They won’t ask for your passwords at all.

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4- G Shy

“Note; the followers and likes are not free. You have to pay for it.”

GetInsta reviews
6- Mayank Sharma

”Here is no option for getting free followers, it’s very disappointing.”

GetInsta reviews

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The Best Alternative for Getinsta

Since not all third-party apps are reliable, you’d better search for reviews, pros, and cons of the desired app to decide whether you’ve chosen the best or not. If not, then you need to look for alternatives.

That’s why we will come up with reviews and alternatives below to help you choose the best app that actually works and prevent you from wasting your time, money, etc. let’s get started with reviews and then alternatives.

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GetInsta Alternatives

Due to the reviews and information given above, GetInsta doesn’t work. So, we don’t recommend using GetInsta; here are some alternatives to grow your Instagram account.


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Is GetInsta the best way to get your organic followers? Can you manage your account with this app? All in all, there are so many Instagram management apps out there to help you grow your Instagram account but bear in mind that they are not all safe. We recommend you to search and then choose the best. In general, we introduced you to some of them, such as GetInsta and AiGrow; plus, we explained how they work and mentioned some of their features. Pick the best and make your Instagram account a big success.

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This post was last modified on December 31, 2021 10:05 am