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How to get more Instagram followers by using an Instagram Bot?

October 27, 2021 1:03 pm

Instagram is an amazing free tool to advertise your products and services. However, having billions of daily users makes it hard to grow on Instagram and get the best result quickly. By the way, there are some ways and platforms that will help you achieve your goals and find your way in Instagram businesses. In the following, we want to describe how to get more Instagram followers using an Instagram bot.

Keep reading to pursue your goals.

What is the Instagram engagement rate?

Imagine that you have started a new business on Instagram and shared photos and videos with people. Now, you want to know how you performed on Instagram and what to do to make it better. Actually, it would help if you calculated your Instagram engagement rate to answer these questions and make progress.

Instagram engagement rate depends on so many factors, such as:

  • The number of likes, comments, and followers
  • Instagram views
  • Impressions per post

And almost all the actions you take on Instagram.

Luckily, there are so many things you can do to increase your engagement rate.

One of the best ways to get real Instagram likes and followers is to use engagement pods. Actually, engagement pods are groups of Instagram users that gather together to exchange likes, comments, and even followers.

One of the other places where you can find engagement groups is Facebook. As you know, Facebook is one of the very first social media websites that became popular all around the world and still is one of the best and also safest places you can find. Some of the Instagram based platforms use Facebook as an engagement group. Because Instagram lets you connect your business account with your Facebook account and promote your posts. Moreover, since WhatsApp has connected to Facebook currently, you can get Instagram likes by bots on WhatsApp.

Among the thousands of Instagram likes bots and pods out there, it is really hard to choose the best one. Also, finding the best platform to get Instagram followers for free, which is 100% safe, is way harder! So what can you do?

Are Instagram like bots still working?

Well, Instagram has changed its algorithm, and it doesn’t allow any bots to take action on Instagram. In other words, as soon as Instagram finds out about suspicious actions or bot actions on someone’s account, it warns the user to stop using it. Then Instagram would ban the account if the user doesn’t care about the warnings.

What is Instagram doing to combat bots in 2020?

  1. Shutting down the Instagram automation companies
  2. Customizing daily interaction limits according to each individual account’s time and history on the platform
  3. Sending push notifications to users regarding their automation software use
  4. Blocking Instagram accounts from doing anything on the platform for up to one week

Don’t get disappointed!

There is good news here!

Happily, there are some services that can grow your Instagram account manually and help you focus on your strategies, save your time, and help you reach your goals.

The Instagram bot alternative

An amazing Instagram growth tool that works based on the Instagram algorithm is AiGrow. It offers a wide range of features and ensures your success in Instagram businesses.

 By using AiGrow you can:

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

  • Schedule posts and stories
  • Get real Instagram followers
  • Repost content
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Grow your Instagram engagement rate
  • Add multiple links in one link for your Instagram bio
  • Use hashtag generator tool
  • Monitor your Instagram account
  • Send auto direct messages

And so many other amazing features!

Now, let’s take a closer look at features; how it works, how to get real Instagram followers, and how to increase the engagement rate with AiGrow?

AiGrow is a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution for businesses and influencers who are looking to generate targeted followers and promote their business. Its VIP service guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month.

The VIP service is like having a whole group of dedicated people working for your Instagram account at the same time. So, there are no bot or bot actions while growing your Instagram account.

It follows the users who are relevant to your niche; they will follow you back and engage with your posts.

After a short time of using the VIP service of AiGrow, you will have:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Followers who engage with your content
  • An Instagram account that grows every day safely

Using AiGrow, you can focus on your marketing strategies and don’t care about your engagement rate. Actually, using AiGrow’s scheduler can save a great deal of time and stop worrying about forgetting to share posts regularly.

AiGrow discount code

You can use the SAVE10B discount code on your first sale to get 10% off on all the packages. The code will be expired by the end of 2021.

Final thought

Growing on Instagram has become one of the biggest concerns of Instagram users. One possible way to grow on Instagram is to get Instagram followers.

Instead of using an Instagram bot, It’s much safer to use an Instagram growth service such as AiGrow.

AiGrow can make your dream come true by getting real Instagram followers in a short time.

Try AiGrow for free 

This post was last modified on October 27, 2021 1:03 pm