Viralyft Review 2022: Not Worth It! *WARNING* + The Best Alternative!

When it comes to social media marketing, outsourcing is an excellent strategy for growing your business. The social media marketing industry is a crowded space filled with experts who can help you succeed.

However, you should not be in any rush to decide to use a social media management service. The beauty of this process is that you can take all the time you need to find the right fit.

Today we’ll look at Viralyft, a social media marketing company. We’ll see what services they offer, how they can benefit you, and whether or not they’re worth your time and money. Now let’s dive in.

Go from zero and build your following on autopilot!

What is Viralyft?

Viralyft homepage

Viralyft is a social media growth service that offers a one-step solution to increase your reputation and exposure. 

Their main claim on the homepage of their website is that they can get you tons of followers in no time. They offer services on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse.

Viralyft Features

Viralyft service for different social media

Growth Service For Multiple Platforms

Viralyft provides you with buying followers, likes, and views across the social media platforms we mentioned above. They promise their packages will help you reach your full potential on social media. And that is the only service they provide you with.

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Viralyft Pricing  

Viralyft offers more than 80 pricing packages for buying followers, views, likes, and comments across different platforms. We can’t bring all of them here, but let’s discuss their offers for Viralyft Instagram growth as an example: 

Viralyft pricing plans

They offer a base price of $2.89 per 100 followers. This might appeal to some people looking for a quick way to grow their accounts, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Note: It’s unlikely that those 100 followers for $2.89 are real ones that help you with your engagement rate or monetization. 

Disadvantages of Using Viralyft

It’s important to explore both the positive and negative sides of using Viralyft. So here are some of the potential disadvantages of using it:

  1. Unathountic Social Media Followers

Viralyft is a service that offers to buy followers for your account. The company claims that the followers you get from them are real people, but this is not true. 

The followers you will receive from Viralyft are likely inactive accounts or bots, so your posts won’t appear on Explore Page or in your audience’s newsfeeds.

Instagram performs a variety of checks to prevent buying fake followers on Instagram, so those followers are likely to fall off anyway. The same goes for other platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

In addition, it makes it challenging to analyze and track your actual performance.

  1. Their Bots Can Leave Inappropriate Comments 

Instagram bots from services like Viralyft only scan a post’s hashtag, not the photo or the caption, to leave a comment.

Many social media entrepreneurs had made the same mistake that Stephanie Gilbert did when she programmed a bot to comment smiley emojis. The bot commented a smiley face on a post by a girl whose friend had just died.

If this same situation happens to you, you won’t know about it until someone brings it up in a direct message.

  1. Generating Unauthentic Engagement

Creating a fake engagement can lead you to deny the reality of your business. With the fake engagement, you may have the impression that your account is growing even though it really isn’t. 

You will still have the same amount of engaged followers, clients, DMs, and comments that you had before.

By buying fake engagements (views, likes, comments, shares) from third-party companies like Viralyft, your engagement rate will decrease over time, and your content will be perceived as less valuable by Instagram.

  1. They Violate Social Media’s Terms of Use

While it may seem like a good idea to use bot followers and engagement to build up your following, you should know that doing so violates their Terms of Use. For example, many Instagram bots violate Instagram’s Terms of Use by accessing their API without permission.

Instagram requested the shutdown of Instagress, one of the most popular Instagram bot applications, due to violations of Instagram’s rules and regulations.

Instagress service shutdown announcement
  1. Viralyft Can Get You banned

Although you may not be a large company such as Instagress, you can still get banned for going beyond Instagram’s daily limits.

Bots can certainly surpass these limits because they don’t have a human mind of their own. It will notify Instagram that you are engaging in unnatural activities.

The worst thing is when you get shadowbanned; you can still post and engage with your existing followers, but you won’t be visible to anyone who doesn’t follow you.

  1. An Ambiguous Claim About Their Team

Viralyft boasts more than 50 years of marketing experience to help you reach your potential; but fifty years is a long time! Social media has only been around for a few years, and everyone knows that marketing strategies can’t be applied to every channel. 

viralyft claim about 50 years marketing experience

It also doesn’t make sense to make such a claim when Viralyft’s website has no information about their team!

