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Secrets to upload high-quality photos on Instagram (No compression)

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the biggest social platforms with billions of active users. Needless to say, according to this number of users, the number of shared posts is staggering. Unfortunately, many users have difficulties uploading high-quality photos due to Instagram compression.

In the process of posting your photos on Instagram, there are times when the image quality is significantly worse than the version you have uploaded. As you may know it better, uploading a blurred image can’t bring you favorable engagement. 

So uploading high-quality photos without Instagram compression is of great importance. This article provides you with a full guide to avoid Instagram compression that sometimes occurs when uploading an image to Instagram.

Why does Instagram compression happen?

Instagram compresses both photos and videos. There are two reasons why Instagram compression happens

  • First of all, with millions of users, huge amounts of new data are uploaded to Instagram’s servers every single day. Instagram uses photos and video compression in order to reduce server load and keep things flowing smoothly.
  • Another reason for Instagram compression is that some big photos and videos would take a long time to upload. The more it gets to upload photos and videos, the more discouraged the users might get from further uploads. This would spell lower traffic and engagement for Instagram.

Why does Instagram reduce photo quality?

There are a few reasons why the image quality is reduced when uploading, and it looks blurry. The common reasons include: your image aspect ratio, your file size, your image format and other specs involved in Instagram compression algorithm. 

If one of the factors mentioned above doesn’t follow Instagram guidelines, then you’ll end up uploading a blurry image. Because Instagram compresses your image to upload it.

Read on and figure out more about the Instagram guidelines for uploading photos and videos without Instagram compression.

How to upload high-quality photos on Instagram?

As we said, whenever you upload a high-quality photo on Instagram, the resolution of the photo and other requirements are adjusted and compressed down by Instagram itself.

Plus, most of the time Instagram compression affects the quality of your photo. So here are some secrets to upload high-quality photos on Instagram with no compression.

  • Use Photoshop/Lightroom for exporting your photos

If you want to avoid Instagram from ruining your image quality by compressing it, your superb choice is using these two editing softwares to compress your image before uploading it.

These applications know the exact requirements of Instagram and automatically adjust them with just some simple clicks.

Note:  Here, we include the Instagram compression percentage for you to put in your editing software.

Lightroom (mobile version): 70%

Lightroom (desktop version): 72%

Photoshop (desktopp): 72%

  • Upload with the wrong aspect ratio

Another reason why Instagram ruins the quality of your photo is that you are uploading your photo with the wrong aspect ratio and resolution.

Aspect ratio describes the ratio between the width and height of an image or screen. For Example, A 1:1 aspect ratio is a square. The first number always refers to the width, and the second number refers to the height.

Resolution describes the fineness of detail in a bitmap image and is measured in pixels per inch. The more pixels per inch, the greater the resolution.

Let’s have a look at the best aspect ratios and resolution sizes below.

Vertical image: 1- aspect ratio=4:5 / 2-resolution=1080px by 1350px

Square image:  1-aspect ratio=1:1 / 2-resolution=1080px by 1080px

Horizontal image: 1-aspect ratio=16:9 / 2-resolution=1080px by 607pxLine2

Note: Always try to upload your photos in 4:5 ratio crop.

How to avoid quality loss and Instagram compression in this case?

As you may have noticed so far, the greatest enemy of image quality is the Instagram compression algorithm. To avoid quality loss when uploading an image, you’d better make use of a professional image editing software.

You can download the Lightroom app for free on your phone, and on desktop, you can use the Lightroom CC or Photoshop, which are not free tools.

Make sure you are not uploading a photo with the wrong aspect ratio or resolution when you want to upload it on Instagram. The reason is that Instagram, in this case, reduces your image quality and compresses it twice.

The first compression is done when Instagram crops your image to the right aspect ratio and resolution, and the second one when it uploads your image on the platform.

That’s why you have to take advantage of the mentioned editing softwares to edit them before uploading them on Instagram.

  • Use the right image format

The best image format for Instagram is JPEG. So if you upload an image in other formats such as PNG or Bitmat, etc, the app itself needs to convert it into the proper format. This process results in losing some of the quality during the conversion.

Note: Although the best image format for Instagram is JPG, PNG can be used as the second best image format for Instagram. In general, JPG images are generally of lower quality, but are faster to load. On the other hand, PNG is a higher-quality compression format.

We’ve talked about the secrets to upload high-quality photos on Instagram so far. Now let’s see how we can upload HD Instagram videos below.

Why do my videos lose quality when I upload them on Instagram?

The quality of your Instagram video will affect the time of loading. As we said earlier, the company prefers the former (the time of loading). Instagram uses its built-in compression algorithm to shrink your video to a smaller size so that it takes less time to be uploaded.

Besides, a few kinds of videos are shared on Instagram, including story, feed video, and IGTV.  Each of which has its own specific video uploading requirements to be uploaded with high quality on the app.

If you want to avoid Instagram compression from compressing and modifying your video data, then your video needs to satisfy the Instagram video uploading restrictions.

How to post HD videos on Instagram( with no Instagram compression)?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you upload an HD video to Instagram with the least effects of Instagram compression.

Step 1: prepare a good quality video

Bear in mind that the quality of your video really matters. The higher quality your video is, the better your Instagram video will be at the end, after uploading.

There are a few essential factors to consider in order to prepare your video. First of all, use a professional video camera. Although using a regular phone camera is convenient, you are not going to get the quality you need.

