The Top Instagram Hashtags for Musicians You Should Be Using in 2019

As a musician, you’ve got your content and engagement locked down. Your posting quality posts daily, and you’re interacting with your fans and followers to the best of your ability. Still, you’re not growing as quickly as you’d like to. The only thing left to ask yourself is, are you taking advantage of the top Instagram hashtags for musicians to get your content in front of those who matter most?

Hashtags are how you get your content in front of people who are actually interested in the kind of content you’re posting. As a musician, using the right hashtags is especially important because you want to be getting your posts in front of people who are likely to not only like your music and follow your page, but who are also likely to buy tickets, songs, merchandise, etc..

Below are the top Instagram hashtags for musicians in 2019:

1. #InstaMusic

12,956,759 posts
One of the top Instagram hashtags for musicians is #InstaMusic. This catch-all can apply to nearly any artist, making it a great one to get started with.

2. #InstaVideo

9,267,395 posts
Need a way to promote your newest music video or that snippet of you strumming an insane solo on the guitar? #InstaVideo is great hashtag to use to get more eyes on your video content.

3. #InstaMusicVideo

9,379 posts
The top Instagram hashtags for musicians don’t necessarily have to have millions of people using them. The smaller and more specific hashtags you target, the more likely you can rank as a Top Post because there is less competition.

Like the above, if you have a music video that you want to share with a wider audience, use the #InstaMusicVideo hashtag. Users who follow this tag are always on the lookout for the next hottest music video to watch while riding the subway or taking a break from studying.

4. #MusicMonday

610,338 posts
Tying into trending hashtags is a smart way to get more eyes on your post on days when a hashtag is most being used. Try posting your newest single or a behind-the-scenes look at a recording session using the hashtag #MusicMonday.

5. #InstaLove

91,560,364 posts
Don’t have something that’s necessarily music-specific, but you want to reach more fans? Maybe it’s a #RandomTalkingVideo of you talking about the musicians that inspire you, or you want to share a shot of where you go for music inspiration. Use the #InstaLove hashtag to spread it wide.

6. #TBT

438,812,328 posts
Also not necessarily music-specific, but great for switching up your content and showing your followers your human side. #TBT (Throwback Thursday) posts are perfect for sharing a photo of yourself singing karaoke as a kid, playing your first gig, or sharing a snippet from the first song that you wrote.

7. #AcousticMusic

281,032 posts
Is acoustic your genre of choice, or did you just create an emotional acoustic cover of one of your favorite songs? This is a popular type of music for many Instagram users, and using this hashtag is a great way to get your song in front of a wide audience.

8. #LiveMusic

14,994,120 posts
Want to post videos from your most recent gig or live performance? Include the hashtag #LiveMusic, along with similar favorites like #LivePerformance, #LiveEntertainment and #LocalMusic (for anyone that isn’t a big-time star). Your viewers will feel like they were able to attend your performance and get a feeling for what your stage presence is like.

9. #InstaArtist

15,009,744 posts
Ideal for solo acts, #InstaArtist is intended for content that is centered on a single musician. Consider attaching this hashtag to a clip of you singing in the car, performing in the studio, or singing your heart out at your latest gig.


While the top Instagram hashtags for musicians may change from one musician to another depending on such factors genre, instrument, and audience, the  above is a solid list of high volume hashtags that are sure to benefit any musician and help get their posts in front of more potential fans and followers.

Need help with more specific hashtag selection? Watch the article below:

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fitness hashtags

An example of the hashtags someone trying to grow a fitness page on Instagram would target with AiGrow.

For example, if you are a Toronto-based rapper, an obvious hashtag that you would want to use is #torontorap. People using this hashtag likely belong to two groups: they are Toronto-based rappers themselves, or they are fans of Toronto-based rap. The first group of people could be useful for forming collaborations, and the second group of people are likely easy to convert to fans or followers.

Regardless, connecting with people using the hashtag #torontorap is then a helpful hashtag for a Toronto-based rapper to use. With AiGrow, you can automatically begin engaging with people using the hashtag #torontorap through Likes, followers, DMs, and comments with the intention of attracting these people back to your own page. Once they see that you appeal to the same kind of niche that they do (#torontorap), you likely have yourself a new follower and fan in-the-making.

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