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ViralRace: Top Reviews and Alternatives in 2020

The Instagram markets are getting hotter and hotter every day. And, more IG tools and growth services emerge. One of them is ViralRace, and you might’ve heard it. So, what’s ViralRace? How can it help your Instagram reach? Is it really safe? Is there any alternative with more benefits than this? What are the pros and cons? etc. So, in this article, we are going to answer these questions.

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The best approach is the front door. In other words, if you want to know about ViralRace, get started to visit the website as we did.

ViralRace First View

The website is smooth and friendly. And you can see a number of texts about why you need them and what the features are. Moreover, If you go over the “more”, you can see a blog for more information. However, the content is a little rigid and hard, and you can’t see any image or delightful element.

The good news is that you can sign up for it without the difficulty of filling in your credit card info. But, the funny thing is that no more features await you after logging in. It’s just for approving that you are a human with an actual email address. So what are the features of ViralRace?

ViralRace Features

You can understand more about ViralRace features if you know what it is generally. ViralRace gathers about 500,000 real accounts, as they claim, and they give you marketing and engagement services. So, how does it work? Simply :D, you send your posts or account to them. Then, you should order based on the packages, and they’ll do the rest. Meaning, if you buy 50 likes after you share your post, they’ll start to like the post for about the ordered number.

Is this safe? Well, there are bad reviews for this tool too. However, it seems many people found these services useful. They claim that they know Instagram terms of services. So, they know the way. Besides, they have relatively helpful information if you check by their FAQ. In this section, they suggest that you’d better select a package with an exactly equal number of your followers. So, This info is a little promising about the safety of ViralRace.

More specifically you can buy 3 different services with various numbers.

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Views

The next question is how much, and we’ll get it there.

ViralRace Prices

If you consider each of the services of likes and views with the same amount of numbers, the prices are the same. In other words, buying 100 likes cost you equally as buying 100 views. But, the math of prices is not simple for buying followers. Apart from these relationships with the services, you should buy in limits.

The number of likes and views that you can buy ranges from 50 to 50,000. And for the followers, it ranges from 100 to 25,000. Respectively, the pricing for likes and reviews ranges from 1.39$ to 249.99$. And for the followers, it ranges from 2.99$ to 249.99$.

However, in the following picture, you can see some packages.

Is there any chance you can get a free start or request a demo? They say yes and you can request a demo. But, when you click on the “Test it out” & “Request a demo” buttons, you’ll see the top of the website.

If you find this article useless for you, you can use directly AiGrow by clicking this button. AiGrow is all you need.


We are proud to introduce one of the best Instagram growth tools to you; AiGrow. So, it’s a very capable tool as an alternative for ViralRace. So, if you want to use AiGrow, go to the website, sign up for free without installing anything. To know AiGrow better, let’s start with its features.


You can get real followers and engagements if you are in touch with your targets. Basically, that’s what AiGrow’s growth does. To be clear, AiGrow has a number of dedicated account managers who are experts on Instagram. For example, they design your posts, get involved in following your targets, and do many other things.

In order to collaborate perfectly, you can add a number of elements like your location and hashtags. As a result, this information helps your account managers work based on your niche and find relative targets.

To see how AiGrow’s growth works, watch this video.

Scheduling features

If you need help with using Instagram for sharing content every now and then, scheduling is your solution. And AiGrow is the best companion because it has worked on this feature delightfully and professionally. Besides, it’s free, and you can use many additional features such as:

  • Hashtags monitoring: Allowing you to preset your hashtags for your content, and find the best suitable targets
  • Accounts monitoring: Giving you the option to manage your posts and growth if you add more than 1 account.
  • Reposting: Finding matched and related posts shared by others for you to share them as your content.
  • Magnificant AiGrow’s social calendar: Abling you to check a live and updated calendar for special occasions to prepare

All-in-one Bio Link

Instagram does now allow you to have more than one link in your bio but AiGrow does. Moreover, there are multiple features concerning the Instagram bio that AiGrow has worked by now. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Adding URLs as many as you want to your bio
  • Making connections with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Adding arbitrary action buttons
  • Putting giveaway coupons on your bio


The amount of money you should spend over AiGrow features is unbelievably low. First of all, the scheduling features are free and it’s remarkable. Then, the other features cost you from 7$ to 150$ monthly which is relatively low. The best packages would be pro managed packages for long term services because more discounts will happen to them. To check AiGrow pricing, see this. However, you can see some of them below.

Social Buddy

Another alternative to ViralRace is Social Buddy. Social Buddy is an Instagram growth tool that promises organic followers. However, they don’t have many features, and some of them are shown below.

  • Hashtag targeting
  • Competitor targeting
  • Using account managers only for the follow & unfollow process
  • Helping you with finding niche-related influencers

You don’t have many options and packages to use Social Buddy features. To be more specific, you have only one choice, and it costs you 97$ monthly.


If you look for a close alternative for ViralRace depending on the features, Kicksta would be a good choice. You’ll get engagements such as likes in addition to organic followers. Kicksta features vary based on its two packages. But, generally, you can use it for:

  • Photo liking on your behalf
  • Smart targeting
  • Competitor targeting
  • Influencer targeting
  • Gender targeting

Kicksta pricing includes two packages costing 49$ and 99$ per month. Although it seems you have choices, the differences between packages are very controversial. So, you don’t actually have choices, and you should purchase the higher package for a fair service. All in all, the good news is that you can take your money back before using Kicksta for two weeks.

To Buy or Not To buy ViralRace Features

When you want to buy a product, you are entitled to weight it up and down. So, check your budget, find alternatives, and analyze features and performances.  If ViralRace suits you, no one can or should persuade you the opposite. Thus, the point is to clarify the pros and cons to reach a logical conclusion.

AiGrow features in comparison to its pricing make the app one of the best and affordable growth tools for Instagram. Is there any question left about what growth tool to choose?

If you find this article useless for you, you can use directly AiGrow by clicking this button. AiGrow is all you need.

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