The second important thing you need to pay attention to is setting for the maximum of output quality. Set to use high resolution (4K) and FPS (60fps) before recording. Doing this, your video can be less likely to lose quality because of Instagram compression after uploading.

The last but not least is using a tripod, so the video is less likely to blur while filming.

Step 2: decide which video feature you like to share on Instagram?

We have different types of videos to upload on Instagram, depending on our needs. You can choose between story, IGTV, and in-feed.

Once you know what type of video you’d like to share, make sure to consider the restrictions listed in the table below, including: dimension, video format, aspect ratio, etc.

Instagram videos               specs & sizes Instagram story/ads In-feed video  posts/ads           IGTV


  Aspect ratio

vertical= 9:15 / 4:5

horizontal= 16:9

square= 1:1


(landscape video ad)

vertical= 4:5

vertical= 9:16

horizontal= 16:9


Recommended: 1080× 1920

minimum:600× 1067


Horizontal: 600×315

(Landscape video ad)


Minimum resolution:

720 pixels


  Video length

Maximum length: 15 seconds

Maximum length: 60 seconds

Landscape video ad:

120 seconds

maximum(upload from mobile devices):

15 minutes

Maximum(upload from PC):

60 minutes

  Format MP4 / MOV MP4 / MOV Only MP4
  Frame rate

Minimum frame rate:


Maximum frame rate:


Minimum frame rate:



  File size

Maximum file size:


Maximum file size:


Video file length less than 10 minutes:

Cannot exceed 650MB

Video length less than 60 minutes:

Cannot exceed 3.6GB

Step 3: Edit the video

You can simply download a video editing app to edit your video based on the Instagram compression algorithms mentioned above. When you edit your video based on these algorithms, it satisfies the uploading restriction requirements. So you are able to upload your high-quality video without being compressed.

We will introduce 4 video editing apps below to let you choose one with ease.

  • FFMpeg: This is an app used by professionals to edit their videos but don’t worry; it doesn’t take so long to figure out how it works. This app is open-source and free to use.
  • Lightworks: Despite the fact that this one is less complicated, it is still designed for professionals. It is definitely worth spending time digesting how it works. Plus, Lightworks supports both free and premium versions.
  • Aiseesoft: Aiseesoft is another great free app to help you edit your videos. It will convert your videos to fit Instagram.
  • Adobe premier: This video editor is a great choice for everyone looking for an app to carefully compress and enhance videos before publishing on Instagram. It is an affordable app to use in comparison to the features it provides you with.

There are so many video editing apps you can choose from. Let’s choose one to upload your next Instagram video with the highest quality ever!

Step 4: Upload the video to Instagram

When everything is set and done, it’s time to upload the video to Instagram. It should be noted that connecting to WiFi is highly recommended, especially for larger videos like IGTV.

Depending on your video length you can either upload the video from your mobile device or PC/Mac. For less than 15 minute videos, you can use your mobile device, and for videos longer than that, the uploading process must be done on a PC.

Note:  There is another way to upload your videos to Instagram on desktop. All you need is an expert third-party application. We will introduce you to one of the best below.

That’s all you need to know. Happy uploading!

AiGrow (Instagram management and growth service)

As we said above, using a third-party app can be super beneficial to upload your photos and videos on Instagram without quality loss and, of course Instagram compression.

AiGrow is one of the greatest Instagram management services out there. It provides you with effective features and tools to help you with every single thing related to your Instagram management, from publishing and scheduling your posts to guaranteeing your Instagram account growth.

AiGrow’s Scheduler feature

If you are looking for a way to upload high-quality photos and videos on Instagram without lifting a finger, give AiGrow’s Scheduler feature a try.

This feature lets you upload your desired high-quality photos and videos(even YouTube videos without downloading) on Instagram without needing you to edit and compress them to fit the Instagram compression algorithm.

Stay tuned to see how it works! Take the step-by-step guide below in order to upload your first content using AiGrow.

  • Sign up on AiGrow’s website for free
  • Enter your email address to log in
  • Once you log into AiGrow’s dashboard, you can add your Instagram account right there using your Instagram username. This way, you can connect your Instagram account to the dashboard.

Note: You can add more than 80 accounts there and manage them all together.

  • Choose the account you want to manage and click Manage Account.

  • From the opened window, choose the Post & Scheduling tab and then click Schedule.
  • By choosing Schedule, you can decide whether you’d like to post feed, story, or IGTV. Choose the one you intend to publish.

  • By choosing any of the contents mentioned above(feed, story, IGTV), a new window pops up in which you can set details, including hashtags, location, caption, etc.
  • When you are done with the details, you can either schedule your post to be posted in the future or publish it at the time.

  • This way you can simply publish your content on Instagram with ease.

AiGrow’s scheduler pricing

AiGrow provides you with 3 scheduler plans, including: Scheduler-Pro ($49 per month), Post Plus ($39 per month), Essentials ($19 per month).

Final words

Creating high-quality content is of prime importance due to the fact that the higher quality content is, the more engaging it is.

In this article, we introduce you to an Instagram management tool AiGrow to help you create and publish high-quality content. Moreover, we prepare a full guide to help you publish your photos and videos on Instagram without Instagram compression and quality loss.

Your next post will definitely be a big success using the above mentioned secrets!

This post was last modified on April 25, 2021 5:23 pm