Advantages of using viralyft

We were supposed to share some Viralyft benefits here, but none were found! 

Even if we consider increasing your social media followers fast using bots or inflating your engagement rate as advantages of these kinds of services (maybe only for celebrities?!), Viralyft seems unable to deliver on these benefits. 

We found evidence of it, and you can read more about it in the following sections.

How Can A Viralyft Alternative Fill The Gap 

Have you been trying to find any other Instagram growth service that might fill the gaps left by Viralyft?

If you’ve been, then look no further! We offer a comprehensive set of Instagram growth services to help you get the reach and engagement you want.

AiGrow homepage

AiGrow is a social media management service that employs artificial intelligence and human agents to help clients grow their Instagram accounts.

We’re here to help you grow your Instagram following, whether you’re an individual, a small, or a big business.

We provide each of our clients with a personal Instagram account manager who performs manual growth activities based on your account’s best Instagram marketing strategy.

Our service has all the tools you need to run a compelling Instagram account, including a tool that suggests relevant hashtags for your posts, a scheduler service, a link in bio tool, a bulk DM tool, a giveaway picker, etc.

Note:  AiGrow unfollows any of your followers if they don’t follow you back within a certain period. This gives your account a more natural look.

Viralyft VS AiGrow 

Let’s compare the two growth services, Viralyft and AiGrow, a real and sustainable Instagram growth service and a growth service for instant gratification!

Manual Growth ( follow, unfollow, like, comment)
Buying followers
Buying views, likes, comments
Content design template (feed/stories)
Content plan calendar
Account manager
Analytical reporting 
Schedule feed plans
Other social media growth services
Giveaway picker
Hashtag generator
Multiple links in Bio
Bulk post delete plans
Bulk DMs
price$25, $49, $84, $126$2.89, $4.99, $6.75
Review on Trustpilot4.62.1

You can’t simply increase your follower numbers to grow your Instagram account. You need to work on several aspects of your account, including providing high-quality content for your audience and removing inactive followers to increase your engagement rate.

Give AiGrow a try and see the results!

Viralyft Review: What Do Real Users Think About it?

If you want an answer to “is Viralyft legit?” check out its customers’ reviews.

However, avoid being swayed by the viralyft reviews on the company’s website, as they are probably selected or made up to give you a good impression. ( we tried to add a review to their 59 five-star reviews on the website, but it just didn’t work!)

viralyft reviews on their website

After searching for Viralyft reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, and Reddit, we found no positive Viralyft Trustpilot reviews, and the Viralyft Reddit reviews were nonexistent! 

We found the following Viralyft reviews on Trustpilot:

“Viralyft is a scam company! I wish I had researched more about this company and read these reviews, but everyone is right. This is a scam company! They promised to give me my Instagram comments immediately (within 24-72 hrs), and they never did. When I emailed them, they started acting very rude to me and refused to give me my refund. They even threatened to take down my Instagram account! I’m now going through my bank to get my money back. This company needs to be taken down! They have scammed a lot of people! I wish I could give them zero stars! This is a scam company!”

And here is another Viralyft Instagram followers review: 

“I would rather give zero stars. Viralyft added some of the followers, all bots, who subsequently dropped. When I threatened to get them to refund through my bank, the ‘customer service stated that to punish me, they would remove all of the followers (which they did) to get my account suspended. Stay well away. Warn everyone!!!!”

it’s disappointing to see negative reviews of a social media management service that seems like it could help people grow their online presence effectively and ethically.

What Do Real Users Think About AiGrow?

We want to share some stories from real customers who have used AiGrow and want to tell you about their experiences.

AiGrow review on Trustpilot

Many people who use have been happy with the service, giving it a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Here is an example of an AiGrow review:

“As an Instagrammer, I have been looking for a safe way to grow my Instagram account and make a living. I have tried several apps, but they didn’t work. It’s been about four months that I’ve been using AiGrow, and happily, this product is exactly what I was looking for.

The best part about AiGrow is that this app provides you with every single feature you may need in managing and organically growing your Instagram account. What makes AiGrow distinctive from other similar apps is that an assigned dedicated account manager takes action to grow your account safely. No bots!

Moreover, their customer service has always been there for me, which is great!”

