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How to use FollowPlanner safely? – Reviews and alternatives

How to use FollowPlanner safely? – Reviews and alternatives

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Now let’s get back to our subject:

FollowPlanner is one of the most famous Instagram automation bots on the internet.

And just like using any other Instagram automation bot, you might be worried about its safety and the fact that it can cause your account to get blocked or even banned.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can use Instagram bots safely, without worrying about being blocked or banned.

We also are going to introduce some alternatives so you don’t have to be worried ever again about the safety of your Instagram account.

What is follow planner? how does it work? And how much it costs?

followPlanner is an Instagram automation bot.

it promises you to automate many of your daily Instagram marketing tasks and saving up much of your precious time.

In other words, it uses a software (robot) to interact with your audience, look for potential followers through Hashtags or other similar accounts that you suggested to them.

They offer plenty of other services, and we mention some of them below:

  • Engagement features, which include liking, commenting, following and unfollowing
  • Scheduling your posts
  • Analytical tools to analyze your Instagram page
  • Read, View, Send DMs even in mass

The prices range from 9$ to $39 per month based on the package you choose.

What are the risks of using FollowPlanner?

In 2019, Instagram decided to stop bots to keep everything real and also stop people from spamming.

First, it tried to take down some big companies which were offering Instagram Bot services, and then it made some changes to its algorithm to detect the accounts that are using robots.

One of those basic changes was setting daily interaction limits on every page, according to its history of usage and activity.

Since then anyone who uses an Instagram robot feels worried about the punishments of using them which include being action blocked or even banned.

In other words, by using an Instagram bot including FollowPlanner, you put your account in the danger of being banned or worse.

How to avoid these risks?

As we said, Instagram changed its algorithm so it can detect robots and spamming activities.

When you are using automation robots the more you set it to act like a human being the less your chance of being blocked will be.

In the following, we suggest a couple of possible actions you can take to reach this goal.

  • Don’t automate follows, comments or DMs
  • Choose automation targets that are most relevant to your content
  • Create more valuable content than your targeted accounts
  • Warm-up your account, don’t use your automation tool’s full capacity at the start
  • Have slow automated engagement or interaction speed


If this is the question you are having right now, I should ease you with a yes.

There are plenty of alternatives for you and here we go through 3 of them

Start using AiGrow

There are some big Instagram growth agencies out there like AiGrow that are all you need.

As the name says AiGrow has developed artificial intelligence, which benefits you in many different ways.

First of all, it is far smarter than a robot, it can understand Instagram’s algorithm and adapt to it in case anything changes.

Secondly, it has become a big company, Instagram trusts its behavior now and it is offering you a full package of everything you need to grow on Instagram.

Some of the services AiGrow is offering are :

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Post scheduling
  • 24/7 support
  • Content creation
  • AiPowered Hashtags and many more

AiGrow is offering plenty of packages and they range from free to $250 per month, based on the services you want to use.

You can click here to sign up for free and start growing on Instagram with their free, test package.

Hire a virtual assistant

As we mentioned earlier Instagram is doing all these efforts to fight automation bots and also spamming.

But what if you use a real human being? Hiring an Instagram virtual assistant may seem expensive but it surely has its benefits.

He can have interactions with your followers, by liking, commenting, and even following.

He can do marketing through direct messages, post content, and many more.

The only thing that may be hard is finding someone who shares your vision and goal just like you and fits your budget.


Well, to be honest nobody can do it better than you do.

You have a lot of information about your business, your target market, and the content you are making.

Yes, you cant be as fast as a Virtual assistant or an Instagram growth agency, but you will grow naturally.

Another benefit to this is the fact that you are going to have a lot of interaction with your customers, this way you can examine their needs to find better products or even find your weak spots.

Remember speed isn’t everything.

It pretty much matters but what matters most is your content and the way you handle costumers.


Most of the Instagram growth tools were shut down in 2019 in an effort Instagram made to stop spamming and fake accounts.

Although there are still plenty of options available like FollowPlanner, you put yourself at the risk of being shut down or even banned.

There are ways to use an automation tool safely but to do so you have to stop using lots of their features or set them at a very low speed.

There are some companies like AiGrow that are big enough for Instagram to trust, and you can easily use them to satisfy all your needs.

AiGrow is an Instagram growth agency which offers a variety of different services and because of using AI, it is safe and understandable to Instagram

I hope you have enjoyed our article.

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This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 12:25 pm