 Here is a Reddit review of AiGrow:

“I have also been using it recently.

As you said, it has many useful features for the growth of an account and engagement.

Go slowly, and there will be no problem because there are no robots or fake accounts! You are working with real accounts and real ppl, just automated. so I don’t think we will have any problems, I hope so”

What Is It Like to Grow With AiGrow?

Here are two testimonials from our customers about their positive experiences with AiGrow, who have achieved excellent results with our services:

“Hi everyone. I would like to recommend AiGrow, the super high-quality service that helped me grow my Instagram. And I’m so happy that I found them; I can say that I highly recommend them, and I just say hi from Hawaii. Aloha.” Pola Swiatkowska

“The AiGrow team was amazing. I loved having access to them on WhatsApp and just chatting with them about anything that happened or any news or changes I wanted to make. They were a great help.

I started a brand new business and a brand new Instagram channel, and I just didn’t have the time to spend days and days just liking and following and engaging and gaining those followers.

We started with something very small, like maybe just a couple of 100 followers. Then in just a couple of months with no other promotions, no special campaigns like contests or giveaways or any of that stuff, we grew my list by 500 or 600 new followers and real followers. Erine 

You can watch more testimonials on the AiGrow youtube channel.

How Does AiGrow Work?

Let’s take a closer look at how AiGrow works. As we’ve mentioned, it’s an all-in-one Instagram management service:

1. Pick a plan

AiGrow offers a variety of plans to fit your needs and budget, so you can prioritize what matters most. Whether you want to grow your following or schedule posts in advance, there’s an AiGrow plan for you. See all plans here.

2. Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

Once you’ve signed up for a service plan, we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your business and goals. Then you can schedule a strategy session with AiGrow. We’ll work together to build out an expert plan for your page.

AiGrow team
3. AiGrow Team Gets to Work Right Away

Our team of experts begins working on your Instagram account. Growth plans begin the same day!

4. You will Be Informed Every Step of the Way

We’ll send you daily reports so that you can see all of your account’s activity. We’ll also send you more thorough weekly Instagram analytical reports, which will help you see how your account performs.

We are always available via WhatsApp for any questions you may have!

Schedule your walk-through session now

How to Get Started with AiGrow

get started with AiGrow

 To get started with AiGrow, follow these three simple steps:

  • Sign up for AiGrow by providing your name, email address, pass word, and click “Create my account.”
  •  Start a new Instagram account by clicking “Add Instagram Account” on your dashboard. You can add as many Instagram accounts as you’d like!
  •  Once you have selected your targeting options, click “Save & Continue”
  •  Set up an online meeting with your account manager to review and analyze your target list. Our activities will not begin until you are onboard.
AiGrow live demo
  • After your walk-through, your account manager will generate activities following your Instagram growth strategy. You’ll be provided with daily and weekly activity reports throughout the process.

Get started with AiGrow 


Viralyft is not a safe or serious Instagram tool, which raises red flags all over. If you are going to use a tool for increasing your engagement, you should keep it as professional and functional as possible. 

After all, Instagram is a business-oriented social network, thus it requires a professional approach.

Give AiGrow a try if you want to grow your Instagram account safely with a tested and proven solution.


Q1: Is Viralyft Safe to Use?

We don’t think Viralyft is a legit and reliable platform for social media growth because we’ve heard from many users who say they had bad Viralyft experiences.

As we discussed earlier, using Instagram bots can lead to punishment by Instagram’s algorithm, especially with recent aggressive changes.

Instagram could suspend or even ban your account if you engage in bot activities. That’s why we recommend you avoid any interaction with bots

Q2: Does Viralyft Work?

Viralyft followers service doesn’t work and will not help your account. Many people can tell – very quickly – that the comments you bought are not from a real person, so they don’t engage with you.

Q3: How Long Does Viralyft Take to Work?

Despite the company’s claim to deliver followers and likes within a few hours (generally between 1 to 10 hours), Viralyft reviews from real customers indicate otherwise.

“I have been waiting for more than a month, and my followers have not arrived. Customer service is basically nonexistent.”

Q4: Is A Viralyft Free Trial Available? 

Although some websites might offer a coupon code for Viralyft free trial, you can’t find any information about the free trial on their website.

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